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  1. Nice going Jokke. That should have bedded your piston rings in
  2. agreed. Difficult to be criticised for following the manual. I would just note that the manual allows > 4,000 rpm before 600 miles. In short bursts. M4rks post above suggests otherwise, at least the way I read it.
  3. All good points. To me, the manual's guidance seems very sensible. Key point is no sustained high revs. Driving on cruise is a bad idea. Whenever I've had running in guidance on other cars over the years it's been broadly "don't kill it, but be up and down the revs and up and down the gears". Which is largely what the manual says. Virtually all of the 300 miles I've done so far have been country roads, which more or guarantees the right sort of conditions and driving style. My main point was, why are all the dealers making up something different from what the manual says (recogn
  4. When I collected my Sport 380 a few weeks ago, the dealer told me not to exceed 4,000 rpm and only to use light throttle for the first 600 miles and even then to take it easy prior to the 1,000 mile service. The W word was mentioned a few times at this point, along with data logging etc. So for a few days I was tootling around, studiously observing this advice. And then I read the manual (see pic attached). This states quite clearly that there is no need for a hard 4,000 rpm rev limit and furthermore that occasional bursts of higher revs and wider throttle openings will be beneficial i
  5. George - thanks for the recommendation of the Tilletts. May I ask how you went about trying them out before buying - I assume you did this? Is it just a case if trying to find a local dealer? I'm based in Leeds and they look to be thin on the ground here, so guess I might have to travel. But do dealers tend to stock the range or order in as needed?
  6. If you are referring to the hardtop and louvred hatch section, then yes to both. I have them both on order and the dealer is going to sort fitting for me. Which might make it awkward to weigh standard and carbon, now I think about it. I was hoping to settle the debate, at least in relation to the OEM parts. If you are referring to barge board etc, then I don't know the answer. Maybe call Bell & Collville - in my limited experience they are very knowledgeable and helpful.
  7. I like the red and gold but think the gold on the barge boards and spoiler is maybe a step too far - looks a bit bright to my eye. But the highlights come as a pack so probably no choice. Basically the gold looks better next to the red than it does to the carbon IMO The body coloured hardtop looks great though. And that red is nice.
  8. Interesting - I was not advised against using sport when running in and there is no such advice in the manual (I read it!). Does the titanium exhaust have a valve? Mine has standard exhaust and it sounds good in sport even up to 4,000 rpm. As to pace Jokke - it might just reflect what you were used to with your komotec equipped car. Bear in mind I drive xc90 most of the time! Yes - unfortunately it's just the louvres. The mesh style matte black surround remains. So my matte black louvres will be going up for sale - and your interest is noted! Think we've touched on th
  9. I've just agreed to allow the nice people from Specialised Car Covers to use my 380 as a template for their 380 specific cover. Apparently they have had several enquiries from potential customers overseas for a 380 tailored cover. So they tracked down a local owner. Best part is that they have offered me an indoor cover similar to the one in mbes2's post above, as a thank you!
  10. I have the carbon hardtop and hatch cover on order for my new 380 (collected last Friday - must get round to posting some pics!). Personally, I don't care too much about the weight saving, if any. I would have thought that, if they were being honest, most buyers would be more driven by looks than mass. The matte black hardtop looks a bit out of sorts with the carbon front cover, to my eye at least. And whilst the matte black meshed surround on the hatch cover will remain, I think the carbon hardtop and louvred section of hatch should make everything look more coherent. Or at least it had be
  11. Another vote for the anthracite - looks more "motorsport" and suits the car colour.
  12. Yes that appears to be right. It's disappointing that AIB don't have insurers on their books who are willing to cover trackdays. I got a reasonable quote form Classcline. I then went to Competition Car Insurance, filled in a quote form, and received a quote that was 2.5 times what Classicline had quoted. I found that odd, as there are plenty of people on here who seem to use CCI - they were just nowhere near for me and wouldn't have thought I'm a bad risk - lots of NCB, clean licence and fast approaching 50 years old.
  13. mickv


  14. Yeah but it sounds better than plastic
  15. Thanks guys. It's good to hear the accents are popular. I initially worried that it might make the car harder to shift when the time comes but I'm now thinking the opposite. Not that I'm thinking of selling it! Think I'll get the carbon bits irdered too. Mrs may not notice
  16. Thanks chaps. I'm really looking forward to getting it. it will be by far the lightest performance car I've owned. Last properly fast car was a GTR, which was a blast but too heavy for regular track work. Whilst the 380 is still pricey, it should be much more economical on consumables and generally more suited to track work so I'm looking forward to that. For some reason JCT never got round to advertising the car online. It was by chance I rang some dealers and was delighted when they said they'd just got one and it was sat in the showroom. I guess I saved them a job. Its sil
  17. Thanks. I think it might be your youtube channel that's partly to blame for this frivolous purchase - are you Dr P...?. Actually, it's been great to get an owner's eye view on everything and those videos have helped me get to this point - so thanks. Dealer is JCT600 Leeds. They seem pretty genuine guys, but not having dealt with them before I'm exercising a bit of caution and just looking to make sure I'm not being led up the garden path and it appears that I'm not. Yes, I was intending to put the original bits up for sale to claw back part of the cost, so @alias23, I'll bear t
  18. I've paid a deposit on a dealer stock 380 and in so doing asked for a price on the carbon exterior pack (hardtop + louvered hatch over engine), but retrofitted. Dealer specced car with carbon sills so it makes sense. The pack is priced at 3k if specced on original order and I'm being quoted nearly 3.9k, but on the basis I'll get to keep the standard hardtop and hatch panel. This feels like a lot to pay for something which is essentially cosmetic. But then the car will look complete with it. Has anyone been quoted less for retrofitting the carbon exterior pack (I assume it's the sa
  19. Could anyone give me an idea of cost of harness bar and 4 point harnesses - go to products etc? What's involved in fitting? I'm close to pulling the trigger on a 380 and will track it, but think it needs harnesses, given what the car is capable of. Thanks Mick
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