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  1. Not sure about Porsche, but I'm sure that they have just as many breakdowns in warranty as Lotus do. Cars are complex things and the odd one goes wrong now and again. McLaren on the other hand...
  2. Collected the car yesterday afternoon, all fixed and working well. Glad to be back behind the wheel after two months. I'd forgotten just how brilliant the Evora is, so instead of heading straight off home up the motorway, I went for a random tour of the A and B roads of the Midlands until it went dark. Much fun was had. Thanks to everyone on TLF who helped me out with this, to Lotus Cars for honouring the just-expired warranty, and to Lotus Silverstone for doing the work with the impeccable service that they're famous for.
  3. That would be great if you could get some made. I would certainly be interested in ordering a stainless hinge for my car. There are also a couple brackets that support the rear diffuser that are already pretty rusty on my 3 year old Evora 400: I imagine that stainless versions of those would be a popular upgrade too.
  4. As per my other tread I need to get my broken Evora 400 transported from Merseyside to the Midlands, a distance of around 160 miles. I've asked for quotes on and I am getting figures of between £200 and £350 for the job. The main thing that I'm worried about is handing my car and keys over to a random bloke off the internet! Are the people on generally reliable, I wonder? I know that there is a feedback system but I suppose that that could be faked. What's the best way to get the car shifted without it disappearing in transit?
  5. Update: Lotus Cars and my dealership have agreed to fix the car as a goodwill gesture under warranty! It goes without saying that I'm very pleased and a big thanks to everyone in the Lotus community involved in helping me out. It's things like this that make me glad to be a Lotus driver, rather than the owner of less friendly make of car.
  6. You can slide the cover off the hinge? Never knew that. My cover has never got stuck up or down, but it's never sat central in the bodywork hole and the uneven panel gap around it upsets my OCD. Maybe I can take it off and adjust its position to get it dead in the middle...
  7. That belt is also branded Toyota so will be from their supply chain, and be a good quality belt, probably identical to the one that was on your car from new, just not the latest upgraded specification.
  8. Why doesn't that surprise me? Looks like the financial services industry has dusted off the manual from the 1980s when HIV/AIDS first came on the scene. Merely having had a test made you a leper as far as they were concerned. I was offered a Covid antibody test yesterday and I'm glad that I politely declined.
  9. At the Hethel Lotus 70 open day, in the design studio, there was exhibited a fancy computerised 3D polystyrene block prototype part milling machine thingy, or something like that. The control box had a box sign on it "Master", while the bit that did the cutting had "Slave". Hydraulic cylinders, camera flashes, railway locomotives and computer parts are among the things similarly named. Aparrently there are campaigns certain industries to have the machinery parts renamed so as not to cause offence. At the time it didn't cross my mind as being offensive and I'm sure that the machines involved don't mind. Are we being too sensitive? Or am I not getting it due to white privilege?
  10. I can understand why people are wanting certain statues removed but that is possibly missing a chance to educate the public about the issues involved. I imagine that most people don't know much about the histories of the persons depicted in the statues. Leaving the statues up and attaching a plaque explaining that certain members of the "great and good" of that era managed to get to the top of society by actually being nasty pieces of work who were involved in the slave trade, might serve a better purpose?
  11. Thanks for all the advice and offers of help everyone. I've had another look at my car, trying to remove the clutch plate, and come to the conclusion that my aircon compressor clutch is seized in an engaged position and so could not release. In addition to that, either the compressor itself or the pulley bearings are seized too, preventing rotation of the pulley and snapping the drive belt. I'm waiting to hear back from Lotus to see if they can help out with the cost of the just out of warranty failure. I really hope that they can, as the list price from Lotus of a new compressor and clutch is £2680+VAT. Fingers crossed. I'm not sure if compressors for the newer R1234yf refrigerant are easily obtainable from other sources yet: I couldn't find any. New old stock Lotus R134a compressors with clutches can be had for less than a tenth of that price. I wondered if one of these can these be used instead by flushing out and replacing the incomparable oil? Or are there other differences? Cheapest option to get back on the road would be an aircon delete, but I don't really want to do that.
  12. My VIN ends in H H C 1 02xx. Which gives: H for 2017 model year. (G would be 2016) H for Hethel. C for RHD Other markets. (H would be LHD Motorsport) 1 for manual transmission. (2 would be automatic transmission) 02xx serial number. Not sure how GH 21289 fits into that series? Can anyone work out if I have R1234yr of R134a in my A/C system from the VIN? If not then I'll have to take out the front wheel-arch liner and have a look at the refill ports, and no doubt break or have to drill out those pesky clips that hold it in place...
  13. Thanks. Daft that the environmentally damaging R134a compressors and gas are cheaply and freely available to members of the public, whereas the relatively benign R1234yf stuff seems to be hard to get hold of and is much more expensive. I bet some people are tempted to retro convert their systems from R1234yf to R134a to save money.
  14. There was recently a mass-participation project by the Ramblers' Association (or whatever they call themselves nowadays) with the aim of trying to find lost public footpaths and get them reinstated. Basically it was a website where you could compare detailed OS maps from around 100 years ago with ones from today, and mark any paths that have mysteriously disappeared in the intervening years. I did a few areas and got the impression that the biggest culprits for closing up rights of way were not new housing estates, industry, motorways or hastily constructed WW2 airfields, but large country estates. Virtually every stately home I looked at had done a land grab. People with money and influence have been doing this for years. Naughty.
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