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  1. Hi chaps I'm trying to find the correct diameter for the air ducting in my Evora engine bay and also a good place to buy it from. Can anyone help me with this? I've attached a pic for reference. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Ric Firstly is it worth having the upgrade? Is the extra power and torque really noticeable and how does the soundtrack change? Thanks
  3. Hi guys Have any of you chaps had the 390 upgrade? M
  4. I did all that first as I knew I would probably get a smart arsed response from someone. Thanks though. I was just interested in what anyone on here had had done and I had induction on a previous Elise and and Exige. The added noise was great. Hanagar 111 supply and fit a kit which includes a remap with an estimated a 15bhp power gain too.
  5. Morning chaps Im thinking of getting an induction kit fitted to my Evora S. Can any of you offer me any advise of what to get and who to get it from? Cheers
  6. Hi chaps Have any of you guys got a pdf of the service notes that refer to centre console removal / leather gear stick cover removal / gear knob removal etc? Thanks Mark
  7. Hi Colin Have done this replacement yourself as I couldn't get the blue tabs to compress far enough? Im assuming the grub screw (36) doesn't need to be loosened? Thanks
  8. I should have said that I've successfully removed and replaced the original gear knob. Its the lift tube I'm struggling with and the part you refer to is the spring.
  9. Hi chaps Ive just replaced my leather gear knob for a stainless steel one. The lift tube (part 34/34a) is scuffed and scratched so I ordered a replacement too. The thing is I don't know how to replace it. Ive looked at the DeRoure parts diagram (attached) and it looks like ill have to remove the leather cover and loosen a grub screw (part 36). Has anyone else replaced their Lift tube and if so can you help? Thanks Mark
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