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  1. glad its sorted @Andy Norman - seeing the spanner is always an eye rolling experience in any car.
  2. I need to get driving I think, seem to be letting the side down somewhat! Would be great if we could organise a meet up in the warmer months or even a group track day!
  3. I am on 849 miles currently......
  4. All exiges are arguably track focussed I guess but the 430 is just the most focussed of them all, and for me the best looking/most aggressive. i have found myself just opening the garage for a quick look at it!
  5. This is what I heard, the 430 on track was quite a bit quicker due to the weight saving, aero and apparently most are closer to 440bhp than 430bhp so it’s enough of a difference. it was down to the 380 cup sitting on dealers forecourts but also a view that they had been screwed over enough with a 410 being launched at a lower price than the 380 cup was by the previous leadership.
  6. @Andy Norman what was the lip upgrade? Mine is currently half dropping off!
  7. mine actually heal and toes better than my 350 did, that car could be random and required a good meaningful stab of the accelerator whereas the 430 is very accurate. mine also works in every mode
  8. love the colour, especially with the yellow highlights. Good to know Andy, mine is at 650 miles so I’ll raise that at the running in service. yes they had a bad batch of coolant reservoir’s which weren’t manufactured correctly so leaked. Mine had to have a replacement and is now perfect. Believe it took them a while to realise the batch was bad which caused ppl to have multiple failures!
  9. Very nice Andy, those upgrades really add to the car, especially the carbon mirrors! Pop up a few pics from the front please. what colour is yours? Other than a few slight tweaks before pick up, my only major change is adding bc forged wheels.
  10. Thought it would be good to have a central place for owners to post pics, thoughts, updates etc. interesting to see how many we have on tlf! @RRSSS @Bispal @alexthewheelman @Tex @TDExige @Andy Norman
  11. BatMobile

    TLF GT430 Club

    well done buddy, I absolutely love your car, effectively one of one in the US. love the attitude from no 430 available to I’ll build my own!
  12. Gloss black with normal ppf on. i wouldn’t go matt personally as it could look a little flat. The gloss works really well there, the binnacle is matt carbon to stop reflections.
  13. yeah mine are PPF'd to protect them, my leather ones on my old 350 got marks but the carbon are so smooth its easy to slide on them. I guess just watch out for metal studs on the back of jeans.
  14. Congratulations, you are in for a treat. Hit 470 miles today and every mile is just so special
  15. on the summer drives we have done the Elise 220/250 cups have to work really hard to try and keep up with what id describe as 3/4 speed exige driving (when I had a 350). I admire the bravery to be honest! The Elise is much slower, road or track, but that's obvious given the power difference. It depends what you want - if you are getting bored id go to komotec and give your car a little more fun or get an LSD fitted, if you can't explore the limit try hiring a pro on track days to push you out of your comfort zone, if you just want to have fun at slower speeds then get the Elise (especially if running costs are an issue). I don't think you can go wrong with any of the current lotus cars to be honest and there is no right answer as its just so personal.
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