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  1. love your car and what you are doing to it. With the $ to £ there isn't a better time to scoop up all the parts you need!
  2. nicely driven George That GTR reminds me of the old video where the Merc was slow round the corners, then uses it power to stop anyone passing on the straights..... Love the Beemer, never can have enough exhaust flame!
  3. Have cup2s on a standard 350, absolutely fantastic tyres even in wet cold conditions. if you want fast winter driving then I’d get the ps4s tyres but if you drive sensibly in rain or freezing temps then go cup2.
  4. I bought this one But by the looks of it, they have newer versions of it for sale. Its great, you can adjust the level of bass, the grill is nice and strong so if feet go on it, its absolutely fine and with some heavy duty velcro it doesn't move an inch (forgot to take it out on a track day once). Means the speakers can focus on treble and mid range and leave the heavy lifting to this. I have the crappy headunit it came with but plan to change it for something a little more powerful at some stage.
  5. You will love it, I have focal’s in mine but the best upgrade by far is a small sub. Mines where the passenger footrest is on early cars. makes it into a really good little system.
  6. @Team Lotus one other thought is get your geo checked. cup2s aren’t standard on the 350 so you could also have a case where the current set up isn’t 100% right.
  7. agree with others, coming off the gas will cause the rear to go very light, @Jack Layton told me off on the one occasion I broke mid corner unsettling the car; haven't done it again! He really helped me to understand when to add a little gas to balance the car. Try keeping the car in race mode until you are more comfortable with the racing line and definitely add a pro to the mix, they are worth their weight in gold. In a straight line the standard v6 will be the same as most performance cars however once you learn how late to brake, to transition the car's weight and power out of a corner, very few will keep up with you. If you add nitrons or ohlins then the weight transfer is much less - standard set up sees quite a bit of roll/diving under hard braking etc.
  8. Phoned them and its 6 UK track days, unlimited UK track days if its run by a lotus owners club such as lotusontrack and all my overseas are now £224 a go. Love how they advised me of the changes but I have young kids so the overseas change is irrelevant to me.
  9. I get 3 free in Europe I think. they don’t care on the tdo provided it’s a recognized one and they follow the guidelines to ensure a safe and well organized day.
  10. I’m with classicline and I get unlimited cover as part of the policy.
  11. I’ve worryingly found myself doing the same Any of the exige’s will be great on track but like others have said there are lots of ways to improve them from nitrons/ohlins to brake upgrades to komotec power options. just be warned once you tinker it’s a very very slippery slope.
  12. I have always wondered, what happens when it rains? Is the inside waterproof? Is there a cover that goes over most of the cockpit to reduce water intake or are you stuck at a petrol station under the canopy waiting for it to clear......
  13. changing to forged wheels makes a HUGE difference in terms of steering weight - it really is night and day and I'm glad I did it. My wife actually likes driving it now which is the only real downside to the upgrade.
  14. From the s i’d say the 360 cup would be a great step up. They hold their value well, look great with the red wheels and are lovely cars.
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