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  1. can u share videos and more feedback please, it's one of these mods that i've been eyeing on my cup for awhile!
  2. Hey @Bibs do you have the rubber mounts which the front hood goes into? I've circled them in the attached photo. Both mine have gone missing and now my front hood bobs up and down at high speeds.
  3. I just ordered it from my dealer, sent them the part number and they'll let me know once it arrives
  4. Does anyone know how many 430 Cups were produced?
  5. Does anyone know the part number or at least the name for the little plastic clip under the trunk that holds the stand in place? Mine broke yesterday and I guess need to order a new one from Lotus or an online shop but can't seem to find the correct name for it.
  6. My driver side window has an issue where one of the window tracks unbonded from the door. When window is slightly raised I can move window back and forth so maybe your issue is similar.
  7. I had to install security cameras and get car covers for my cars after someone keyed my 1970 Alfa GTV. Even with the covers on I still have kids removing them to take photos with my cars 😡
  8. So back when I had my V6S I swapped out all my speakers with the FOCAL 100s. This time in my 380 Cup I decided to just swap the OEM speakers with a pair of very affordable Polk Audio DB 402 and it made a huge difference over the stock speakers. No regrets for not getting FOCAL's again, really great upgrade for anyone wanting something wayyy better than stock. Also on a side note, I thought the stock speakers were entry level Alpine's? I guess they must have downgraded the head unit and speakers since I had my V6S because now it's a 15w 4ohm EuroTec speaker setup to go with the Clarion head unit.
  9. yup, i've done it twice so far, i think i have photos somewhere in this forum
  10. I just came in to ask about this, these aren't the current graphics of the AiM display right? Cuz I saw this and was like damn this actually looks good. Also this is the second skin they had showing
  11. I've got the 380 cup with valves that open with Sport button. Sound is lots of fun, speakerphone useless but other than that it's great.
  12. What model year is your car out of curiosity? From my understanding they aren't an option but some sort of law requirement but I could be wrong.
  13. Back. So with the car off stepping on the brakes doesn't turn the brake lights on. I'm not sure if its always been like this but I'd imagine with car off brake lights should light up. With car on lightly pressing on brakes doesn't turn lights on so looks like it is the sensor. I have maybe around half a cm to 1cm of play before brake lights come on.
  14. Actually didn't check, let me go back down and try it. I don't think I'll adjust it myself, but I'm just curious.
  15. So just got my first error light I think since I bought the car. I've done around 25,000km mileage on the car since I got it so it's been fairly reliable. The past 7 months I've barely been driving it because I bought a classic Alfa and been driving that every day so haven't really gained much mileage. The last issue I had with the car was around 6 months ago when one of the factory exhaust clippings broke loose and my exhaust basically became a straight pipe. Easy fix though at the dealer. This morning though I started the car and found the infamous TCFAULT error. We are in total lock down at the moment so everything is closed in Kuwait so gonna have to wait till dealership reopens to get it fixed. ABS light is on, traction control off light is on, exhaust valve is closed and I can't switch the car to Sport or Race mode.
  16. Yeah I have the visors and they really don't do anything except make people laugh when I show them how slim my visors are. Never used them because they don't do anything.
  17. Weird then they might be just standard for the Middle East cuz my previous Exige S came with them as well and @BAS has them also on his 430 Cup.
  18. Are sun visors an option? Because my Cup has them, thought they were standard.
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