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  1. There are three track days coming up soon in Bahrain and since shipping my car there costs a good sum, I'm thinking of leaving my car there for the whole period and just fly in and out during the track days. My question is how many track days can I do on the same oil? I've already done one a few thousand ago and now thinking of doing three more. Is that gonna be ok?
  2. oh dammmn thats a great price. now i feel ripped off paying so much for a used one lol
  3. mark248am

    Manual vs paddle shift auto V6

    I had a 2016 Lotus Exige S with the IPS and now have the 380 Cup with the manual. Honestly I prefer the IPS. It was pretty slow shifting, like you press up and it takes around a second for it to shift so you always need to shift a second earlier than you want to. The manual gearbox looks great and I guess I enjoy it sometimes but i drive the car daily and in traffic i always wish i had my paddle shifts. I've only been on track once with the car and my shifting was so crap I think my Exige S was like 5 seconds faster around the track. Obviously the more I track the better my shifting would be but I really do wish I had an auto. But then again, I'm a bit old school and i love how raw and basic the exige is, manual suits it better.
  4. I got mine from ebay used for 1,100 euros. half the price the dealer wanted for it.
  5. mark248am

    A couple of questions

    I had that issue with the front panel, on the track the left edge would pop out while the center stayed secure. The dealer sorted it out for me, turns out the center lock was a bit too high so they lowered it slightly and problem is solved
  6. mark248am

    Drag Race: Exige 350 failed against Alfa 4C

    Maybe this video will cheer you up? Exige lapped the track just 0.5 seconds slower than the Ford GT 😁
  7. mark248am

    Exige picture & video thread

    where did you get your Exige modified?
  8. why is your car at the dealer???
  9. mark248am

    My 380 Cup!

    Since this topic came back to life figured I'd use it as an excuse to share a photo of my car
  10. If I remember correctly my dealer asked for 2,000GBP for just the windshield
  11. mark248am

    Scissor lift and low profile jack

    Factory also uses wrap.. at least on the 380 Cup
  12. Your car should have a visor already, it's tiny but its there (unless I misunderstood your question)
  13. wait my clarion has a USB slot on the front? not sure how i missed that
  14. wait so if my boost pack is in the trunk and the battery dies, i can't get into my trunk to get my boost pack??
  15. oh interesting, my film protection guy said it was a wrap. What is the description for 8a, i can't find it