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  1. I was just looking at these again and started to notice something I completely missed the first time. On the first and second picture, extreme right side, the black plastic that cuts off the view of the cooler, is that ducting to the side vent? On the third picture, is that a shot through the side vent forward with the the blurred image in the background? If so on all the above, it would make sense as the the little canard directly in front of the vent would create a low pressure are behind it, i.e. right where the vent is, so with the combined high pressure air being pushed through the cooler from in front of the bumper and the low pressure area outside the vent drawing that hot air out, I would imagine that is a fairly efficient setup. Assuming of course the canard does a decent job of creating a low pressure area behind it. It has a fairly sharp edge so I would think it would do a decent job at least.
  2. That is a really neat and simple idea that could be used on anything with a control arm. Me thinking out loud, I wonder how effective it actually is? The reason I ask is because the wheel well, without venting, is usually a high pressure area. Because of this I wonder how much air movement is actually getting picked up and pointed at the brakes? The lower "wing" looks like it hangs below the flat bottom edge of the car so should pick up some air movement there, but maybe it's just the angle of the picture. If it is hanging down like that how much air is it actually picking up? Would having a front end on it help direct the air some more? Is it exposed to damage if I get the wheels up over curbing? Due to it being behind the oil coolers and everything else right there in the front bumper how much air flow is it seeing from that angle? Will it interfere with the wheels on a full lock turn with wider rims? One thing about it is the simplicity of the piece. I will make some and put them on another car and test the effectiveness with a IR temp gun to at least get some numbers as far as heat dissipation from a straight line hard brake. I recently broke my gopro but will get that replaced and put it down in the wheel well and do some yarn tests as well. Thank you for posting this! Any other neat little ideas like this? Maybe something rear specific? Although this would work on the rear almost the same as the front.
  3. Hello everyone. I have been a life long fan of the Esprit ever since I was first exposed to one as a little kid. I am now in a position in life to start shopping around for one. I am still a fairly young man and as such I like to try do young man things like modify and race cars. As such I would love to do some simple work on an S4S and do a bit of road racing with it. I do have a question for you all that is super simple that would help me in my planning phases as I am searching for the right car. What is the routing inside the bumper of the side intakes and side vents on the front bumper? Does the air enter the front intake and just pass straight out the side or is something else going on in there? Reason I ask is I am looking for a good source of air for front brake vents. I have included a picture circling the 2 vents I am talking about. Also, the lower rocker scoops under the doors are vents for the rear brakes, correct? I would go take a look at a car myself on this, but apparently there is not a single one for sale in all of Las Vegas. Thank you and I look forward to learning from you all in the future! Nate
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