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  1. Who is releasing this and where can I find more details?
  2. That would be my plan. Any idea if they have plans to offer a LIM with charge cooler kit? But excluding the rest of the stuff.
  3. I've emailed hangar111 to see if they can source the revised lower intake manifold that Komotec have made to enable fitment of a chargecooler. Although I've also read from BOE in the states that the TVS1320 isn't powerful enough to warrant it. They reckon the charger only makes 4 to 6 psi? Does anyone know if that's correct? I haven't had time to plumb in a boost gauge yet to see. I like the sandwich plate idea though... thanks! TVS1900 - at what price though? I'm guessing it's £5k plus from Oz. And then what's the limits of the standard engine? My TVS1320 equipped 2GRFE is fitted in
  4. Thanks for the link @cib24, interesting reading. The nozzle would need to be before the supercharger unless anyone has some magical way to insert it after the SC, it mounts directly to the lower inlet manifold, you'd need 6 nozzles for that and butchering of the LIM, something I'm not prepared to do. So I'm assuming no-one has tried it on the V6's?
  5. As this engine doesn't have an intercooler, you can't really run a smaller pulley without high temps. So I've been exploring the idea of using water injection squirted in before the supercharger to reducel inlet temps. Has anyone here tried this? A company appears to sell them, but no ideas on how it fits. Would like to hear real world results if there are any!
  6. I'm fitting a TVS1320 to my 2GRFE powered MR2 at the moment. The weight of the supercharger with lower inlet manifold must be around 10kg to 15kg I reckon. Is that really an issue? It's a simple install as well, some pulleys, brackets, new belt and away you go. Oh, and the updated vvti oil line. I'll be doing my entire upgrade for less than £3k.
  7. That must be the difference then, the maps, as I'm using a Toyota ECU. Thanks for the responses.
  8. To set the scene, I don't have an Evora. I've an MR2 with a 2GRFE fitted. My question though is related to the engine. When you start the engine from cold, what RPM does it idle at until it warms up? Mine is around the 2000/2500rpm mark until it gets up to temperature which is 80c (water coolant) which can take a few minutes. Does the Evora exhibit this same behaviour? If not, what does it do? Thanks!
  9. Nick

    Supercharger wanted

    Found one, thanks all.
  10. Hi, The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice I have posted a wanted ad in the Evora forum, but wasn't sure if people only browse their specific marque forums or not. If not, apologies in advance. I've a few emails out to people at the moment with no luck, I'm looking for a 2grfe V6 supercharger, ie, a TVS1320. Has anyone got one, or know of one, for sale? Thanks Nick
  11. Nick

    Supercharger wanted

    Thanks, will also get in touch with them
  12. Nick

    Supercharger wanted

    Smashing, thanks for that lead. I'll go investigate!
  13. Nick

    Supercharger wanted

    Sadly I've missed the one Bruss had. He's given me a lead to follow up though. If anyone else knows of one for sale please let me. Thanks!
  14. Nick

    Supercharger wanted

    Thanks, I've dropped him a PM
  15. Appreciate this is likely rarer than rocking horse sh*t, I'm after an Evora supercharger (for a 2GR-FE) Anyone know of anything? Thanks
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