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  1. Because everything is not just about power
  2. At least 10 Exige 430s are advertised and in stock at France dealers. Maybe more, I didn't count 'em exactly but they seem to sit here for quite a long time
  3. Yes it seems that PS4 is now available in this size. That is pretty recent. Could be a decent combo for the most "Touring/Road Oriented users"
  4. It is @MrP_ I believe. In his car's thread, you'll find all the details and references you need.
  5. I know you have to brake there. And as you said, before and/or after. But you should always avoid doing it when over the crest Especially at Planfzgarten 1. The usual stuff here with most cars is to brake before, stabilise the car then brake again when you have landed and are sure to be straight. Then ease off the brakes for the fast double right hander (Speed at mid corner is about 140 kph with average sport hatchback) @alias23 landing here is usually fairly soft. Most dampers do absorb it without any problems. As long as you are not landing sideways + on the brakes.
  6. Being on the brakes as he is here is not the best idea . But cool photo anyway
  7. Future models to come will be equiped with the best offer a tire manufacturer can make, technically and price wise. So it will be Pirelli or Michelin or an other... OK I personaly hope for Michelin
  8. A new element to bring to the String Theory then
  9. I didn't try it myself as im 19/20" but that's what I would go for and test if I was in 18/19". Some people here on the forum went for it and it seems to work quite well.
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