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  1. Hi Barry, I'm afraid I'm a bit ignorant when it comes to the immob, is there any way I can check both halves are disengaging? That's exactly what she's doing just not telling the starter to turn!
  2. The light is off, that's why I'm confused. It's like it's just not instructing the car to start when I turn the key. Any relays or fuses that I should look at?
  3. Hi All - Come across a very annoying issue with my V8, it just wont start. Ignition goes on, fuel pump primes and when you turn the key, literally nothing.. doesn't turn, doesn't even flinch (I'm slmost certain the immobiliser is off as well). Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  4. Dear all - I'm about to take my Esprit V8 on a 1500+ mile trip and have just given the car a visual inspection.. a couple of questions, firstly the small rubber overflow pipe from the coolant expansion tank needs changing, can anyone advise on the length and width of the pipe needed? Is it easy to change? also whilst inspecting the coolant I noticed what looks like a very slight residue floating at the top... I'm sure it's nothing and probably anti freeze but I thought I'd ask anyway just to be sure. The underside of the cap is completely clean. (Rubbish picture attached) thank you all
  5. Thanks for your response Pete, I'll starts with the oil feed pipes and go from there
  6. Hi Travis, thank you so much for sharing this with me. Very useful info and pictures.
  7. Dear All, Both turbos on my V8 are looking very oily on the underside (see image attached). The turbos boost well and don't seem to have any issues (I will check for play when I have the opportunity) just that they are caked in oil on the underside. I can only assume that the oil lines feeding the turbos, or the lines the oil exits from have a leak? Advice greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Dear All, I have a very small leak on my gearbox which looks like its coming from the Cross shaft where it connects to the main transmission assembly (Please see picture). I believe there are two separate rubber seals in this area ( A082F6423F & A082F6548S). Any advice on whether changing these two seals will resolve this small leak? If so, how big a job is it? Thanks in advance and any guidance is greatly appreciated. Nick
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