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  1. I guess when you create a seat it needs to fit a wide width of backsides.....being slight build and with a 30 waist my Elise S2 seat has a few inches of room which means when cornering I am moving around.....any tips of how to make my fit a bit snugger, I was thinking of trying to make something out of seat foam but that seems a bit Heath Robinson!

  2. I was about to pull the pin on an Elemental Shower cap when I then found they do two lengths, most of the pictures appear to be of the short one which I think is fine for me, just want to keep the interior of the car dry when it rains and the roof clean as it will be stored outside during the summer but with the roof on.

    so would the long one be of any benefit, not sure what added protection this gives (engine perhaps)  and then secondly which is the easiest to fit with the roof on?



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