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  1. What exactly does that valve on the supercharger/intercooler do? The one that you can see opening under engine load through the rear window. I was looking at mine today because the valve's end-stop adjustment screw, along with its bracket, is starting to go a bit rusty on my car. I was contemplating taking out the screw to try and get a stainless steel one but I wouldn't know how to re-adjust the end-stop position afterwards. Wondering why none of my usual tools fitted but to turn the screw I've found that you need a 3/32 inch allen key: so it's probably an American (Edelbrock) part! I bet it has got a weird imperial thread as well. Instead of fiddling, I've just applied some fresh black paint and some oil.
  2. A TPMS fault is an MoT test fail for any car registered after 1/1/2012. Useful to have if it works reliably but if it doesn't then you're better without it. Also, doesn't that emergency tyre repair foam destroy TPMS sensors? So extra expense if you get a puncture.
  3. There’s a maximum amount MOT test stations can charge. This depends on the type of vehicle. The maximum fee for a car is £54.85 and £29.65 for a standard motorcycle. You do not pay VAT on the fee.
  4. Eckythump - a modern interpretation of the Rochdale Olympic. (I was going to make a joke about Rochdale's great motor industry "the Motown of Lancashire", thinking that it never had one, Googled it and found that they used to produce a kind of mini Lotus Elite there).
  5. My 400 is two years old and is already at 19,000 miles. My old Elise made it to 175,000 and I'm hoping to beat that in the Evora! Cars are meant to be driven.
  6. My 400 has just been in for its 2nd year service and was also found to have lost all of its air-con gas. They vacuum tested the system and couldn't find a leak so it's a mystery to me where the gas has all gone. I hope that this isn't a recurring problem.. My mum's Toyota has managed to hold onto its air-con gas for 15 years, so the Evora loosing it all after less than two is a bit rubbish. I'm having to go back to get it regassed as there was a problem with their gas machine on the day.
  7. Multi-car policy? I've only got the one car! Lots of specialist insurers seem to assume that if you have a Lotus that it will be a 2nd car and only do limited miles. For me, it's my only car and I do around 10000-12000 miles per year. I'm not fussed about track days either. I'm currently with a mainstream insurer (LV) who have been fine to deal with in the past but would like to pay less than the £1400 that they are wanting this year. Others that I've dealt with in the past, e.g. Hastings, have been an absolute joke and I wouldn't take out a policy with them if they paid me.
  8. I'm finding that my Evora 400 renewal quote has gone up this year to a record amount. 2017 - £1350 2018 - £1250 2019 - £1400 I was expecting it to go down as the only two insurance claims I've ever made in my life (January 2016 and January 2017 - first one no fault, the second one no other vehicle involved - it was an unlucky year!) faded into the past. I too used to pay sub £300 for my old Elise, have lots of NCB, mid-risk postcode and a fully clean licence held since 1993. So far I've tried Henderson Taylor but they won't quote as I do more that 5000 miles per year.
  9. For those saying that a "luxury" SUV from Lotus is totally at odds with the history of the company, Oliver Winterbottom's book "A life in car design" (he is the designer of the 1970s Elite) has some interesting information on plans from the 1990s to produce a high performance, V8 powered, luxury APV i.e. a "people carrier"! 635 apv&f=false
  10. This is no longer an option. You could try Comet or maybe British Home Stores instead.
  11. Mine too. Always seems to take two presses of the button to turn it off, but usually turns on with a single press. Will have to try some contact cleaner on the switch. I occasionally use the CC on motorways or roads with silly low speed limits to help me keep under, but it always feels "jerky" in adjusting the speed. Never as smooth as a human working the throttle. Because of this I only feel happy using it in daylight on dry roads. We've had some pretty heavy rain over the past few days, with standing water on the roads in places and unfortunately I've had to drive long distances in it. Only once have I felt the Evora do a momentary wiggle like it was beginning to loose grip. What amazes me is the number of idiot drivers out there who carry on regardless, not slowing down and driving six feet of your rear bumper, despite all the spray and pools of water on the road. Maybe modern, electronically assisted cars make you feel invincible? It'll probably take them spinning off the road before they learn just how close to the edge of grip they've been driving.
  12. Nationalised, or regulated very much more strictly. You don't think that having dozens of different utility companies, each carrying the costs of having their own marketing budgets, billing systems, etc. isn't a huge inefficiency? Utilities are a natural monopoly and the question is who should control that monopoly. I wouldn't trust any private company not to exploit things for profits. Could the current government run things again without making a mess of it? Probably not. Maybe a not-for-profit co-operative would fit the bill? Don't forget that under the current system, for every customer who thinks that they've found themselves a "good deal", there will be somebody else paying over the odds, effectively subsidising the good deal hunter. That person is likely to be a less well off or elderly utility customer. I was happy when we had the Yorkshire Electricity Board and that was all. The blackouts in the 1970s were due to the oil crisis, caused by the Arab-Israeli war, and the coal miners striking: nothing to do with state owned utilities being inefficient. Ever since then, my mum still keeps a box of candles under the kitchen sink just in case it happens again!
  13. Gas is gas. Electricity is electricity. All I want is gas in the pipes and 240 volts AC at 50Hz at a fair price and I'd be happy. But no we can't have that because competition. Competition in a market where everyone is selling identical stuff. Dozens of different companies with hundreds of different tariffs that you can't compare. Confusion marketing and false promises of savings. Price comparison sites taking kickbacks. Charges for paying one way over another and charges for leaving early. Greenwash tariffs. Whoever is the cheapest today will be expensive in a few months time once they've signed up enough suckers so remember to shop around at least twice per year. We all know that printing out and posting four bills per year really costs the companies £45 so it's absolutely fine for them to pass this on to the customer. Yes that sounds absolutely fair to me. And just wait until the swindlers start programming their smart meters to measure electricity usage in volt-amps instead of watts. The sooner the lot of them get nationalised the better.
  14. Your own personal parking meter to carry around in the car and sneakily place by the roadside to get free town centre parking?
  15. This has happened a few times on my car. I definitely haven't been into the settings to turn them of but they just disappear on their own. I was going to blame drunken students for stealing them but is seems like a software bug in the radio. Anyone else got the same trouble?
  16. Most of the dashboard on my 400 is covered in leather. However, the switch panel (heated seats, race / sport mode /etc.) cover is just plain black plastic and looking a bit grubby. Did any cars come from the factory with the switch panel cover covered in leather or alcantara? I was thinking of either getting a leather covered replacement, or getting mine re-trimmed somehow.
  17. Managed to set off in the dark with he covers on. Doh! Some "Remove before flight" flags and a pre-drive checklist may be required!
  18. So is that related to the car or to your name??? Reminds me of that Viz Top Tip - "Save money on expensive personalised car number plates by simply changing your name to match your existing plate. Mr. KVL 741Y"
  19. Yours will be a narrow post-2001 typeface plate then. For that authentic 1980s look see Proper retro!
  20. Does your EU plate have the narrower post-2001 typeface on it? I think that modern plates look out of place on older cars. When my Y reg Elise needed new plates I managed to get some special ones made up to match the originals, with the same typeface and defunct dealer name and phone number at the bottom. But that's just me.
  21. One thing that I've noticed with Lotus owners, compared to other makes of car, is that if they have a personalised number plate, then they tend to be Lotus/car related rather than related to their own name. If true, then I think that says a lot about the type of person that drives a Lotus. What type of number plate do you have?
  22. The tree's on its last legs, so hopefully it will get damaged in the winter storms and the council will have to cut it down, like all the others on the road have been already. Hopefully we won't get a bunch of hippies chaining themselves to it to save the last tree on the road. It's also got a big bird's nest in it so if I park the car on the road then a splattering of poop is inevitable. Now, how would I build some poop-deflectors?
  23. I felt the same when I first got my Evora - that a speeding ticket was inevitable! I'm tending to use cruise control to help keep a check on speeds in built up areas. The main thing that has saved me though has been installing the Pocket GPS World speed camera database on the car's satnav. It's good for both fixed and mobile camera locations. If you report a new camera then they give you a year's subscription for free. Is the camera that possibly caught you on their list?
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