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  1. I've put about 20k on her over the years til 1999, regarding keeping it off the road quite simply it needed the sunroof sorting due to it leaking plus the paintwork being cellulose faded very quickly so put it in the garage with the idea of restoring her over a 5 year period.......Well work got in the way plus the kids, so 23 yrs later and newly retired i'm on the homeward straight!! (Almost!!)
  2. Happy to oblige, here’s a couple I took around the late 80’s, note the lovely non factory sunroof…. Not lol
  3. Nice piece of info and I think you are pretty much right in saying that it was used on the opening sequence of the show, as you can see Lotus owned the car up until April 1984, The car was used for number of events, magazine tests and promotions during that period, I have checks with Lotus and it was the only one to come out of the factory in that particular configuration with the pinstripe in Calypso red primarily as Lotus wanted it for promotion purposes and to be slightly different from the standard decal/ paint scheme.
  4. At last body is now looking like new again.
  5. Body work is now stripped and the side skirts removed, all read for the paint shop.
  6. Fitting of tailgate hinge bearing bushes, I have reused the old bushes from the old roof assy, cleaned any corrosion from them and have potted them in using polyester paste, the original position was 50mm from the back of the roof edge and 16mm below the roof level and final drill size is 1/2 inch, the bush has 2 flanges one on the outer and one on the inner, I’ve used a small piece of wet or dry to key in the flange of the bush to help bond it to the gel coat surface, heres a couple of pics
  7. I’ll be posting more info as regarding bonding the tailgate hinge bushes, transferring and bonding up the wooden strut above the windshield which supports the sun visors laying up the fibreglass joints for the roof, replacement and remanufacture of the upper bulkhead.
  8. Believe it or not it’s easier to replace the whole section rather than just plug the hole, when you come to the final spray there is always potential for the join to bleed through to the surface with time, plus when lotus made the sections for final wet assembly you are pretty much near to the original lay up joints when you replace the section😉
  9. Time has come to remove the unwanted aftermarket sun roof from YAH868X, the new section was supplied courtesy of SJ sports cars in Devon, they did very good quality job on the replacement roof section and took very little trimming to get right, next job is to replace the plywood bulkhead prior to bonding the roof back in to position, removal and trim took a day….so here are some pics of the before and after :-
  10. I’ll be posting plenty more of the “pre-painted” bodywork and will be updating as the project progresses, the mileage is 42,000 so on the low side for its age.
  11. Spot on, when I bought the car I was very tempted to remove those pinstripes but that is what makes it unusual, so I never changed it, when I bought it it had a flip top sun roof fitted, so as part of the original restoration I am removing the sun roof and replacing the roof section to put it back to its original condition, all being well once I have removed all the panels for repainting it should be resprayed in the spring next year, new tanks,most of the cooling system and the suspension dampers/bushes still has to be replaced but hopefully will be completed by Autumn next year
  12. The interior is black leather with half leather seats and standard centre of dash radio, the car has plenty of history which you guys probably know, owned by Lotus and used as a press and exhibition car for its first year of ownership, it was then sold to a submarine commander in 1984, he sold it to a property developer in Newcastle in ‘85, I bought it from him in ‘86 and have owned it ever since, the car has not been used since 1999 which is why it is not showing up as SORN, I have just retired so now have plenty of time to complete what I have started.
  13. Hi Dave, Apologies Igfave you the wrong number, the last 5 digits are 11247 regards Tim
  14. A few more of the dry sump engine.
  15. Hi Lex, The last 5 digits are 20044 Tim
  16. Been a while since I posted on here, one completed dry sump 910 ready to go in to turbo esprit YAH 868X Renovated engine bay, new outer soundproofing and inner aluminium foil
  17. Thanks for the welcome,I'm sure i will be posting a fair amount of info on here. Tim
  18. Hi, I came across your feed on the Internet as regards the Lotus Esprit Turbo reg YAH868X,Just to let you know that I've owned the car since 1986 and am in the process of restoring it,if you would like to know any more info please contact me. Tim
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