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  1. The only way to find out which is for you, is to get out in them. If you go to bell & colvill they will have them ready back to back so you can compare immediately. i drove the Elise cup250, exige 350, exige 380 and evora 400 when I bought my first lotus. The V6 is just a remarkable engine, never has a V6 sounded so good and the extra power and torque made it great fun to use on the roads. The evora was the sensible option and the Elise was fun as it was much lighter but the exige just felt the most complete in terms of a drivers me. reliability wise you have nothing to worry about, with mainly Toyota parts where it’s important all models are very reliable, evora included. Certainly much more so than any Porsche I’ve owned and up their with the Audi RS models I’ve had where they were bomb proof. To be honest there is no right or wrong answer out of the three you’ve chosen, the main thing is going to be which makes you get that feeling when driving it and looking at it. A good dealer is the difference between zero problems and silly little niggles, which tend to be people’s moans and groans with modern lotus cars.
  2. @The Pits he is @mondie you need to test drive both. I have a cup430 and am 41. Have no issues with the comfort or practicality of the car and use it almost daily. Even 2 hours each way up to caffeine and machine is a delight. The raw nature of it for me is inbeatable.
  3. Standard brake pads are fantastic, the j hook are noisy under hard braking which I wasn’t expecting but my god they are so much better than my old two piece brakes on the 350. i can now swap exhausts in around 45 minutes in my garage, it really is that easy and I’m no mechanic. the lotus sports exhaust is excellent, sounds good, is very quiet and repackable. After a quick polish I used these to get extra clearance, £27 from eBay delivered and it makes it easy.
  4. Realised it’s been ages since I updated this thread! so after selling my 350 and moving to a 430 I finally managed to get it on track. Now the 350 is an amazingly capable car right out of the box but the 430 just blew my mind. I had a geo done by Jez at back on track in Guildford and so the car was running more front camber and a lower ride height than factory but the way this thing carries speed, brakes and accelerates is just mind altering. I know snetterton from last year but I had to change all my braking and turn in points as this was just so much sharper. Had a fun battle with a gt3 rs and was shocked that it only pulled very marginally ahead down the straight when I changed gear. I have the lotus track exhaust which was great in terms of noise but they weren’t actually policing noise that day!
  5. Completely agree with everything JCX says but especially the above. In a Porsche be prepared to be sworn at, bullied at junctions and have general abuse. Have had a few 911s and none of the ownership experiences were great. My 350 sport was so positive I bought a 430cup!
  6. Looks like a great job but why not in leather to match the rest of the car? Or are you planning to change to alcantara?
  7. I imagine it’s quite a different experience given your background in cars! enjoy, these cars get under your skin and being in Norfolk you have snetterton on your doorstep which is a track well suited to the exige v6.
  8. It’s a V6S with club racer spec. For that money you can get a 350 so I’d avoid it personally as the 350 has a lot of upgrades. The gear change is massively better as well. i sold my 2017 350 as pictured above with 12k miles for £44k!
  9. Yup agree with @Arun_D here is the two piece upgrade.
  10. If gear linkage is not exposed then it’s not a 350 do you have a link to the car?
  11. There isn’t a race pack on the 350 but sounds like the 2 piece brake upgrade which my old 350 had.
  12. That was static. At goodwood on a 105db day the guy just laughed but allowed the car on provided they short shifted.
  13. I think it’s something silly like 107db once the valves open. will report back on what the track exhaust is after snetterton on Wednesday. It is so much quieter than my 350 exhaust.
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