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  1. Thanks Bibs! Looking forward to receiving it. I'll send a pic when I'm back on the road!
  2. Hi Mike, I'm sure Bibs is, and I certainly acknowledge all the hard work and dedication he has put into this community. My frustration really comes from lack of communication rather than anything else. I ordered the part because it appeared to be in stock. It's the last thing I need before I can get the car back on the road and enjoy some nice weather before winter arrives. Now a month later I'm still not sure if it'll be arriving at all. I did try to search for the part locally but couldn't find anything. I see you're in Victoria as well - any recommendations?
  3. Thanks Bibs. Any updates yet? Coming up to a month since I ordered the part.
  4. Having a pretty disappointing experience with the shop. Placed an order for a slave cylinder push rod on the 10th of Feb. Followed up on the 18th as the status hadn't changed to shipped yet - no response. Emailed again on the 23rd - no response. Sent another email on the 1st of March - no response. I know my emails are being read because I have tracking on. Can't think of any other way to get this issue in front of the admins than to post here.
  5. Hi gents, I'm starting to turn my attention to doing my interior, and would like to restore to factory spec. According to Andy Graham from Lotus my car originally had "Raven leather with a dark grey contrast band with slate grey nylon carpet and grey head liner". Does anyone have this interior combo? If so I'd love to see some pictures. This is what the interior looks like currently:
  6. Hi Clive, Because my car is imported I'll need a VASS engineering certificate as part of my initial registration, even to go on club plates, which is what I intend to do anyway. No luck unfortunately.
  7. I know right! Caught in the bureaucracy of our 30 year old import laws unfortunately.
  8. Thanks Michael. I've come across Steve before. Will give him a call.
  9. Went for my first engineering inspection today and apparently my 89 Carb Turbo won't pass emissions for registration in Victoria, Australia The engineer, a nice guy who was very knowledgeable, says putting on cats and going for the test probably wouldn't work - and that the test is around $2000 per pop! My options are to drop in a US spec engine (fuel injected + cats), an SE engine, or to find the parts to convert my Carb to FI. Has anyone gone down this path before for emissions or otherwise? Would love some pointers and recommendations. Is it difficult to make a Carb turbo EFI with later parts?
  10. Thanks guys. Tricky situation I've gotten myself into for sure. Ian, I do like your idea of cutting away the GRP, putting in the Rivnut, then glassing over. If I were to do this I'd try just to cut out around the holes with my dremel. Time to research how to do fibreglass.
  11. So I was adjusting my tailgate and the bolts were so rusted that they all snapped on me. I managed to get most of them out by drilling, but got cocked one up real bad by snapping a bolt extractor head in it. My only option was to drill it out completely. I thought I could tap in some new threads, but my drilling was off centre and went past the existing thread walls. Without a way to get inside the tailgate to access the rubber thread mounts is my only option to glue in an M6 rivet nut? Ideas appreciated.
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    Mods please delete.
  13. I just did the rear linkages and translator bearings over the weekend. Couldn't get into reverse. Luckily I'd ordered the kit from PNM on my last order as an upgrade I knew I needed to do down the line. Let me know if I can answer any questions.
  14. Reporting back for those interested, and in case someone else stumbles upon this thread with a similar problem in future. Managed to get the switch out. Everything looked fine. Played around with the wires and reinserted. The old fuse looked fine too, but to be safe I replaced it with a new one. That got it working! Thanks for all the recommendations guys. Glad the solenoids weren't out.
  15. About to do this with mine too so watching with interest. Hopefully you can post some progress shots for my benefit Jeff
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