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  1. Hi - just returned to the Lotus fold after a wee while away. Have owned a number of Elise/Exige over the years including a new S1 in 1999 and S2 111s in 2004. Various others over the years and as I get older keep thinking the last one will be just that! However, I can't help myself looking at the market and have now bought a 1998 S1 in need of a mild restoration. Got the front clam off which needs refreshed and I'm looking for a recommendation for a paint shop to carry out this work. Based in West Lothian so somewhere in East/Central Scotland. Any help much appreciated. Thanks. Jim.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions Guys. Bit of luck today when I phoned The UK Lotus Centre and managed to get a brand new owners handbook pack including service book which had been lying in stock for a couple of years!! Retail price is £94 but they gave me a bit discount so £80 which is expensive but I'm delighted just to have found one. Just need to try and get it stamped up now.
  3. Thanks. I think it may be for S1 but will follow up. Seems to be plenty S1 books but S2 are rare. Thanks
  4. I have purchased a 111s recently and the previous owner lost the handbook, so looking for a replacement.
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