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  1. NeilS

    New Toy

    I had a 220 Sport and the Exige just blows it away on every level. I thought I might miss the nimbleness of the Elise but tbh the Exige just feels more planted and secure - maybe the tyres or the longer wheelbase, just feels more glued to the road. Performance, braking, sound just streets ahead.........turn a blind eye to the fuel consumption . And I know they are not exactly cheap but to me it has just as much street presence as a Ferrari or Lambo at four times the cost
  2. NeilS

    New Toy

    Nope.......the 2 piece discs were not mentioned in the spec..........gotta be happy about that..........aside from any performance advantage they look fantastic
  3. NeilS

    New Toy

    Long time lurker and Elise owner on various forums.........but I’ve just collected this beast and it’s too tasty not to share
  4. NeilS


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