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  1. Paint polished and mirror housing glued, almost invisibly, which is a relief. Today I got a new mirror cover delivered (thanks Oakmere Lotus) and I was rather hoping that it would be shiny black plastic. Unfortunately its white raw plastic, so needs priming, painting, lacquer, etc. which is a bit of a hassle. So I'm toying with the idea of a carbon effect wrap to mimic Lotus's £134 efforts. There are over 23000 product listings when you search for "carbon wrap" on ebay: has anyone got any suggestions as to what I should buy to try? I want something that is easy to apply DIY and doesn't look rubbish. Any tips and suggestions welcome.
  2. The extinguisher formerly known as Mangia Fuoco? I have one in my car. The original company selling them disappeared and there was lots of "surplus" stock available after this report came out It seems that they're not all that they're cracked up to be. Bloody EU, coming over here with their rules and regulations, protecting our citizens from an untimely fiery death...
  3. I'm glad that there's now something new to do in Silverstone. Whenever my car has been in for work there I've had to occupy myself by rambling around the public footpaths of that part of Northamptonshire, one time getting very wet and muddy in the process.
  4. Red Brown Black Black would be 210 Ohms, which is not a common value. The last two bands are the tolerances. If you can't get the exact part then a nearby value may work, but change both of them together, not just the burnt out one.
  5. Google image search for MELF resistor. (Type carefully!) What colour are the stripes? Red Brown Black Black Brown?
  6. So, one the standard covers it is then. Plus maybe a roll of carbon fibre effect sticky backed plastic.... I really wish that the drivers of cars with steel wheels would make sure that their trims are well fixed. I'm surprised that they're still allowed in safety grounds. Has anyone ever been injured by a detached wheel trim?
  7. I've just had a collision with a flying wheel trim! It came off a car travelling in the other direction an a 60mph A-road and has bounced off the front clamshell before hitting the door mirror. Didn't get their number. Luckily, the scuffs on the paintwork look like they will probably polish out. The door mirror surround has a crack in it but will glue almost invisibly. However, I'm now missing a door mirror cover. Looking on DeRoure I see that it's £34 for a plain cover, or £134 for a carbon fiber upgrade (although I'd need two of those). Any other sources for parts? Aren't the door mirrors off another make of car? Anyway, glad it wasn't a headlight, windscreen or my face that took the impact.
  8. That's an old news story from 28th August.
  9. If the government did step in then it wouldn't be the first time that we've had a nationalised travel agent: Thomas Cook was a state-owned company from 1948 to 1972.
  10. Once the TPMS fault light comes on, it stays on. Turning the ignition off doesn't reset it.
  11. Annoyingly, after not working for a few weeks (only displaying three tyres and getting mixed up between fronts and rears), and just when I was about to book it into the dealer's, my TPMS has fixed itself again. I'm not fussed about not knowing what my tyre pressures are, but as it's now an MoT item, it needs to be 100% reliable.
  12. If it is chemicals being released from the plastic, then it should slow down and stop eventually. I suspect that getting the dash trimmed in leather would just lead to the leather getting stained by the chemicals seeping through it. Keeping the car cool and well ventilated willl certainly help. You could put rags on top of the dashboard in the hope that they will absorb the fumes before they condense onto the windscreen. Or maybe something containing activated charcoal, like cooker hood filter sheets, would work even better? If you do manage to trap the stuff then perhaps you could sell it on to the Magic Tree company for them to use in their "new car scent" air freshners!
  13. I've never heard that theory before. I'd have thought that the cause would have been humid air trapped inside the car. The carpets, sound deadening and upholstery can absorb quite a lot of water before they feel or smell even a bit damp. My Elise used to be terrible for fogging. Running a dehumidifier in the car for a few hours every few months collected a surprising amount of water and all but cured the fogging issues. My Evora 400 is similar, but less so.
  14. My 400's TPMS has always been a bit unreliable from new, with rear tyre(s) sometimes not being detected for a few weeks, and then it magically fixing itself. Now I've got it thinking that one of the rear tyres is in the front. Currently it's reading: NSF 32 OSF 29 NSR -- OSR 32 Any way to force a reset? I'm thinking that I'll have to get the TPMS receiver (+/- sensors) replaced under warranty, as a fault will be an MoT fail and the car is due its first test next Spring.
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