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  1. Yeah I don't This is what I followed, I tried to make it 1.2cm but not sure if final result is 1.2 cuz I didn't measure afterwards. A bit higher or lower though won't make much of a difference.
  2. hmmm I wonder if CircuitTools can read the data from my AiM Solo 2 DL AIM use a crappy software that looks like it was made for windows 95 and doesn't run on macs.
  3. It's scary, but easy. I've done it now on two cars, my old Exige S and my 380 Cup. Just take your time, measure and remeasure and then cut.
  4. I was at the dealer and mechanic noticed one of my rubber grommets were missing. So he used a rubber tube to cut a new makeshift one and inserted it into the hole. I think it's actually better than the OEM one since it's a bit tighter and so causes less wobble.
  5. Thats my video I miss my Exige S, the 2bulars sounded good but they also looked great.
  6. To be fair to the OP, his 380 Cup ended up catching fire. If my car caught fire because of the exhaust, I would have probably posted a lot of uglier words
  7. Another update, if this did turn out to be a fuel learning issue which is fixed now i might know what caused it. When I was in Bahrain for a track day a few weeks ago the fuel station next to the track was out of 98 octane fuel which is what I normally fill with. So used 95 Octane. When I came back to Kuwait went back to 98. So I guess that might have triggered this.
  8. Just a quick update, started my car this morning and it didn’t do the I’m about to die rpm drop! Looks like the ECU reset might have done the trick. Hopefully it worked out and doesn’t come back again tomorrow.
  9. thanks for this post, the GARW display is a subject I'm interested in but previously found very little information about.
  10. For those criticizing Jim's customer behavior, I just want to highlight that not everyone is a people person. I don't know Jim personally but I'd imagine he could be an introvert that started off making exhausts in his garage out of boredom and then turned it into a business and became popular. He probably would rather not have to deal with people but does so because it's a source of income. His people skills might be horrible and his PR is the worst, but that's probably because he never studied it and his personality is just normally aggressive and passionate. Not defending his behavior, just trying to give a different perspective. He's not McDonald's end of the day so you can't expect the same level of customer is always right service.
  11. Yeah, same here, not in reverse but sometimes after reversing and driving out of my parking slowly the car feels like its gonna choke and then recovers.
  12. Ok disconnected the battery, waited a few seconds then reconnected it and started the car. it did the same thing again but went out for a short drive and came back and i'll start the car tomorrow morning and see if its still the same. A friend suggested it might be the coils? no idea what that is...
  13. Is there a way to reset the ECU without disconnecting the battery?
  14. So I took my car to service and I still think the problem is there. Can you guys watch the video below and tell me if that looks normal for a cold start? My memory is horrible so my cold starts might have always been like this but i don't think thats the case. Notice the big RPM drop right at the start? And then the engine sound after that before it settles.
  15. Our local track just opened but they haven't even started open tracks yet. they don't have a school either. So I figured I could plan a short vacation somehwere in Europe and take a few lessons/courses while i was there.
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