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  1. Congratulations @Mitch Foden-Clarke they are epic cars and Andy’s is a great example. my lithium battery has an extension lead that attaches to the charger; it would be impossible to put it on the wrong way round. Maybe take it to a lotus dealer and ask why yours doesn’t have it. I have the lotus track exhaust which has the benefit of being repackable. Where about are you based?
  2. What are you going for next Andy? how was the market for the 430? Good price, lots of interest?
  3. @TheKevlarKid I hadn't realised, even so the point still stands, you'd be a very brave man to buy one of these over an original when they are the same price. Completely agree, very special cars and arguably one of the best looking Lotus'. So much presence and the rear end is just 🙌 I very nearly bought the white one at Hofmann's over my 430, a scratch I hope to itch at some point.....very jealous of yours, a beautiful example.
  4. These cars needed to be in the £65k bracket (which is where I believe the original GTE's were priced). They also should have put a longer warranty on them to convince people that being built by a small company meant they would stand by the product rather than try to copy Lotus etc with a short warranty. The fact they told me they had to maintain the car to keep the warranty will rule out loads - I wasn't going to travel 6 hours round trip every time something potentially went wrong - they may have changed this but it was the case when I enquired. For £75-£90k you can buy an original that has had the teething problems taken out by the previous owner so they HAD to undercut that to make it a worthwhile calculated risk. Plus imagine selling these down the line, oh so these are the GTE's, well yes and no, its all the original parts put together by a dealership so they aren't officially a lotus......hello.....hello............ Shame really as these had massive potential.
  5. It looks like jayemms mates car which I believe is signature orange, though I could of totally just made that up.....
  6. It is a problem but you can change the exhaust yourself in around an hour and lotus make a repackable track exhaust which is superb, nice tone to it but it’s quiet enough for all tracks without having to worry about lifting.
  7. No, the cat scratches were done by lotus when it was made.
  8. @Davey D Gordon will attest to the fact that it rarely looks like that 😂 luckily I quite like the dirty car look, adds character!
  9. Congratulations @SpiritofLotus great choice and you’ll be in love from the first turn of the key. absolutely adore mine.
  10. That’s where it starts Nathan.....then you’ll want better music, then more alcantara inside and the list goes on. 🤦‍♂️
  11. We will have to try and get as many 430s together as possible when we are out of lockdown.....I think most have tinkered to put their own stamp on them so would be great to check each other’s cars out.
  12. Hey Jack, Great choice of car. I absolutely love mine. Im also in the position where I am driving mine as a daily as I wait for the right car to come up for sale. I have cup 2 tyres on it and whilst if I’m heavy footed I can easily get it to break traction it has so far been great. You will want to get the dealer to upgrade the wiper blade so it clears and not smears the dirty water, I’d also recommend a sub and speaker upgrade. Outside of that it’s a lovely place to be, people love the car so you always get a smile or thumbs up and even white van men let you out at junctions. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second personally. Mine is also on track geo so much more pointy and harsh but the car is so well damped it’s still a pleasure even on the worst roads.
  13. Any dealer can sort the bypass valve by taking off the hose line and plugging it for you so its always open. They moved the connector for me so its a 5 second job if I want to put it back and have the car quiet (in 11 months I've not put it back to standard once!). Send me a PM and ill send a pic of the solution I have. Lotus make a track exhaust, with normal low profile tyre ramps you can change the exhaust yourself in around 45 minutes. Its really very easy and the track exhaust is very quiet and repackable meaning it will last a long long time before needing to be replaced. It has a lovely note to it but its very quiet compared to standard meaning you will get on any track at full throttle.
  14. Yeah, I have one for my cup430 and its very good at getting you on all tracks. I bought it from Trevsked who had it on his GT430.
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