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  1. Yay got the car back yesterday after the work has been done, had new (S2) suspension, steering rack and wheel bearing done.  Drives a lot better now, only a few more smaller things to get done but at least I can drive the car properly now.

    Hangar 111 were excellent and very helpful so would highly recommend them to any of you needing work done. :)

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  2. Nightmare today went to get the car to take it to Hangar 111, clutch pedal drops to the floor, try loads with some help from Sam on the phone from Hangar 111 but it seems the clutch master cylinder is dead.  

    No indication before hand that it was an issue, the car was stored for the last week or so and was fine beforehand, now going to have to get it collected and taken to them to fix that also.

    It has the original red pipe so thinking might as well get that changed at the same time.  Anything else to consider whilst they are at it lol

  3. It has been a mission to find it shame I didn't find it in the nicer weather though!

    Looking forward to getting it checked over properly so that I can establish my list of things to do for next year.

    I hope to be able to bring the car to a meet in November once Hangar 111 have had it and checked it over (fingers crossed) nothing major needs doing other than the wheel bearing.

  4. So got the car yesterday, very strange looking through the paperwork that came with it bringing back old memories.

    I didn't remember how long I actually had the car it was 4 years in the end and 14,000 odd miles, the car was then traded in and sold by the dealer to a guy in Neopham Kent who had it for the next 14 years until it was sold in and around the end of 2014\early 2015.  The new owner transported it to Bristol, had £2k of work done plus some other bits, put 4 new AD08 tyres on it but never drove it.  Now I am the owner again...Finally!

    It needs some TLC which started with the gear linkage bush being rotten when we collected it, (short term fix applied to get us home some 160 miles), new linkage kit ordered and now booked in to Hangar 111 on 21st for a thorough check over.

    Plenty of scrapes and stone chips to get sorted but checking the mechanics first, there is a droning noise above 40 even when not in gear which could be wheel bearings but cannot be sure plus anything else they find.

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  5. I just found on the MOT history page that in fact it is around the Bristol area and has been for the last 2-3 years although has only done around 15 miles so not used.

    Any of you from the Bristol area know the owner?

    I have emailed the MOT center to see if they can assist at all but any assistance I can get from anybody will be good at this point.


  6. Afternoon all!
    I am not sure if you may be able to assist at all, I have been searching for my old Lotus Elise S1 registration P49 HMC.
    I purchased this car on my 21st birthday some 19 years ago and started looking for it just before my birthday this year.  I managed to find it on a site for sale but unfortunately am not sure when it was advertised or if it sold.  The site did not allow for contact with the seller directly.
    The reason for contacting you about this is the car was located in Meopham, Kent based on the advert, anyone on here by any chance?
    I have seen that it was recently MOT'd on 14th September and is currently declared SORN.
    Any help you could provide to try and locate the owner and get me in contact would be appreciated as I would love to purchase the car from them if they are still selling it.


  7. Hi all, not sure if any of you would be able to help me, I am looking to find my old car having seen it for sale on car-from-uk at some point during last year I assume in Meopham in Kent.

    This is the link to the ad

    I was the original owner of the car from back in August 1996 and having seen the advert on that site it triggered my interest in the car as I was pleasantly surprised it was untouched from when I had sold it.  I traded it in for a Chrome Orange Exige S1 - reg X46 NNO if that is around at all as well would be interested to hear anything.

    If it is not for sale that is not an issue, although I would be interested if it is.  Either way it would be nice to see it again if it is local.

    Any help you may be able to give would be appreciated.


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