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  1. I got one in the post last week and was quite surprised. Looks like Geely are up for improving the whole ownership experience. Glad that they are listening to owners. Will wait until my Evora gets its 9000 mile service and a couple of warranty repairs done next month before filling it in, hopefully praising the dealer.
  2. Marketing BS. However, it probably does ever-so-slightly increase the average power over the service interval between air filter changes as it's less prone to clogging up. IMHO informing the insurance company is way overboard as it's a direct replacement service part, albeit one of higher quality than the one that Lotus fit. Would you feel the need to inform them if you decided to change your paper air filter every 1000 miles? Or use slightly thinner engine oil? Insurace companies will, sometimes out of ignorance but usually for profit, use any excuse to increase premiums. Are there any mods that they'll reduce premiums for? Put better brakes on the car and their answer is "more likely to drive fast and therefore have a crash, more money please". OK so I'll put rubbish brakes on the car to encourage me to drive slowly and less likely to have a crash then!
  3. You can adjust the brightness of the illumination of the Engine Start, Sport, Race, exhaust valve and heated seat buttons?
  4. Thirded, or is it fourthed?
  5. How about having the illumination on the dashboard buttons actually dim when you switch on the headlights? Or, in the case of the Engine Start button, go out when the engine is running. Can we have the 12v sockets in the boot and front footwell back, and have them live even when the keys aren't in? (useful for dashcams / charging phones / etc.). Come to think of it, what about USB charging sockets? Infinitely variable wiper delay (like the old Elise mod - changing the relay to a VW one) without the silly 1-6 speed ring on the stalk. Engine temperature gauge, not Hot and Cold lights. Ability to stop the mirrors folding when you switch on the alarm - mine have frozen in the folded position. More storage space for odds and ends inside the car. Cargo net in boot. Bigger boot - how bulky is the plastic trim at the rear and on the lid? My old Elise's boot seemed bigger. Rear seat cushions more easily removable and removable cargo net so car can be changed from 2+2 to 2+0 easily, depending on whether carrying luggage or passengers. An extra Sport mode with increased throttle response, but full traction/stability control still on. Delete electric fuel flap release: one day actuator is going to pack in, and then what do you do? Stop water running off tailgate into boot when you open it. Twin rear reversing and fog lights. The current reversing lamp doesn't give much illumination to see where you're going. Delete annoying GSI indicator on dashboard.
  6. I've fitted K&N replacement filters to just about every car that we have owned: never declared them to insurance companies and never had a problem with claims. What we are talking about here is a washable replacement panel filter, made of oil-soaked cotton gauze, rather than the paper used by other manufacturers. I doubt that they offer any power increase over a new, good quality paper filter. However, I believe that they still flow well even when dirty, so you don't loose power between services (source - "Tuning BL's A-series Engine" by David Vizard). Basically it's a non-OEM replacement part with an extended service life, rather than a performance upgrade. I would however declare filters that require you to change any of the induction system, such as K&N cone filters, etc.
  7. After spending hours trying to adjust the washer jets, I was toying with the idea of fitting a Citroen BX spray bar to the wiper arm on my Evora. I had one on my old Elise and it worked well at getting the screenwash where it was needed.
  8. I cant get my head around the service intervals for my 400. I know that generally a service is due every 9000 miles. If the car had its running-in service at 1000 miles on the clock, then when is it next due it service? 9000 or 10000 on the odometer? Also how much leeway to go over the milage are you allowed before the warranty is voided? Thanks.
  9. Tinfoil hat time. Are these "bugs", which seem to affect virtually all computers made in the last few years, actually backdoors., put in place at the behest of the NSA? Are the required updates, which will slow down processing speeds, an attempt to destabilise Bitcoin mining operations?
  10. I'm finding the single nearside reversing light on the Evora a bit rubbish for seeing where I'm going while reversing in the dark, compared to my old Elise S2 that managed to have two reversing lights and two rear fog lights also. Has anyone found a suitable upgrade that would increase the brightness and coverage? I was thinking of something like these combined fog/reversing lamps, but they'd need to be much smaller to fit on the Evora. Open to suggestions (other than a friend with a torch).
  11. "Unlock with ignition" "Lock with ignition" "Selective door unlock" "Lock with auto re-arm" Does anyone know what turning these options on/off actually does (before I mess around and end up locking myself out of the car or something stupid)?
  12. Does the scratch go all the way through the paint and what did you try to use to polish it out? T-cut or something more abrasive? If the scratch is deep and can't be polished out then is your car's paint metallic or a solid colour? I've never managed to brush touch-up a scratch invisibly with metallic paint, but it's relatively easy with solid colours. If the scratch is too deep for the paint on its own to fill, then there is something called "knifing putty". A close-up photo of the scratch would be helpful.
  13. Lotus aren't strangers to working on flying machines. They did some on the design work for the ICON A5 amphibious plane.
  14. Had my 400 for six months. The only two faults that have developed while I have had the car are that the passenger seat won't tilt forwards, and the boot release button doesn't work. I'll get them fixed under warranty at the next service. Otherwise it's been brilliant.
  15. It's T25 size. My 400 didn't come with one either, so I had to buy one. I've also bought a Hoover extension nozzle for sucking leaves out of the grills, now that autumn is here!
  16. I have been playing around with the cupholder toady and this is the result: USB socket in place. It was a tight fit. Wiring in place. Plastic pokey bits cut off to give a flattish bottom, then adhesive rubber sheet stuck on. This is to stop the 4 round screw-hole edges, which are slightly proud, from digging into the leather on top or the centre-console; also to provide some "grip" to stop it sliding as I'm going to fix it in place with cable-ties rather than screws, at least until I'm happy with the position. I should have trimmed the sheet a little narrower at the front as its edge is visible once installed but it will do for now. Cable-tied in place, just in front of the existing 12V socket. The cable-tie ends just need trimming and then the rubber mat installing inside. Final result. My elbow doesn't catch on it when changing gear which is a relief. It's not absolutely rigidly fixed with the cable-ties but I'm happy with it for now. To get it rock solid would mean drilling and screwing it to the centre-console top. You can easily reach the cup from either the front or rear seats too. The can of pop is just for demonstration purposes - I never have a drink in the car! I only wanted the cupholder for additional storage space for odds and ends.
  17. I'm just thankful that I wasn't alongside or just ahead of that white lorry when then car spun! A couple of seconds later and it could have been curtains for me.
  18. My cupholder experiments have been on hold for a few weeks waiting for an ebay USB power socket to be delivered from China. It finally arrived at the weekend so I've made a start. The cupholder assembly doesn't provide much length to accommodate the 12V/USB socket: my USB socket only just fits, but I have had to bend the electrical connector tabs outwards and solder wires to them, rather than use spade connectors, to get it to fit inside. I have cut the T-shaped and round pokey bits off the bottom of the cupholder to give it a flat bottom to sit on top of the centre console without having to hack holes in it. Now, where and how to attach it? I tried to see if the Lotus fitted 12V socket was easily removable but mine is well and truly glued in place. Therefore I think that I will try mounting the holder just forward of the existing 12V socket, bearing in mind the elbow clearance issues mentioned above. I'd rather not drill the centre console, so will try cable-ties first. Will update with pictures once I have tried this out.
  19. Dash-cam crash video. I hope that the upload is viewable. Driving along the motorway at a steady 70mph. Does a little wiggle, then just goes into an uncontrollable spin! 31012017_103651.avi
  20. Buy the car back? I haven't asked but I doubt that it would be fixable. It did a 540 degree spin on the motorway at 70mph, hitting the crash-barrier side on: front and rear clams smashed, front and rear suspension (and probably chassis) well bent. I'm still none the wiser as to what made it crash: catastrophic suspension-failure or a tyre blow-out? A piece of what looks like the inner driveshaft joint fell out of the car when it was being unloaded from the recovery truck. Whether this failure caused, or was caused by, the crash I don't know. Maybe I should start a new thread with the dash-cam video attached "What killed my Elise?" Unfortunately a limited-milage policy wouldn't have been much use to me as it was my only car and I generally did 10000-12000 miles per year. Anyway, with the Ombudsman being no use and the insurance industry thinking that depreciation carries on forever, I reluctantly wrote to my insurer over two weeks ago accepting their rubbish offer and asking for the payout. After being away from home, I returned this weekend expecting a cheque on my doormat. Nothing there. Grrrrrrrr!
  21. No luck with my complaint to the Financial Ombudsman I'm afraid. They agree that the high milage (173000) compared to average is a valid reason for the low offer. "I understand you disagree the mileage should be such an important factor <in valuing the car>. However, the industry guidelines have been set and these guides are the best way of measuring the whole market and factors that devalue the car. It is difficult for us to assess the impact of the mileage in any other way." They have even enclosed a copy of the Glass's Guide online valuation - note the huge "Mileage Adjustment". Looks like you can't beat the algorithm and unfortunately I'll have to accept the £5250. I'll be taking out Agreed Value insurance policies in future.
  22. Hilarious! I've got to try that. I'm going to borrow my 7-year-old nephew for the afternoon and go on a tour of the local supermarkets. Pity my dash-cam doesn't record sound.
  23. I ordered an official Lotus rear cup holder for my 400: today I have finally got around to thinking about the best way to fit the thing. It comes in two parts, top and bottom, along with a rubber mat to go inside. This mat covers the recessed mounting screw heads. The top and bottom parts look like they are held together with 4 small self tapping screws, although I wasn't supplied with those. Looking at the shape of the thing and the way that it's supposed to be mounted, I doubt that it's a part specifically made for the Evora and is probably borrowed from another make of car. There are no markings on the plastic to help identify where it's from. Does anyone recognise it? Fitting it to a car like mine, that doesn't have the centre-console upper assembly to match, isn't straightforward. The bottom part has two protruding bits: 1) towards the rear, a T-shaped bit. This would probably go into the hole in the centre-console where the 12V socket used to be. 2) towards the front, a round pokey bit. This either needs a hole drilling in the centre-console upper assembly to accommodate it, or cutting off. To actually attach the cup holder, there are another 4 screw holes. Again the centre-console upper assembly will have to be drilled to accommodate the screws. Either that or maybe I could use cable-ties to go around my centre-console upper assembly so I don't have to drill it? That got me thinking: Lotus are mounting the thing in the wrong place! Right up against the rear seats is rubbish: you can't easily reach the cup from the front of the car without dislocating your shoulder; it intrudes into the already sparse rear footwell space; you don't get any more power sockets. What about mounting it a bit further forwards: just forwards of the 12V socket? That way it's easy to reach, out of the way of rear passengers' legs, and you could have a second 12V socket or even some USB charging sockets in the cup holder. See my last photo for where I'm considering mounting it. I'll let you know how I get on....
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