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  1. I’ll be posting plenty more of the “pre-painted” bodywork and will be updating as the project progresses, the mileage is 42,000 so on the low side for its age.
  2. Spot on, when I bought the car I was very tempted to remove those pinstripes but that is what makes it unusual, so I never changed it, when I bought it it had a flip top sun roof fitted, so as part of the original restoration I am removing the sun roof and replacing the roof section to put it back to its original condition, all being well once I have removed all the panels for repainting it should be resprayed in the spring next year, new tanks,most of the cooling system and the suspension dampers/bushes still has to be replaced but hopefully will be completed by Autumn next year
  3. The interior is black leather with half leather seats and standard centre of dash radio, the car has plenty of history which you guys probably know, owned by Lotus and used as a press and exhibition car for its first year of ownership, it was then sold to a submarine commander in 1984, he sold it to a property developer in Newcastle in ‘85, I bought it from him in ‘86 and have owned it ever since, the car has not been used since 1999 which is why it is not showing up as SORN, I have just retired so now have plenty of time to complete what I have started.
  4. Hi Dave, Apologies Igfave you the wrong number, the last 5 digits are 11247 regards Tim
  5. A few more of the dry sump engine.
  6. Hi Lex, The last 5 digits are 20044 Tim
  7. Been a while since I posted on here, one completed dry sump 910 ready to go in to turbo esprit YAH 868X Renovated engine bay, new outer soundproofing and inner aluminium foil
  8. Thanks for the welcome,I'm sure i will be posting a fair amount of info on here. Tim
  9. Hi, I came across your feed on the Internet as regards the Lotus Esprit Turbo reg YAH868X,Just to let you know that I've owned the car since 1986 and am in the process of restoring it,if you would like to know any more info please contact me. Tim
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