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  1. Hi, due to Easter time and a business trip we are late. And sorry to say, fitting is not straight forward with the extensions. Just had a call with Jim some minutes ago to send a mod to make it fit. He also mentioned not to support the add-ons any longer. It looks that they are not needed out of experience at mainland (Spa) at least. Hope it works out soon.
  2. Yep. Hope the car will be ready these days. I'll for sure take some fotos but did not see the Carbon tips until now, they arrived last Friday at the dealer. Looking forward ...
  3. @NW76 & Quantum2000 : The most recent version - at least the one I do have - is a bit different. Delivered a few days ago, just going to be fitted. ;-) Does not have the springs anymore, but u-band to fix it.
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