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  1. Hi chaps The boot release stopped working earlier today on my Evora S. It was trying to open the latch but couldn't. So I opened it using the manual release. Once into the boot I removed the plastic cowling that covers the release mechanism to investigate the problem. The part that attaches to the latch which pulls it back when the motor is activated had come off. I had a fiddle around but couldn't work out how to re attached it. So I closed the boot to see what might happen after my fiddle around and now it won't open at all, not even with the manual release. I'ts making the clicking noise but just won't open. Any ideas how to get into it? Thanks in advance. M
  2. Afternoon chaps I need a grommet for my Evora. Ive posted a pic of the one that's missing. Any help on what to order or where to purchase one (or a pack) from would be great. Thanks
  3. Hi chaps Just noticed my RH headlight cluster on my Evora S has stopped working. Are there any fuses to check before I track down a used unit? Cheers Mark
  4. Cool B&C told me I’d also need to replace the collar too. Is that what you did too or is it just a straight knob swap (fnar fnar)?
  5. Evening chaps Have any of you replaced the standard Evora S gear knob with a Lotus solid stainless version? Cheers
  6. Hi guys Have any of you chaps fitted a BOE cold air intake you an Evora S? If so what do you think to it? Too noisy? Extra power? Any feedback would be great. Thanks
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