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  1. No we thought it might have needed a new clutch master cylinder but in the end managed to sort that. Then the clutch slave cylinder started leaking so that had to be replaced.
  2. Yay got the car back yesterday after the work has been done, had new (S2) suspension, steering rack and wheel bearing done. Drives a lot better now, only a few more smaller things to get done but at least I can drive the car properly now. Hangar 111 were excellent and very helpful so would highly recommend them to any of you needing work done.
  3. Nightmare today went to get the car to take it to Hangar 111, clutch pedal drops to the floor, try loads with some help from Sam on the phone from Hangar 111 but it seems the clutch master cylinder is dead. No indication before hand that it was an issue, the car was stored for the last week or so and was fine beforehand, now going to have to get it collected and taken to them to fix that also. It has the original red pipe so thinking might as well get that changed at the same time. Anything else to consider whilst they are at it lol
  4. Yeah its a shame really I would have left it standard myself as well. Hopefully will get to see it at some point though which will be interesting.. I can imagine lots of points on his license soon lol
  5. He is currently having a 2.2 K20 engine fitted to it
  6. Believe it or not I have been contacted by the current owner of my old Exige on the playground! No chance that I will buy it back but would be great to see it again.
  7. It has been a mission to find it shame I didn't find it in the nicer weather though! Looking forward to getting it checked over properly so that I can establish my list of things to do for next year. I hope to be able to bring the car to a meet in November once Hangar 111 have had it and checked it over (fingers crossed) nothing major needs doing other than the wheel bearing.
  8. Gear linkage replaced all okay (much better now), also checked and believe it is the drivers side front wheel bearing that is causing the droning noise. Fingers crossed nothing more than that.
  9. Name: Lotus Elise Click to view: Lotus Elise
  10. until

    Sadly I can't make it now as I have to fit the gear linkage kit on Sunday, I doubt it would make it otherwise!
  11. Out of interest I put together an excel file with the details of the history I have for the car, still need to update the MOTs but it shows the work carried out so far and the cost based on the invoices. See attached file Interesting reading albeit scary too. Elise History.xlsx
  12. That is certainly the plan unless something financially happens. Taken it to the storage tonight and the gear linkage is going again so good job we made it last night, now waiting for the kit to arrive to change that before the 21st.
  13. So got the car yesterday, very strange looking through the paperwork that came with it bringing back old memories. I didn't remember how long I actually had the car it was 4 years in the end and 14,000 odd miles, the car was then traded in and sold by the dealer to a guy in Neopham Kent who had it for the next 14 years until it was sold in and around the end of 2014\early 2015. The new owner transported it to Bristol, had £2k of work done plus some other bits, put 4 new AD08 tyres on it but never drove it. Now I am the owner again...Finally! It needs some TLC which started with the gear linkage bush being rotten when we collected it, (short term fix applied to get us home some 160 miles), new linkage kit ordered and now booked in to Hangar 111 on 21st for a thorough check over. Plenty of scrapes and stone chips to get sorted but checking the mechanics first, there is a droning noise above 40 even when not in gear which could be wheel bearings but cannot be sure plus anything else they find.
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