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  1. Micro cracks are not a disaster (unless reaching the edge of the disc), although there is a lot of them in the fronts. What is the remaining thickness of the disks? As for the pads/disks ratio I can help with Exige yet - in my car with a very mixed use and original 1-piece cross-drilled disks I went through original pads, then DS2500, and now on DS Uno/DS1.11 with no signs of imminent replacement needs. But then original pads and DS2500 are not really aggressive pads.
  2. vd9

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    Is this because of material properties, geometry or just design differences?
  3. vd9

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    What specifically engine internals would you look at, Mark? Crankshaft, bearings, Conrods, pistons, valves, springs, camshafts, anything else?
  4. Theoretically if DPM is anyhow on, difference in wheel speed will result in intervention. However, I am in the same "can't fathom" camp for why would it matter if DPM is fully off and the car is theoretically fully mechanical in terms of transmission.
  5. I'll be really surprised if she finds an Exige as an acceptable car for regular driving instead of Z4
  6. What are the differences you've observed? Are they both the same level of noise?
  7. No worries at all, it is really subjective and obviously tastes differ. My reaction was only linked to a patronising and unnecessary tone employed by a specific contributor.
  8. At least there is two of us for sure with this issue. I've been doing my best to fight the smear on the inner side of the windscreen for a long time. In our case an Exige is spending a lot of time outside and next to it is frequently a Macan, but it's all covered in leather inside and has no such issue even at a slightest. So, given your experience with Mercedes' and mine with Macan it must really be just plastic and some kind of combination of sunlight/temperature/humidity that does it.
  9. Ah, I see. No problem then - being a smartest ass around here, you must know more about "shite" than I care to. Good luck with it!
  10. Ah, interesting. I've tried to do my best and look at the rest of Porsches - closest one is probably Panamera (for obvious reasons there is not much in common with SUVs or 2-door cars). Looks quite different to me: As for your assessment of its attractiveness - this is very subjective and looks like a bit of a teeny reaction. It certainly looks not worse than Tesla Model S and probably better than most of the electric cars that are produced at scale currently.
  11. What's wrong with it this time?
  12. Exactly the same happens in mine. It is really difficult to get rid of and I've never experienced anything like this in any other car (probably asks a question of the quality requirements for the plastics used here).
  13. Mine is at 23,000mi at the moment and (knock on wood) there is no sign of need for top ups. Also never heard of this from anyone else with an Exige (there is people here with higher mileage cars than mine). I do change oil every 4,500mi though as per manual for more active use.
  14. I am using 5W40 Power in my Sport 350. Not sure about topping up, but would for sure just put it in during the next service. Not sure if there is any need for top ups in 2GR-FE anyways
  15. I think this is the topic:
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