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  1. guys, where is the vent opening located so i can close it off asap
  2. yeah my dash is dusty all the time!! so this is a thing, where is the opening to the vent on the outside of the car and can i just close it off with ductape or a balloon?
  3. Something super freaky happened to me today. I was driving on the highway when suddenly a huge bug fell out from behind my sun visor, onto the dashboard and then ran across the dash towards the passenger side and then into the top window vent. I was like WHAT THE FUCK. Like I think i kept going wtf for like 5 minutes trying to figure out what that was, how it got in and what I am supposed to do. I'm not scared of bugs but didn't know what kind of bug this was and the lotus cockpit is pretty tiny so don't want a bug flying around while I'm driving, it's gross. So I decided to keep driving to my destination, I was like 3 minutes away. I didn't move, I was driving super stiff with my corner of my eye looking towards where I last saw the bug. Once I got to my destination I was looking for parking when the bug climbed back up onto the dash, and headed towards the passenger door. Then it disappeared, I didn't know if it flew out or fell down. Whatever the case I just stopped the car right there in the middle of the road, got out and went to the passenger side door and opened it. I couldn't find it so hoping it flew out. Super freaky, still don't know what it was. It wasn't a roach I think, it was matte brown color, the top of it looked like a giant moth with wings but the lower half looked like a roach. In any case my question is, is there an opening it could have come in from? like maybe from the vents?
  4. Race for me, maybe if our local track had huge run offs instead of walls I'd try turning it completely off, but it's Race for now.
  5. I have the same pads and use my car daily. the screeching sound is very minimal and i don't even notice it.
  6. 380 Cup here but I've basically got the same decals plus the matt black stick on the front spoiler. 18,000km, 2 years ownership and everything still there and fine. When I first got the car I was worried the 380 Cup wordmark decals would peel off and so bought a spare but they dont seem like they're peeling or coming off now.
  7. When @BAS got the spanner at the track this past weekend we used my OBD reader and it didn't pull up any errors. Then we headed to the garage pit next door over to Lotus (they were at the track that day) and they connected their computer to his car and were able to find a bunch of random issues.
  8. A carbon wrap could also be an option (probably easier as well) and could potentially blend into the interior better. The 430 Cup already uses a matt carbon binnacle so wouldn't be too out of place.
  9. I'm in Kuwait so the local dealer here, we only have 1
  10. yeah they're super cool but also my car had so many issues
  11. I got the car when it had around 3500KM on it and the engine blew at around 14,000 i think,. Dealer let me trade up to the 380 Cup which is how I ended up with it.
  12. well that car was a lemon and the engine ended up blowing on me. But i think this specific issue was related to a cracked catalytic convertor.
  13. Thanks will do that today, if it doesn't work I have an appointment at the dealer soon to swap out my brake pads, will have them take a look at this while there
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