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  1. My oem lotus track exhaust is for sale for those wanting to get on track. send me a message if you’re interested.
  2. My car explicitly says to only run on 97ron and above. mine only drinks esso 99ron and if I put in 97ron from BP I’ll always drive a little slower till I can put in the 99. could it be continued use of 95ron?
  3. Mine is for sale if you are still looking:
  4. Please see the below link:
  5. Where are you based Hickster? I have the lotus track exhaust and a bunch have the 2bular qp exhaust and we all get on track fine
  6. Agree with bispal, I came from a 350 and the difference is massive despite seeming quite small on paper. all exiges are epic but the 430 is just that little bit more special.
  7. Jdm went crazy because the US couldn’t have them so when 25yrs rolled by they went mental. R34 being the prime example
  8. I was told by b&c they couldn’t order in dealer stock of 430 FEs. I’m guessing they wanted to protect residuals for that model. that’s why we saw 390/420 versions available immediately from dealers. there might have been the odd exception where someone cancelled an order.
  9. I think its just paint, the alloys being diamond cut on the lip, a gear knob and a plaque that is different. All the cup430s are remarkable and unique, arguably the type cars are the most common as most i know dont have another one like it, they have all been fettled with either extra painted parts or more alcantara etc. whatever you buy, they are very special cars.
  10. What do you have currently? 200 miles is only two track days. donnington is 2.5 miles long and with an average of 10 laps a session and 4 sessions in a day....
  11. good luck with buying it guys, be interested to see where it lands....
  12. I agree with @Gordon S Tracked cars tend to be better looked after and driven more sympathetically (warmed up/cooled down properly etc). these cars come alive on track and you’d be missing a huge part of the ownership if it only saw the road. they are so light that track work doesn’t put the car under huge stresses, this is proven by the very slow rate they burn through tyres/brakes etc compared to heavier rivals.
  13. Congratulations @Mitch Foden-Clarke they are epic cars and Andy’s is a great example. my lithium battery has an extension lead that attaches to the charger; it would be impossible to put it on the wrong way round. Maybe take it to a lotus dealer and ask why yours doesn’t have it. I have the lotus track exhaust which has the benefit of being repackable. Where about are you based?
  14. What are you going for next Andy? how was the market for the 430? Good price, lots of interest?
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