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  1. @Arun_D thank you, Arun! I guess it should not be too many cars anyways. Fingers crossed Exige will be back in order, but if anything I will just go in another car.
  2. @Arun_D I am very tempted (although Exige may still not be back up and running even by then ). Have you booked already? Do you know how many cars they are allowing on this day (could not find it on LoT website)?
  3. Those are the right pads. DS2500 (H) is quite gentle compound, for more aggressive options you can go with DS Uno (Z) or DS1.11 (W).
  4. Have you seen on in flesh? Pictures are a bit difficult to judge. Isn't that a bit of a personal preferences? I personally think that Exige V6 is very pretty and Evora is ugly.
  5. Yeah, they are all rubbish those Porsche and Lamborghini. Same as Skoda, just with souped up engines.
  6. Brodit mount is excellent, I'm very happy with the one in my Exige and can only very much recommend the solution
  7. This is a more sensible of a statement, although platform sharing and badge engineering are a bit of distant from each other concepts. Hopefully we all understand this. This really is a fair and challenging question. I bought an Exige with pretty much a freedom to buy any car up to £100k with really no limitations (only one being able to fit in a small carry on suitcase while driving about 100mi one way). I've been sold on the nature of direct connection to the road (I struggle to drive "fully normal" cars) with decent amount of performance. I'm still very happy with these. Only let d
  8. Overall a very clear and adequate post as all the others from @jep here - I can't agree more with the thinking and logic Makes no sense whatsoever (as much as countless number of other empty/pathetic statements in this thread by @The Pits). Not that I think either of a Porsche SUV's as a "hand built in", but one would struggle to find much in common in between those and VW. You may want to try those and see for yourself.
  9. I must say this is truly unbelievable. All in a "special" 6-figure car. OMG, I'm very glad I decided to just go for a plain and simple Sport 350 and not "full bells and whistles" some 2.5 years ago. Good luck (genuinely) with solving this, @BAS!
  10. Just read this. I must say it's a pure moron kind of an attempt at being funny.
  11. It is a fairly basic math that is needed to understand what opening with what flow speed is sufficient for the engine (displacement+compression+desired AFR+max RPMs will give you what the demand is; clear area of the most restrictive part of the intake+airflow speed will give you the supply; then you only need to make sure that supply is not less then demand at any point in time). I somehow think that airflow is not a restriction on the vast majority of the forced induction cars, and the only difference that fiddling with air intake makes is uncontrolled change of the AFR.
  12. Unless this is a slight exaggeration, something must be not fully right - mine certainly lasts for 40min/60-80mi of track time without problems. Still annoying, especially in the places with no petrol station on site (Castle Combe, Goodwood).
  13. Mine spends most of the time outside as I can't be bothered to put it in the garage at all times. The biggest problem to me is that the bloody thing leaks water through the side windows. Every time it rains reasonably heavily, there is two large puddles on the sills. It does damage the leather over time.
  14. Any basis you have for this statement? Asking since I used to run 2.5/2.0 F/R negative camber on another (much heavier) car with a lot of motorway miles as well and is wasn't causing any trouble at all. I wonder why would it suddenly be a big problem in a much lighter Exige... I personally think it is a car and it should be used, which means chips and dents. When it gets too much, it should be repainted as needed. Overall I will still enjoy my "uncondomed" car better in between the resprays even with minor chips and over the long term with active use it will cost me roughly the same (i
  15. The humour is lost on this one, even though the author is desperately trying to be funny and cool.
  16. You only need to make sure you lift it with the contact on the points marked at the underside of the car (same as with the trolley jack). If anything, you can just use rubber pads with the scissor lift you're looking at.
  17. Mine doesn't make any noise as well, I think this is standard now. It beeps briefly if you "lock" it twice, if I remember correctly, which means it's locked but not fully armed somehow (would need to check the manual for that).
  18. If they are comfortable with 911 not tipping over, Exige V6 will definitely be fine. Also it shows no noticeable imbalance when lifted by a trolley jack. I'd be fairly confident.
  19. I agree once again! I really can't fault the mechanics as they've always done good job. At the same time I struggle to make my way through interaction with Phil
  20. Anyone going? Javelin, seems to be not too many people and bargain price, weather looks promising
  21. 100% agree, Jamie is totally brilliant and I hugely enjoyed every interaction with him when buying mine in 2017 and on a number of occasions afterwards. Sadly I can't say anything similar when it comes to car service side of B&C.
  22. I totally agree - it's serviced rather well in every possible aspect. In no way was my comment an encouragement to rev high not warmed up engine (in fact it is better to wait a bit longer since oil warms up slower than the coolant), I only meant to make this t clear that there isn't any cold start protection in this car (obviously, apart from dedicated ignition and fuel maps, as with pretty much any other car).
  23. You don't need to worry, I am not fast about selling cars. Prefer to drive them, rather than polish/store/PPF in hope of somebody paying me more later on.
  24. @BAS, it is minor errors, I had the same once when leaving the dealership after the service. No clear reason why it appeared, was cleared by the dealer (I only got a few miles away) and there was no effects afterwards. As far as I understand there is no such thing as cold start protection - I can rev mine all the way to the limit right after start
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