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    Angus McClare
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    Lotus Turbo Esprit HC
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    Brakes, suspension, engine rebuild 2001, gearbox rebuild 2014 with Quaife ATB diff. (Insurance aware.)
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    Winscombe, North Somerset
  1. Hi All Has anyone changed the additional centre bushes star washers, O rings and seals on the throttle shaft centre brass bushes? The new seals are a tight fit. Do they need a laping operation to get a good sliding fit. How about a metal polish or a carbon grease? Should a grease be used to fit in the first place? The old seals etc. are off a 1986 Turbo Esprit HC. The O rings were cracked, one seal was lose and both seals on the ball race bearings had been blown off! No wonder boost and balance was variable as was the M.P.G. Not surprising with a 30 year old assembly. Any advice? Thanks for any help provided.
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