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  1. Well, that is hand down the most informative post I've read on seat choice for the Exige.  So thanks for taking the time to write it Imran.

    I'm thinking about changing mine as I don't find the 380 seats very supportive or comfortable.  For me, they lack lumbar support, aren't deep enough and are too upright around the shoulder blades.  How have you found the lumbar support and backrest angle of the B7 or indeed the B5?  I'm more likely to go for the latter as I don't go on track often and I'm not convinced I want to go the harness route. 

  2. At first I thought you were having a laugh, but re-reading my post, I can see that I wasn't that clear.  The AC vents continue to to deliver cold air at all times, it's just that this is swamped by the masses of hot air that seems to come from the rather large gap where the roof used to be :)

    Probably an airflow issue with the roof off.  But I would have expected lots of owners to experience the same on all variations of the V6 - it can't be 380 specific. 

  3. Hi Mark

    I've had my 380 since late March and haven't had the AC problem you mention.  Assume it will be a switch issue somewhere and should be easily sorted at first service.

    I'm just booking mine in as I'm approaching 1,000 miles.  Getting carbon hatch cover fitted and soft top mounts cut out at the same time.  Carbon hardtop has been on order for 15 weeks and still waiting, but I'll use the soft top for most of summer, save for hopefully squeezing in some track time, when I'll swap back.

    It's fun with the roof off, but bloody hot, or at least it was yesterday.  It's strange but you only feel the benefit of the AC when you slow down for junctions etc.  The rest of the time it feels like the car is pulling in hot air from the engine and the AC isn't up to the job.  Fortunately, I doubt I'll have to worry about that too often given our climate.  On the plus side, it sounds fantastic with the roof off.



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  4. Yes, it does seem odd that it has only melted one side.  I've checked my car and I can't see any obvious difference in the set-up in that area.  The standard exhaust and titanium one look to be the same size and the same distance form the diffuser, so unless the titanium exhaust somehow radiates more heat than the standard steel one, I'd expect to see the same thing happening on cars with the standard exhaust like mine, given similar driving conditions.

    Now, from what I can tell, you are probably towards the "hard use" end of the scale as a driver.  But were you driving it hard at the time?  You've had it on track and not had the problem there, which seems odd, no? 

  5. Hi Jokke

    Assume it is only the splitter part to the left of the exhaust that is damaged?  Do you think it's heat form the exhaust exit, or a silencer underneath the car?  Can't see why it would not melt both sides if it's the exit? 

    Obviously, I'm now worried as I have a Sport 380 but with standard exhaust.  I wonder if the "snouts" are the same size, so that have the same clearance form the splitter?

  6. But the exhaust guy is saying the same thing as the tuner you mention - perhaps he's just repeating what he's heard form the tuner - I assume that's the case.  There's a thread on PH about it which includes pics of the standard 380 exhaust, which (and as a 380 owner it pains me to say it) do not look great - exhaust looks of questionable quality.  But then it sounds amazing, so as far as road work goes, I don't really care enough to change it. 

    As for the slow 100-200kmh figure mentioned here, I can only think the car was not performing properly. Mine feels ballistic in the gears.  I've got a Vbox mini which I could use to get some figures eventually, but the car's not yet at 1,000 miles and I'd prefer to leave it until after that service.  That said, one set of figures in isolation wouldn't mean much.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Hangar 111 said:

    Valve will always open at 5200, unless you have a mechanism to force it closed.

    We have a quiet silencer that did 84dB drive-by at Brands Hatch on a 460'd car... same car did 97dB on the same day on standard silencer.


    So it's 5200 on non sport models?  It's 4,500 rpm on the 380 - I wonder why they lowered the valve opening point, as that's just asking for more problems with noise testing.  Is it 4,500 on the 350 too? 

    Do we think some form of add-on DB reducer could be made to work with the pig snout style pipe?  Must be increasing demand as more sports are sold?

  8. Can anyone post a link to the B&C track system for the 380?  Had a scoot around their website but couldn't find it.

    I was wondering whether it would be possible to create a bolt on "muffler", similar to those I've seen on the 2bular site, but suitable for the single pipe design of the 380 (the monopigsnout).  These bolt on things generally things look awful, but compared with having to remove the rear clam and fit back box etc, I'd go for it if it exists/could be made to work.

    There's an interesting scrap over on pistonheads about the 380 exhaust - Jim from 2bular seems to think it's garbage and, looking at the pics on the thread, I find myself agreeing, even though I love the animalistic bark of the it.  Hopefully I won't offend anyone if post the link:


  9. Looks like I got in before the change as my end plates are carbon. But then if, like me, you intend sticking the union decals on them it makes little difference. Maybe they thought it would make the Matt black plaggy canards look better? :)

  10. Nice driving George.  I see you too need to cant your right knee over to heel and toe.  I find that a bit irritating.  I'm surprised Lotus haven't thought about that and created a better shaped throttle pedal.  I know there are after market solutions which someone posted a link to recently elsewhere on here.  I need to put that on my list, but new seats come first.

    Years ago I had an Evo VI and that was the easiest car to heel and toe in without needing any mods - just a roll of the right foot onto the perfectly shaped right pedal was all it needed, and the brake pedal bite point was at just the right height too.

  11. 11 hours ago, Mark030358 said:

    I'm going to fit my wonderful 2ubular back box to my 380 when it arrives. According to Jim he will do something with the intermediate pipe. He actually mentioned the problem of fitting an Evora exhaust to a V6 due to size differences and also mentioned performance gains, but I need to go over that again. 




    I'd give the standard exhaust a go before switching Mark.  I think it sounds fantastic.  It's also quite loud.  But then I've never heard a 2ubular in the metal.  I'd just say that for a standards system, the 380's is about as extreme as I've heard.

  12. 1 hour ago, Gashead1105 said:

    @M4rk. Thanks! Yes, going to wait for the warranty to expire before fitting harnesses, especially as my drivers seat seems to have developed a bit of movement recently.

    @M4rk what's the concern with harnesses and the warranty? I was thinking of fitting them, but now you've got me wondering?  Would it not only affect any warranty cover in relation to the interior?  Sorry - slowly getting up to speed on all things Lotus..

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