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  1. I suggest a north east meet up when we're done!
  2. I'm after some advice regarding the esprit, the dreaded time has come to start buying parts, are the x180 parts specific to the x180 (suspension bushes and the like) or do I need to be looking for s3/s4 parts?
  3. I'm just good at finding them, they were all nearly in the same shape as this,I've never had a lot of money just a lot of patience.
  4. With help from the forum i managed to remove the engine today, wasn't as difficult as i thought. The driveshafts were quite tricky, an inspection hatch behind the seats to get to the water pump would have came in handy and most of the bolts snapped but it was all in good fun. I've taken the engine and box out of a Maserati Merak at work so i was familiar with the angles required to lift it out. I appreciate the info on the model names, my dad has a 90s elan and an elise but I've always loved the esprits so given the wheels and spoiler i hope a novice can be forgiven for the mix up. I will keep you's posted on progress and I'm sure ill be needing some advice soon but up to now its been easy going and enjoyable.
  5. Yes i posted a lot of photos on various Facebook groups and sites. I loved the look of it on the farm and found some dedicated grouse to barn finds and it went down well.
  6. As i have started restoration work i have found this site a great help so finally decided to make an account to get full benefit from the years of experience among us and hopefully controbute where I can. I'll start by introducing my self, I'm Alex, I'm 21 and build classic Aston Martin engines and cars for a living. On the farm next to where i work i found an NA s4 esprit in desperate need of some TLC so i decided to rescue it. My plan is to restore and upgrade as much as I can with my budget and hopefuly end u with a nice car. I'm sure you'll hear from me again but i thought i better just say hello.
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