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    Grey Europa

    The newer model. On the B4000 near-ish Newbury earlier this evening.
  2. @dapinky tbh getting to Cheively for 1pm would be cutting it a bit fine. (Especially if I’m late getting out of work). I’ll see what you all decide before committing to joining you. My original plan was to leave home at 1pm and go Oxford - MK - Cambridge - Norwich (or thereabouts!). It’s actually less miles and maybe a little quicker. (According to Google!)
  3. I’m coming up Friday afternoon too. I was thinking of going cross- country, but I’m happy to join you guys if the timing is right. I’m working til 12, and was hoping to grab some lunch before leaving though. I’d be joining M4 J15, happy to meet at Chievely.
  4. Same here! Just seen on LEC that clubs will be allocated tickets. Is that correct? So if I’m on the LEC list (I am) does that mean I don’t need to start crying yet because they’re sold out? (Sorry to bother you with more questions Bibs! ) Actually just re-read the LEC post - no need to worry!
  5. This morning (Sunday). Looks like you came in on the red route in the right hand lane, unlike me who stayed in the left lane and ended up having to park in a field!
  6. Are TLF going to this? Can I just say how saddened I was to read Lee’s news. My brother’s friend has been through it and although I only met Lee briefly my thoughts are very much with him and his family.
  7. Theme: ‘Best of British’. Anyone going? Sunday 24th June, 8am - 11am. I thought I might go if I wake up in time!
  8. Another local! Where are all these Lotus hiding? I Sometimes see Elises but not much else.
  9. I've just bought my ticket and you can also get a display permit when you buy your ticket. I've received both by email.
  10. S2 I think. Sorry I didn't acknowledge you, I was: "is it? It isn't... It was!"
  11. Not sure what number we're on now, can you add me please! Kathryn - Elan M100 Was a good day out last year.
  12. Orange S3 Exige waiting at the lights by the bridge in Burford yesterday. Hope you saw me wave back!
  13. Driving through Highworth at 9am this morning. Not seen this distinctive car around before.
  14. It was a really enjoyable day. I met some new faces with is always good. Would definitely go again.
  15. Ah yes, I know it! Not where I was thinking of, glad I asked! Yes I'll pm my number. Don't wait for me if I'm late. Oh, and I'll let you lead the way!
  16. @swindon_alan we still meeting at 7.10 in the morning? And that is the layby that always seems to have lorries in it? (I'm now wondering if there's more than one layby even though I drive down there all the time!)
  17. I emailed Beaulieu and I can pick up a ticket on the gate! Good news! However he has no wristbands left. I'll be on my own so if any other loners have a spare wristband that would be great!
  18. No I haven't! I pm'd @CocoPops earlier and he was gonna try and sort it.
  19. Sounds like a plan! (Not got my pass yet though!)
  20. I was planning to leave about 7, and go via Salisbury too. (Maybe not the quickest route but the way I know!) Hopefully my pass will arrive tomorrow!
  21. Am I on the list? Doesn't look like it! I posted above and did send an email, I can resend if you didn't get it. Kathryn - M100
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