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  1. @RRSSS it is indeed. the carbon with the black looks so good, reaffirmed the need to replace the matt black parts on my car! i have asked them to do a custom yellow sticker for the make/model but loved your raised gold lotus decals on the rear so much I’ve also asked for a set in gloss black for my car!
  2. Just seen your car at bell and colvill. Wow, it’s even better in the flesh 😍
  3. Do you need to upgrade your subscription? odd the first one works but the rest don’t.
  4. That grey probably needs to be seen in the flesh. I haven’t seen a lotus grey like that but last year at goodwood there was a gt3rs in “primer grey” and it looked amazing. it got the usual “they forgot to paint it” comments, but everyone admitted it looked fantastic.
  5. really like the black filler cap - where did you get the surround from?
  6. I asked before how to clean the Alcantara steering wheel and got mixed answers. the 10-2 and 9-3 positions were flat and a little shiny so I had to clean it. followed this guide and it’s come up like new, absolutely perfect.
  7. @Seriouslylotus as a guru in these things, can you shed any light for us on the above queries?
  8. I’m considering 225 at the front so I think the 8 inch allows that option. also the added weight from .5 inch is so minimal I can easily offset it by the fact we can make the wheel more concave with a lower et. Provided i am right in that assumption I am shallow, wheels need to look good.
  9. I am in the exact same boat so hoping someone can answer this one. @Hangar 111 as a guru with these cars do you have idea what will work?
  10. @Mattmahope it can’t hurt to ask, though he has been open that the margin he makes on these is very small - it’s not something his business sells (it’s suspension orientated) - he does it as a favour as he is a cup360 owner. I guess it is a bit of pocket money for him. send me a message with your email and I will introduce you. Its a hell of a saving right, the 05 is £2600 normally.
  11. @Mattmahope your two were the same two as me. basically the 41 has a flat surface and for me didn’t look as nice side on as the 05. just getting latest costs for wheels but was quoted £1692 inclusive of vat for the set about 9 months ago. He reckons they have gone up 5% due to interest rates. send me a pm if you want the contact everyone uses, I got given it so happy to share the discount.
  12. Hi Guys, Backontrack are just ordering me a set of RZ05 BC Forged wheels and I will be running 215 front and 285 rear cup 2s. In terms of wheel sizes are the below the right ones to get? Front wheel 7.5 x 17 ET26 Rear wheel 10 x 18 ET32 Thanks
  13. Thanks @vd9 that's great - can you advise me how you set it up - was it simple? In terms of an OBD2 which did you go for and again was it a simple install?
  14. Thanks @alias23 I can get why you would stay on 265. I plan to up power at some point, this year is about me improving as a driver again and adding carbon/wheels. It gets expensive quickly doesn’t it! 😳 will feedback on the arb upgrade once it’s done. Let me check on which one it is, haven’t got the details to hand. Thinking of using racechrono with a 10hz bluetooth receiver and an obd2 for my GoPro. Anyone else used similar? Any particular ones I should buy?
  15. Also about to get a few things done at backontrack: larger arb and track geo - do people just go with backontracks set up or is there anything I should ask them to do? bc forged wheels with 215 front and 285 rear - anyone else running these sizes on a 350? Any issues? Back on track suggested 265 rear but would want to go larger if possible.
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