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  1. Thank you Dave that means a lot, it was very important to me that this JPS was put back to almost the condition as when it was new.
  2. For sale my Lotus Esprit S2 JPS Number 022 Please click below link
  3. Hi Allan the gold material is original, it was in very good condition, I don’t think you will find that material anywhere I’m afraid.
  4. Ahh thanks for the image that’s very helpful, I will check it in the morning Regards Andre’
  5. So should the dampers be fitted to the lower holes as standard ? As drawing ?
  6. Hi yes I had new dampers fitted at S J Sportscars Devon 3 months ago. It was doing this before I had the dampers fitted, so that was the reason I had them fitted.
  7. I have Esprit S2 JPS if I go over small pot holes the suspension seems to hit the stops quite easily and makes a bang ? any ideas ? Is it the springs have gone weak over the years?
  8. Andre'


    1979 JPS Esprit
  9. Andre'

    Lotus JPS

    From the album: J P S ESPRIT

    Original number plate from new, back on car

    © Copyright

  10. Andre'


    All washed and polished ready for the summer
  11. Hi chipp im after how the original dealer ship had their name on the number plates
  12. Does anyone have a lotus or pictures of a lotus showing the number plates with the above dealership name on them ? Circa 1979 - 1980s. My JPS lotus Esprit was sold from this dealership in 1979 and I would like to make my number plates look original. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Yes I will take it steady for a while not over Rev etc. Good to have it back ???
  14. Hi Dan its original, but should have been re-trimmed while the car was in the garage. I will need to get this done :-)
  15. Hi Chipp Thanks, its now arrived back home, full engine rebuild and interior refurb
  16. Looks amazing very nice car mate ??
  17. Hi I am currently having my Esprit JPS retrimmed, and engine rebuild at SJ Sports cars Crediton. Been with them since October, will be ready end of January. Looking good, I will keep you updated.
  18. Andre'


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