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  1. This is not the case. As long as you don't have big laptimer counter running in front of your face it is fine and does not really break any rules. You are fully fine to record the data about your car's operation or your position on the track and review it afterwards. Just not during the time of driving on the track.
  2. RaceChrono works fine for me. I think the best is to try the free versions for a drive or two over the weekend and then decide which one you like best. Either way ultimately you want to export the logs and looks through them in CircuitTools (available for free from RaceLogic)
  3. I think he's just desperately trying to be funny On the topic - I feel sorry for that orange car
  4. This is laughable, finally. Still "very grown up", though.
  5. What's so shocking with a turbocharged engine making it's way to not far from 8k rpm?
  6. Name the hero please, as I'm contemplating an acquisition.
  7. 100% agree, I'd definitely not try to get that in the boot of an Exige.
  8. After being charged rather mad amount for the break pads change by one of the main dealers, I just bought this - It's bloody heavy and feels very solid (to the extent it's difficult to lift it), should be fine for garage use. Still have to try it on the car though.
  9. I think more on the lines of "vote with your wallet/feet"
  10. Nothing wrong with spinning, I believe... Jokes aside, for me it is simple - even if 2bular is THE best exhaust for Lotus in the world, I will settle on the next best should I need one at all. And not because of Gekko and Gekko's experience, but because of Jim
  11. @Lo2zz, but he surely can express his views and share his experience with regards to the product? And surely it is not acceptable to turn the discussion into being person and not product orientated? Adoption of the story of high speed spin bringing an end to everything in the car is just ridiculous - a spin is not an impact, it normally causes no damage. Your judgement and formulations (e.g. "look rather silly", "wouldn't be tolerated", "without evidence", "with any level of intelligence", "angry wild stab in the dark", "based on 2+2=5 logic") are utterly disrespectful and not adequate in exchange between any reasonable people.
  12. @Andy Norman, it may still start snowing - and you've got a head start with first steps into studding the tires! ;-) Jokes aside, I'd just change both - my tires last 10k miles a set on average so far. So 4k miles should take them through 25-50% of life depending on the driving style.
  13. Another 350 here - mine has never done anything like that, even with very cold (<0C frozen) starts. I would expect this to be related to either MAF or vacuum lines somewhere in the intake.
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