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  1. 10 km from mine . He's the same as redshift...
  2. Congratulation Mike, Say Hello at all your kids and a big kiss to Gil ! Cheer's Gip' and Ghislaine
  3. Hi Mike, Very cool sleeper I remember during a job trip, at my hotel, a 928 starting in a cold morning... the sound was amazing... the exhaust was just a straight pipe !! sound like a big boat like the Riva's Cheer's, Gip'
  4. Great Mike !! So i see that there's no more snow at your home... well time to think to come to say hello
  5. Hello Mike ! happy new year ! i must send you the adress for sand blasting and anodizing the wishbone. but my computer at home is broken... i'll give you these info in the few weeks ! Bye Fab'
  6. sadly it's a specific starter, no cross reference... l
  7. yess!! it will be my new homepage!! Mike
  8. Never see your esprit drifting... maybe because your usual trip with your car (bar, pub, nightclub) does not leave you the time Cheers my dear Oliv' @+ Gip"
  9. you can download the show here fith gear evora vs cayman
  10. Salut Rodolphe, Content de te retrouver ici. Ce sont tes photos du mondial?? Quels sont tes impressions sur ces nouveaux modèles? Moi j'ai du mal a me rendre compte de la taille/volume de ces autos. Ont elles gonflé par rapport à celle qu'on connais (Esprit /Elise)?? @+ Gip" alias Fabrice R
  11. Gipsy

    Esprit Engine

    the sound my friends.... no need of a leaky gearbox... just Rev the LFA V10 and enjoy!!! the next esprit will find its place in the salon, as a music box !
  12. thx for your answer Richard, I'll try to check fan connectors...
  13. Hello, A strange thing happen last sunday : after a 280km journey, i arrived at home. I parcked my V8 in its garage and because it took time to do the manoeuver, the engine T° rise near 100°C... Radiator fans were switched on. Everything sounds normal so far... I waited for the temperature drop, and when the T° reach under 90°C, the engine auto schwitch off... very strange. NO MIL light on the dash... No problem to ignite the engine after.... Is somebody had the same problem? What do you think is it?? bye Gipsy
  14. I'm sorry, but i can't come the 12... my holliday's begin the 14 and i've a big job meeting the monday... It would had be nice to meet forum guy.... maybe another time. cheers
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