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  1. Hi guys Riding a Elise 220. Well , torque steer doesn't seem the correct term for our RWD but similiar situation. Anyone tried , or makes a intermediate shaft (equal lenght) axle shafts for our S3 elise ?
  2. hi guys, got my new sport 220..several questions in need of urgent through quite some pages but can't get real DIRECT answers. 1)mine came with hardtop, without the soft..ok, i can buy the soft top.but upon reading, some adjustments need to be made to the window. anyone knows how to adjust ? 2)engine came without the black top engine cover..showing the full silver part and all the coil packs..since my car would be parked on the streets, wouldn't it get "flooded" during heavy rain and create problems ? or should i get a engine cover if so, anyone knows from where ? 3)well, i know the alarm system is known to get tempermental sometimes sounding off without reason. can anyone know how to just delete this system ? i don't need the alarm anyway.
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