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  1. If it is chemicals being released from the plastic, then it should slow down and stop eventually. I suspect that getting the dash trimmed in leather would just lead to the leather getting stained by the chemicals seeping through it. Keeping the car cool and well ventilated willl certainly help. You could put rags on top of the dashboard in the hope that they will absorb the fumes before they condense onto the windscreen. Or maybe something containing activated charcoal, like cooker hood filter sheets, would work even better? If you do manage to trap the stuff then perhaps you could sell it on to the Magic Tree company for them to use in their "new car scent" air freshners!
  2. I've never heard that theory before. I'd have thought that the cause would have been humid air trapped inside the car. The carpets, sound deadening and upholstery can absorb quite a lot of water before they feel or smell even a bit damp. My Elise used to be terrible for fogging. Running a dehumidifier in the car for a few hours every few months collected a surprising amount of water and all but cured the fogging issues. My Evora 400 is similar, but less so.
  3. My 400's TPMS has always been a bit unreliable from new, with rear tyre(s) sometimes not being detected for a few weeks, and then it magically fixing itself. Now I've got it thinking that one of the rear tyres is in the front. Currently it's reading: NSF 32 OSF 29 NSR -- OSR 32 Any way to force a reset? I'm thinking that I'll have to get the TPMS receiver (+/- sensors) replaced under warranty, as a fault will be an MoT fail and the car is due its first test next Spring.
  4. A couple of things need doing on my 400's warranty that you could be forgiven for not noticing. Firstly, my air on gas has leaked out (again) so the leak needs finding and fixing before they refill it. You don't tend to notice as the cooling performance gradually drops off over the weeks and months. Worth checking with a thermometer to make sure your aircon is functioning as it should. Secondly, the screenwash empty warning light doesn't work and, for all I know, never did. The tank is so big that I've only ever run out of screenwash once. Try to use up all your washer fluid to make sure that yours works. Also, the bolts that hold in the front seats have gone properly rusted, with what I assume is just normal condensation inside the car. It's not like the door seals are leaking or the carpets are wet. Lotus would probably just use the same grade of bolt though, so instead of claiming, I got some stainless steel ones and changed them myself.
  5. I've had my Evora 400 for over two years now and the TPMS has always been a bit "intermittent" ever since I got the car. When it stops working, it does so for a few weeks and then manages to fix itself. Its usually the rear-right tyre, and sometime the rear-left, that it refuses to recognise. Cold weather seems to be a factor it it failing, but it may be my imagination. Unfortunately, every time the car is in for a service then the TPMS is working fine at the time and the one time they they tested it, they couldn't find any stored fault codes. I'm right in thinking that a TPMS fault warning light is an MoT failure item now? As the car will be out of warranty and due its first MoT early next year, I'm keen to get it working reliably. Anyone have similar issues or have any ideas what the problem may be?
  6. In the end, and without me asking, dealer got Lotus to agree to pay for the re-gas. However, less than 3 months later, air-con is no longer cooling. I suspect the gas has leaked out again. I'll have to book it back in for them to have another look at it.
  7. Most car companies have tweaked their logos multiple times over the years. Compared to some of those, Lotus has hardly changed at all.
  8. I think that an illuminated sans-serif T makes a much better reversing light!
  9. At the Evija launch they said that they were having trouble incorporating the Lotus badge into the carbon fibre. Maybe that's why they've had to simplify the logo? I quite like the new retro badge. The old one was a bit fussy.
  10. The new logo is similar to old Lotus logos from the early days of the company. Look like they're going retro, like the co-op. I can't make out what Delia is saying at the end of that video. Can anyone from Norfolk translate please?
  11. And have started sponsoring Norwich City football club.
  12. You could just buy an assorted box of blanking grommets from ebay and also plug up the holes that Lotus forgot to do!
  13. The design team has done a brilliant job. A car that looks like at Lotus and, above all, is pleasing to the eye (unlike the AM Valkyrie and Mclaren Senna). A proper bedroom wall poster car. I'm also impressed with the interior and am relieved that they have avoided silly touch screens when what works best for the driver are proper buttons and knobs. Just need to start saving up my £2m now.
  14. This is a picture of a GT430 dashboard from the Autocar website. The switch panel covers are trimmed in what looks like alcantara. However, looking on DeRoure, I can't see the alcantara covered parts listed as being available from Lotus yet.
  15. I'm contemplating getting the switch panel covers on my 400 dashboard retrimmed in either leather or alacntara. I don't like the look of the hard plastic and I believe that some of the later 410/430 cars have this done from new?
  16. My domestic electricity supply has a 100 amp fuse, so the highest power available would be 24kW. Charging at home is going to be much slower. I suppose that you'd also have to have an industrial grade electricity supply installed to use one of these fast chargers.
  17. Wait until they launch the Type 130 before taking those letters off. That futuristic typeface could be what Lotus going to use from now on? It would look good illuminated like in the teaser video.
  18. In my experience it's not the underbody between the wheels that comes close to scraping, but the nose. My Elise was worse and I caused some damage, but the Evora also comes quite close when I'm entering or exiting my driveway. The danger point is when the front wheels dip into the gutter where the road meets the pavement. It doesn't matter if I go on forwards or backwards: the nose comes very close to the either road or pavement surface with millimetres to spare. I drive very slowly so as to not bounce the suspension and so far no scrapes. No way could I fit a front splitter! Looking at your photos, your road doesn't seem to have much of a gutter at the edge or much of a camber, so you'll probably be okay.
  19. Light up letters. Cool, but on second thoughts, isn't illegal to show white lights on the rear of a vehicle (other than reversing lights)? Agree that pop-up headlights should make a come back.
  20. Yes, you're probably right. However the person I dealt with (more of a "sales" than a "technical" bod) insisted that the regas couldn't be claimed on warranty. Maybe I should have been more forceful but I was tired and didn't want any fallings out with the place. If the gas leaks out again, as I suspect it probably will, then I'll certainly be asking for a refund along with a free fix.
  21. Just got around to having my 400 regassed at the dealer's. The AC is working well so far, blowing out air at 4C compared to18C ambient air temperature. Once again the they tested and inspected the system and couldn't find a leak so hopefully it will hold on to its gas this time. I was charged for the regas and it wasn't cheap: not something that I want to be paying for regularly.
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