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  1. I can't find Service Bulletin 2016/21 online anywhere and I don't really understand those VIN formats: the numbers are nowhere near the number on my car. My 400 was built in late November 2016 and registered in March 2017. Anyway, it looks like the refill cap colour tell you what refrigerant your can has inside: blue for R134, black for R1234. I'll have to investigate: the air-con refill is behind the front wheel arch liner, I think? I'm really hoping that I can get a warranty fix on this, but as it is the car is undriveable and stranded a good two hours away from the dealer, so a temporary air-con compressor removal would at least get it back on the road and allow me to drive it to the dealer when this Covid thing is over. I've got no idea what length belt to buy to make that work though. Has anyone ever done an air-con delete on a 400?
  2. Lotus Part Number A132E6349S Toyota/DENSO Part Number 8832042120 UAC Part number UAC CO 10856C FROM A USA TOYOTA RAV 4 3.5L V6 2006-2012 DeRoure suggest that there are now two different compressors for the Evora 400: one with PAG46 oil (for R134 refrigerant) and one with ND12 oil (for the newer R1234 refrigerant). I'm presuming that it is the same compressor, but with different oil in it. Not sure how I find out what refrigerant type is in my car: is there a sticker somewhere? If I end up buying a cheapo non-Lotus compressor (£250 vs £2500!), then it will be a PAG46/R134 version: can I just exchange the oil in the compressor if my car needs ND12 oil?
  3. It does sound like the air-con compressor & clutch are to blame then. Could them failing be a result of the ongoing gas loss issues that I've had ever since I bought the car, I wonder? I don't want to get the compressor replaced, either by myself or under warranty (it would have to be good will from Lotus, as it expired 2 months ago), only for me to keep having to have yearly re-gassing, or have the new compressor fail again. Air-con shouldn't be a subscription service - my mum's 2003 Totota RAV4's air-con works as good as new and has never needed anything doing to it! With my Evora it's been nothing but trouble. The compressor is the same as one from a modern Toyota RAV4, isn't it? And it seems that there is an access panel in the rear bulkhead that allows you to get at it: I was struggling to see how to get at it from below or above.
  4. Update: I've taken the under-tray and wheel-arch liner out to have a good look around. The only pulley that I can't turn by hand is the air-con pump: it moves just a jog but then feels solid, in either direction. Is that normal or does that mean that the air-con pump has seized? I reckon that I can just about replace the belt on my own, but if I do and the air-con pump is seized, then it will just shred itself again. Replacing the air-con pump looks very difficult. I'm stuck. Any suggestions would be very welcome.
  5. Car is just over 3 years old, c27000 miles. It seems that any old OAT red antifreeze will do, so I'll go for Comma, as the Petronas Paraflu Up recommended in the service manual is expensive and hard to find. My dead 7pk2958 belt is made by Dayco, but there seem to be lots of Continental Contitech ones on ebay for reasonable prices, so I'll probably go for one of those. As for access, it seems to be an under-tray off job, but do you also need to remove the wheel arch liner?
  6. My 400 has just broken down and I've just come back home on the back of a recovery truck. A great way to spend a Bank Holiday afternoon! Up to this moment the car has been running fine, apart from the air-con not blowing cold again (for the third time in the past two years). On the motorway, I hear a whining noise for a few seconds, the engine stutters momentarily and the MIL light comes on for a short while and then goes back out. The car keeps on running, maybe with the power reduced a bit from normal, but then I notice that the battery charge light is on, so I know that something is definitely amiss. Luckily, I'm just about to pass a service station so I pull in there. By the time I'm parked up the engine hot light is on, I've lost some coolant and the power steering assistance is fading away. Looking at the engine, the auxiliary drive belt is off the supercharger pulley (which is turning freely), so I pull it out of the engine. It has snapped completely and the whole inner surface is scorched and scuffed, like it has been running around a seized pulley. Does that seem likely? Maybe the alternator or air-con pump? My air-con has been temperamental ever since I've had the car, with multiple re-gases required despite no leak being found, so my money is on that being the culprit. Tomorrow's job is to investigate and hopefully fix it. Is it an feasible job for a DIY mechanic? Any tips would be appreciated. I'll certainly be needing to order a new belt and get some coolant. What sort of coolant should I be buying? If something has seized then I'll be a bit miffed as the car is just out of warranty. It is still due to have a few warranty repairs (supercharger oil seal weeping, plus a couple of trim niggles) done, but they have been on hold because of the lockdown. Maybe I can negotiate, especially if it is the air-con pump that has cause the problem I'll keep you all updated...
  7. Could be the twin of mine. Mine is the evil twin.
  8. Drilled a couple of 2mm holes in mine today. The water isn't draining very well so I may have to enlarge them. It's little design cock-ups like this that make Lotus what it is. The rust prone mudflap brackets is another one that anyone could have seen coming a mile off. Looking on DeRoure, the hinge B132U0034F, got replaced with C132U0034F , and then D132U0034F. Any chance that they've upgraded it to stainless steel?
  9. Despite trying to add a seal to the front edge of the hatch, I still get some water collecting there, but my hinge hasn't gone rusty yet, probably because I've been smearing it with rust inhibitor. I was contemplating drilling some drain holes but was worried what lies beneath. Would it be okay for water to drain down there?
  10. Some people thought that the one off Evora Freddie Mercury special edition was a bit naff. But clearly not everyone: Chris Evans went and bought it.
  11. On my Evora I have been using the time to: 1) Permanently wire in my dashcam, via a BlackVue Power Magic Pro box to give a record while parked function. I've used those fuse-holder take off adapters to steal the power from the front fuse box, and done it via a busbar terminal block so that I can easily add other accessories in the future e.g. my next job is a permanently live front 12V power outlet. 2) Fed up with having to remove the front grill every autumn to scoop out leaves and other debris, and wishing that I had a fine wire mesh grill like the latest GT4xx Evoras, I've done some grill bodgery: bought some plastic mesh and fastened it to the back of my grill with black cable ties. Not bad for less than £8! 3) With the mats and front carpets out of the car to dry out (I still can't find out how the got wet in the first place as it's been bone dry since - maybe when I drove through a ford?), I made some templates and sent them to The mats arrived yesterday and I'm very pleased with them. The only niggle is that the grommet holes don't quite line up with the fasteners on the car floor, but the mats are so rigid and grippy that they aren't going to move anyway.
  12. That's a van and driver that could be out delivering food to the homes of pensioners.
  13. Lotus advice on E10 petrol -
  14. Paint polished and mirror housing glued, almost invisibly, which is a relief. Today I got a new mirror cover delivered (thanks Oakmere Lotus) and I was rather hoping that it would be shiny black plastic. Unfortunately its white raw plastic, so needs priming, painting, lacquer, etc. which is a bit of a hassle. So I'm toying with the idea of a carbon effect wrap to mimic Lotus's £134 efforts. There are over 23000 product listings when you search for "carbon wrap" on ebay: has anyone got any suggestions as to what I should buy to try? I want something that is easy to apply DIY and doesn't look rubbish. Any tips and suggestions welcome.
  15. The extinguisher formerly known as Mangia Fuoco? I have one in my car. The original company selling them disappeared and there was lots of "surplus" stock available after this report came out It seems that they're not all that they're cracked up to be. Bloody EU, coming over here with their rules and regulations, protecting our citizens from an untimely fiery death...
  16. I'm glad that there's now something new to do in Silverstone. Whenever my car has been in for work there I've had to occupy myself by rambling around the public footpaths of that part of Northamptonshire, one time getting very wet and muddy in the process.
  17. Red Brown Black Black would be 210 Ohms, which is not a common value. The last two bands are the tolerances. If you can't get the exact part then a nearby value may work, but change both of them together, not just the burnt out one.
  18. Google image search for MELF resistor. (Type carefully!) What colour are the stripes? Red Brown Black Black Brown?
  19. So, one the standard covers it is then. Plus maybe a roll of carbon fibre effect sticky backed plastic.... I really wish that the drivers of cars with steel wheels would make sure that their trims are well fixed. I'm surprised that they're still allowed in safety grounds. Has anyone ever been injured by a detached wheel trim?
  20. I've just had a collision with a flying wheel trim! It came off a car travelling in the other direction an a 60mph A-road and has bounced off the front clamshell before hitting the door mirror. Didn't get their number. Luckily, the scuffs on the paintwork look like they will probably polish out. The door mirror surround has a crack in it but will glue almost invisibly. However, I'm now missing a door mirror cover. Looking on DeRoure I see that it's £34 for a plain cover, or £134 for a carbon fiber upgrade (although I'd need two of those). Any other sources for parts? Aren't the door mirrors off another make of car? Anyway, glad it wasn't a headlight, windscreen or my face that took the impact.
  21. That's an old news story from 28th August.
  22. If the government did step in then it wouldn't be the first time that we've had a nationalised travel agent: Thomas Cook was a state-owned company from 1948 to 1972.
  23. Once the TPMS fault light comes on, it stays on. Turning the ignition off doesn't reset it.
  24. Annoyingly, after not working for a few weeks (only displaying three tyres and getting mixed up between fronts and rears), and just when I was about to book it into the dealer's, my TPMS has fixed itself again. I'm not fussed about not knowing what my tyre pressures are, but as it's now an MoT item, it needs to be 100% reliable.
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