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  1. Yesterday (Tuesday 20th). Blue Elise S3 in Salisbury and a very deep purple Elise S1 covered in sand parked outside a guesthouse in Weymouth.
  2. Not local, but I’m often down your way usually in my M100. Much as I love driving it was great to be a passenger in a lotus this time!
  3. That was me and Andy heading to Bournemouth.
  4. Orange Exige, A419 northbound at Swindon at 6pm. Spotted most likely the same one a bit further up the road near Cirencester about a month ago.
  5. This afternoon I was driving as slowly as possible over very freshly laid road chippings. An imbecile in a silver Mini comes up behind me and overtakes at speed disappearing into a cloud of grey dust. There are now some fresh large stonechips on the front of my M100. Not so much unhappy as angry.
  6. _ 10TVS . Not what I was expecting to see coming round the corner and up the back road as I walked home from work. I wasn’t expecting a wave back either!
  7. Waved to a red S2 Elise in Moreton-in-the-Marsh about 9 this morning. Got no response from the occupants. However a few yards up the road I did get a flash from an MGF.
  8. Silver one between Burford and Stow, yellow one near Pershore.
  9. Just caught a glimpse as you passed on the main road ahead as I walked back to work.
  10. About 11.30 this morning. Numberplate ‘R15KET’ ??
  11. Around 3.30 this afternoon between Burford and Witney, coming off the roundabout from the dual carriageway.
  12. Dark red S2 Elise early this afternoon.
  13. Just after 4pm, Elise in the right hand lane as I was in the left at the traffic lights at the end of the M5 slip road near Cribbs Causeway. Then seconds later, M100 passed in the opposite direction.
  14. About 10 minutes ago, heading towards Lechlade on the A361 as I passed the other way. I did wave but you wouldn’t have noticed as I was about to change gear when I spotted you and excitedly waved at the interior of my car instead!
  15. Name: Lotus Elan M100 Click to view: Lotus Elan M100
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