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  1. I had that issue with the front panel, on the track the left edge would pop out while the center stayed secure. The dealer sorted it out for me, turns out the center lock was a bit too high so they lowered it slightly and problem is solved
  2. Maybe this video will cheer you up? Exige lapped the track just 0.5 seconds slower than the Ford GT 😁
  3. where did you get your Exige modified?
  4. Since this topic came back to life figured I'd use it as an excuse to share a photo of my car
  5. If I remember correctly my dealer asked for 2,000GBP for just the windshield
  6. Factory also uses wrap.. at least on the 380 Cup
  7. Your car should have a visor already, it's tiny but its there (unless I misunderstood your question)
  8. wait my clarion has a USB slot on the front? not sure how i missed that
  9. wait so if my boost pack is in the trunk and the battery dies, i can't get into my trunk to get my boost pack??
  10. oh interesting, my film protection guy said it was a wrap. What is the description for 8a, i can't find it
  11. why did he say it wouldn't last? a good wrap should last years on the rear transom. I had my front bumper of my SUV plastidipped and it;s been 3 years and it still looks like i just got it done. The front bumper is a lot more aggressive a spot compared to the rear transom and a wrap lasts more than a plastidip so i'd recommend u wrap over paint. my cup has a wrap on the rear transom from the factory.
  12. I use this Had a good rating and was a good price
  13. Not mine, just found these pics online. I don't have an issue with the radio, my issue is with the speakers. in my previous Exige I upgraded the 4 speakers, head unit and installed a mini amp and the sound was still crap, loud but crap. unless a sub is going to be involved in the upgrade its not really worth it.
  14. Here are pictures of the Alpine Halo 9 installed in the Lotus. Doesn't block the AC vents which is great!
  15. so bizarre! there was another thread where we were discussing how Lotus stopped using those bolts and started using regular torx bolts. I guess they must have run out of these bolts for awhile and started using normal ones until they got new stock...
  16. What options do I have as a 380 owner? are they the same options as the 350?
  17. I have the euro spec Cup and when my tire pressure drops i get a warning on my dash
  18. I think it’s the other way around since my friends 430’s vents are closed but my 380 cup has them open.
  19. Nope, nothing flies through them. They were open on the 380 Cup cars but they've been closed off on the 430 Cup cars. My guess is its an aerodynamics issue and not because things were flying through the vents.
  20. nope nothing yet. i'm having an issue with my gear box although i'm not sure if its an issue or if its normal. Other than that nothing really, i usually document all my issues here in this thread but nothing has gone wrong with the car. Compared to my previous Exige S which I"m totally convinced was a lemon, this car has been good.
  21. Is this normal? Sorry in the short (And vertical video) but notice how midway between 1st and 2nd and 2nd and 1st it stops for a fraction of a second and then clicks up or down into gear?
  22. I took it to the dealer, the mechanic tried to fix it and its now smooth when the car is parked but there is still a slight obstacle on the way down to second gear when driving. Mechanic told me to bring it back next week so will be heading back.
  23. yup, thats the one to get but i'd get rid of the red side view mirrors and the red rear wing support as well.
  24. just an update, i followed the instructions above and it still didn't work. I still have to pull hard from first to second gear. so taking car to dealer tomorrow to see if they can sort it.
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