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  1. Hi, in case anyone is following this old thread, my car is now for sale. Please see the classified listing on the site for details. Thanks,
  2. Thanks to everyone who voted! (There are still a couple of days left if you feel like voting again...) I have made the film available for download, so, please feel free to keep a copy. All the best, Ben
  3. I quite like this film! Really nice idea. Beautiful light. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Thanks guys! Such a fun car to film... a really nice reminder of just how much enjoyment you can have from an older fully analog car.
  5. Thanks guys! I appreciate the support.
  6. Hi guys, New to the forum. I thought I would introduce myself with a film I made about my car: (Please throw me a vote if you like it!) It's for a competition, and at the end of the comp, I will make it available free for download for anyone who wants to add it to their collection. Cheers, Ben
  7. Thanks Rich! I really appreciate your support. Thanks for the warm welcome and the forum suggestions. (Yes, it sure does take time to make videos... glad you enjoy the process, and looking forward to seeing your finished result!)
  8. Hi guys, I made this film about my Elan plus 2 on my favourite piece of road. If you like it, please take the time to vote! Thanks,


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