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  1. Thanks Imran - that's really helpful.. Think it will be the B5 for me.
  2. Well, that is hand down the most informative post I've read on seat choice for the Exige. So thanks for taking the time to write it Imran. I'm thinking about changing mine as I don't find the 380 seats very supportive or comfortable. For me, they lack lumbar support, aren't deep enough and are too upright around the shoulder blades. How have you found the lumbar support and backrest angle of the B7 or indeed the B5? I'm more likely to go for the latter as I don't go on track often and I'm not convinced I want to go the harness route.
  3. I assume Jokke means he doesn't want it to hold up his KT build? Going for an aftermarket exhaust? For some contrasting dyno evidence....
  4. @Waitey - great post. Can you please post a link to more info on the Hielsa unit. Google doesn't seem to throw much up.
  5. If the runners are deforming, is it in fact a safety issue, rather than an irritation?
  6. Sport 380 - my driver's seat rocks back and forth. Didn't notice it at first, but it seem to be getting worse with time.
  7. Sorry if I missed it, but does anyone know what came of this? Hadn't seen Jokke post much after this, but notice he's popped up on the GT430 thread today. @Jokke Vlo did you get it resolved with Lotus?Thanks
  8. At first I thought you were having a laugh, but re-reading my post, I can see that I wasn't that clear. The AC vents continue to to deliver cold air at all times, it's just that this is swamped by the masses of hot air that seems to come from the rather large gap where the roof used to be Probably an airflow issue with the roof off. But I would have expected lots of owners to experience the same on all variations of the V6 - it can't be 380 specific.
  9. Hi Mark I've had my 380 since late March and haven't had the AC problem you mention. Assume it will be a switch issue somewhere and should be easily sorted at first service. I'm just booking mine in as I'm approaching 1,000 miles. Getting carbon hatch cover fitted and soft top mounts cut out at the same time. Carbon hardtop has been on order for 15 weeks and still waiting, but I'll use the soft top for most of summer, save for hopefully squeezing in some track time, when I'll swap back. It's fun with the roof off, but bloody hot, or at least it was yesterday. It's strange but you only feel the benefit of the AC when you slow down for junctions etc. The rest of the time it feels like the car is pulling in hot air from the engine and the AC isn't up to the job. Fortunately, I doubt I'll have to worry about that too often given our climate. On the plus side, it sounds fantastic with the roof off. Cheers Mick
  10. Saw a proud looking Mark on tweet from Oakmere today. Looks great! I fancied Kawasaki green but was overruled by SWMBO.
  11. Yes, it does seem odd that it has only melted one side. I've checked my car and I can't see any obvious difference in the set-up in that area. The standard exhaust and titanium one look to be the same size and the same distance form the diffuser, so unless the titanium exhaust somehow radiates more heat than the standard steel one, I'd expect to see the same thing happening on cars with the standard exhaust like mine, given similar driving conditions. Now, from what I can tell, you are probably towards the "hard use" end of the scale as a driver. But were you driving it hard at the time? You've had it on track and not had the problem there, which seems odd, no?
  12. Hi Jokke Assume it is only the splitter part to the left of the exhaust that is damaged? Do you think it's heat form the exhaust exit, or a silencer underneath the car? Can't see why it would not melt both sides if it's the exit? Obviously, I'm now worried as I have a Sport 380 but with standard exhaust. I wonder if the "snouts" are the same size, so that have the same clearance form the splitter?
  13. Think this belongs in the Sport 380 thread, but....... that is worrying. Will be interesting to see what Lotus make of it. You have the titanium exhaust I think? Was this motorway cruising?
  14. Struggling to see why Lotus would bother with a 400 or 410 now. Probably not worth the extra cost/hassle to produce a car with 5% more power.
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