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  1. Wow that's a wet day. I need to learn to enjoy wet days but currently they always leave me disappointed I couldn't really push like you can in the dry. Maybe I need to use it as a chance to explore oversteer and controlling that.... Finally got my GoPro/mic set up - need to move the mic to a better location but overall very happy. Bought an Olympus ME51S. This clip shows the burbles with the new tips - much more than stock and a slightly deeper tone without much increase in DB which is good. So far still very happy with losing the pig snout.....
  2. Will put up some better pics tomorrow when it’s forecast to be sunny. new bc forged wheels went on today at backontrack - jez explained lotus set the cars up to understeer from factory as they believe that’s easier to deal with than oversteer. He did a geo for me giving 1 degree of negative camber and also realigning the front wheels from pointing in to pointing out. first drive home, the car felt much better on turn in and the wheels feel so light. Whatever your taste of design get rid of the cast wheels ASAP. Night and day difference.
  3. Go back to where you bought it from! If you can’t colour them the same then I’d swap them out for new tips. Its not that much of an issue and mine were rewelded on better than lotus got through janspeed. You have 3” tips so you could even go bigger to 3.5”.
  4. Thanks - you mean the tips? They are double walled so are quite good with dissipating heat. Also I prefer the tips to be silver. I had debated carbon tips but went against it.
  5. Ryan's welding was just superb and he fitted reducers onto the new tips to give a perfect fit. It made the original Janspeed welds look like an amateur had done it. As well as welding onto the original bracket he also added a supporting bar to overkill the strength and guarantee it was securely in place. And here is the final result which I'm very pleased with. Slightly louder but a lot more pops/bangs. It took around 5 hours from start to finish but Ryan believes its around a 3 hour job now he knows how to do it. At £50/hour it gives a great option for those wanting to change the look of the exhaust but not lose the ability to get onto a trackday. I can't speak highly enough of Ryan, a perfectionist and someone who takes great pride in his work. The tips I bought were -
  6. So I decided to replace the pig snout, its always bothered me but finding a proper solution proved hard. Most exhaust places quoted an hour and when I went and saw their work I could see how they did it so quickly - yes it looked fine from the outside but the welds, engineering of the solution was just basic and poor. So I found a TIG welder who came highly recommended and saw his work - Ryan at REC welding - and we agreed it would be done properly regardless of how long it took. After all the first one is always the hardest. A reminder of the piggy below. First off remove the pig snout - we broke down the casing leaving as much of the pipework as possible so we could position the new pipes perfectly. The important thing here is that the whole section where it goes from one pipe into two pipes is removed so that you can properly weld on the new tips. You can also see that the bracket on the backbox is key as this provides strength and support otherwise the whole area is supported by one weld into the silencer (bottom left of the backbox) which would put enormous stress on it over time and allow movement. The section was cut off allowing Ryan to weld the new tips onto this section. Every weld was cleaned inside to ensure a perfect seal and no restriction on airflow. Test fitting the new tips in place We then did a test fit on the car (the wonkiness is as they hadn't finished tightening the bolts) - a huge thanks to Will at WB Autos who let us use his lift and helped.
  7. Slightly, but not noticeable though it does seem to have increased the pops/bangs on overrun/liftoff. its not a simple job though to be done properly. will stick the process on my other thread and post a link.
  8. I like the sound of Brands in September. Colin, sounds a fun but frustrating day. Odd that the Lotus gets so badly affected - is that down to old tech or was it a wider problem for other cars as well? Never done palmersport but have heard great things, nice work Gordon getting the company to pay for it
  9. BatMobile

    Newb dilemma

    Keep the forged, buy some nice bc forged wheels and sell the original ones to cover the cost! Pm me if you want the contact for the guy I used who was A LOT cheaper than anywhere else!
  10. Make sure you post up a pic when you do have them on. i went for 17x8 5x110 ET24 65.1 centre bore - Front 18x10 5x114 ET32 68.1 centre bore - Rear
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