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  1. Oh damn, glad your car is alive again but if you feel the fire was originally caused by a 2bular exhaust I wouldn't install another one. I had a 2bular exhaust in my Exige S and after the first track day the valve failed. Jim offered to send me another valve free of cost but he also offered to send me a track system at no cost as well. I ended up trading in my Exige S for my Cup so never took him up on the offer. Out of curiosity how difficult was the rebuild? I'd be interested if you could share the process, like how badly the damage was and maybe build pictures?
  2. I just took my Cup in for the 10,000KM service I got the full service schedule for it along with the cost of how much each service is gonna cost me and all I can think is wtf. According to the schedule, the cheapest service costs KD525 which is around 1,350GBP or 1,500 Euros. The biggest chunk of that cost goes to the "Manual Transmission Inline Filter" which for some reason needs to be changed at every service. Why? Am I the only one that thinks paying at least 1,500 euros every 10,000KM is over the top? The prices in the excel sheet below are in KWD so multiply by 2.92 for Euros and 2.57 for pounds.
  3. So a few weeks ago I started to notice that my 380 was acting weird on morning cold starts. When I start the car the rpm stays really low and it starts sounding like its gonna choke and shut off. After 30 seconds or more the RPM starts going back up to settle normally. If I step on the gas to raise the RPM it chokes and sounds like its gonna die again. Once i also got an engine error after pressing the gas and the code was for an engine misfire but that code ended up clearing later. I took it to the dealer and they changed the spark plugs, checked the catalytic converter and tried a few other things and they can't seem to figure out whats causing this behavior. It only happens during the morning cold starts. Since they can't figure out the issue figured I'd ask you guys if you've had something similar happen before or know what this might be.
  4. I got excited last month and ordered a Solo 2 DL. After finally taking it to the track, I plugged it into my ODB and all the car's warning lights came out. After unplugging the OBD the lights all went off except for the check engine light. I was at the track and couldn't put the car into sport or race mode and the session had already started so did a few laps with the engine warning light on. Luckily had my OBD reader with me and in between sessions ended up clearing the engine warning light and everything went back to normal. According to AiM, my Solo came with a defected OBD cable. In any case sent it back to Demon Tweaks and now waiting for a refund. If I do get another laptimer next time around it will be the Vbox laptimer. The cost is pretty close to the Solo 2 DL, I went with the Solo because I wanted the RPM shift lights higher up on the dash but the Vbox has the cool feature that lets u know if you took a turn slower or faster then you previously did. I think that is probably a better feature.
  5. I'm curious about this as well: - do we need a special tool for the adjustments or can i just rotate by hand? - manual says 9 clicks for example, does that mean i will actually hear a click click sound while rotating the dampers or compression setting? - manual has the default factory settings, where can i find track settings or do i just put everything in hard position?
  6. i thought for sure that was a drone shot!
  7. The warranty I am assuming is backed by Lotus since the dealer had to get in touch with them to find out if there was such a thing as an extended warranty and how much it would cost.
  8. Yeah I remember there was talk that they might increase the 380 Cup warranty to two years instead of one but I guess that talk turned out to be for the 430 Cup. One thing I forgot to add was the fine print that came attached with the prices: Please note that this is extended cover, mechanical and electrical failures only, and it excludes any failures that could be attributed to or aggravated by track use. Can't all mechanical failures be attributed or be aggravated by track use?
  9. Nope no mods, well I installed a seatbelt harness bar but thats about it. Even the sound system is stock.
  10. A few days ago was my 380 Cup's 1 year birthday. With that my warranty also expired since the 380 Cup came with only 1 year of warranty. But, Lotus have given me the option to extend the warranty for an extra fee. Thought it was worth sharing: Additional 2 years 20,000 Kms. GBP 835.00 Additional 3 years 30,000 Kms. GBP 1,800.00 Not sure why there is a 1,000 pounds difference for an extra year so most likely going for the 2 year warranty.
  11. A friend of mine sent me this photo which he took of me this past weekend. Looks like I was faster than the GT3 but this was taken just before he was about to overtake me
  12. New pictures I took yesterday at the track in Bahrain
  13. Personally, I'd just use a black marker or pen since they're too small and too low on the ground for anybody to notice.
  14. If you can't afford the Exige 350 then I'd recommend the V6 Exige S. I had one and loved it and I think it looks a lot better than the older S2's.
  15. There are three track days coming up soon in Bahrain and since shipping my car there costs a good sum, I'm thinking of leaving my car there for the whole period and just fly in and out during the track days. My question is how many track days can I do on the same oil? I've already done one a few thousand ago and now thinking of doing three more. Is that gonna be ok?
  16. oh dammmn thats a great price. now i feel ripped off paying so much for a used one lol
  17. I had a 2016 Lotus Exige S with the IPS and now have the 380 Cup with the manual. Honestly I prefer the IPS. It was pretty slow shifting, like you press up and it takes around a second for it to shift so you always need to shift a second earlier than you want to. The manual gearbox looks great and I guess I enjoy it sometimes but i drive the car daily and in traffic i always wish i had my paddle shifts. I've only been on track once with the car and my shifting was so crap I think my Exige S was like 5 seconds faster around the track. Obviously the more I track the better my shifting would be but I really do wish I had an auto. But then again, I'm a bit old school and i love how raw and basic the exige is, manual suits it better.
  18. I got mine from ebay used for 1,100 euros. half the price the dealer wanted for it.
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