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  1. I'm in Kuwait so the local dealer here, we only have 1
  2. yeah they're super cool but also my car had so many issues
  3. I got the car when it had around 3500KM on it and the engine blew at around 14,000 i think,. Dealer let me trade up to the 380 Cup which is how I ended up with it.
  4. well that car was a lemon and the engine ended up blowing on me. But i think this specific issue was related to a cracked catalytic convertor.
  5. Thanks will do that today, if it doesn't work I have an appointment at the dealer soon to swap out my brake pads, will have them take a look at this while there
  6. This started a couple of months back but has now gotten worse. It's basically squeaking the whole time now when I'm driving. I'm guessing some screw loosened up? Can anyone help me out, pleeeeaaassssseeeeeeeeee before I drive myself into the ocean!
  7. yup, it's a pretty slippery track especially the first couple of sessions of an open day
  8. Just a quick little flyby video, the first car is the 430 Cup which belongs to @BAS and the second is my 380 Cup
  9. I bought these when I first got my car but haven't fitted them yet. Would be curious if they're worth installing, it was kind of an impulse buy because I thought I would have an issue heel and toeing.
  10. @BASwhy don't u get this!
  11. I've got a 380 Cup my friend has the 430 Cup with titanium exhaust. Mine sounds better and is louder and most importantly I can open or close the valves with a touch of a button. My friend has to resort to unplugging the valve line or something like that to get the valves to stay open.
  12. Does the hans device also stop your head tilting right and left by any chance while tracking? I've noticed on hard turns i tend to tilt my head too much. maybe i need to start working out my neck muscles like F1 drivers
  13. I was kinda upset with the dealer when my Cup came with a regular battery, but after reading on how difficult Lithium batteries are to take care of, I'm glad I've got a regular battery in my car.
  14. I got these
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