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  1. this is what I ordered for my BC wheels and they were perfect. 2 x 4.8cm 2 x 5cm
  2. Ti exhaust is quick to change over, about 30 mins and probably £50 cash in hand. the rest i can’t help with.
  3. No1 on the list has to be a track exhaust otherwise in the uk at least, you’re having to keep one eye on lift points rather than just enjoying the car. no2 has to be a track geo aiding turn in and front end grip and lowering the nitrons. no3 has to be driver tuition and until you can maximise every inch of power and grip, then nothing else is needed. cup2s are perfect for track days. once you’ve mastered the car then do what you want. however in reality most people will blame the car and add power to mask their own shortcomings.....
  4. I didn’t no, but having changed them over they felt slightly lighter than the lotus forged wheels.
  5. I bought his track exhaust so have both. The ti exhaust is amazing and for me is the one that will be on the car 99% of the time. I will pay backontrack to swap them over when needed.
  6. I went for the official lotus track exhaust, gets you on all tracks and is repackable
  7. Have the reports of people getting the virus for a second time changed the feeling over there or is it still a case of moving forwards?
  8. The sub is a game changer, get it covered in acoustically transparent material.
  9. It will make the normal driver better but Like this video, all off in the right hands is quickest.
  10. I had a 2017 350 sport with harness bar installed and had zero squeaks over 12k miles. the only time one might appear is if I removed the roof to put the soft top on and then put the hardtop back on and didn’t tighten/lube it correctly.
  11. Also depends how Smooth you are and how much the system is constantly having to save you. My 350 did 7 trackdays and 12k miles and I sold it with over 85% left on both front and rear brakes. i stick to race on the track but like Gordon I enjoy the little bit of slip on the road in sport. Would like to be ready to take it all off in the next 12 months.
  12. I believe it’s one of those cars that if you sell, you will regret it the moment the novelty wears off the new car you replaced it with!
  13. Yeah I get that, I managed to get one second hand so for the cost it made sense as I’ll just get it switched over for a track day. it seems all other ideas involve drilling which I don’t like the sound of with a titanium exhaust. Plus they extend quite far which must put pressure on the welds given the speeds and bumps you can get on track as none of these extensions seem to be super light.
  14. I bought the lotus track exhaust, will just swap it over for track season, gets me on all tracks as quieter than a stock 350 and is repackable.
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