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  1. Interesting part on the GT4 is that the PR states an HARROP chargecooled supercharger vs the 430 EDELBROCK charge cooled setup so maybe Lotus now uses the new Harrop TV1900 setup (Edelbrock is a TVS1740)? Or maybe it's a typo but PR are always double checked.
  2. Wow, so I assume it's a sort a full bolt on configuration like the ex430 with the cooled tvs1740 ? for 350 owners, Jubu has posted an almost identic power stage using their tvs2300 just 2 days before, it's too good to see the great emulation between the two companies.
  3. Hello I joined to share something I figured comparing pictures. Someone talked about the SSC vs the JUBU conversion. It seems they don't use the same supercharger SSC would be the TVS1900 and the JUBU the TVS2300. That could explain the problems using a 2300cc software on the 1900cc supercharger ? Here is the SSC from a member from here : Here is the JUBU from their website : We can see the bigger blower vs the plastic trims around, shorter snoot. I count 17 "waffle" count vs 15 on the SSC. Comparing with a Harrop 2300 kit picture, I count the same 17 waffle count
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