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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I didn't know. We didn't do a specific development there, so it means they took an existing tyre we already had. That's why we didn't see it here. By the way, on Lotus Web site, if you go on the 350 data sheet. It's still written that it comes with Pirellis 😂 Anyway, we are reinforcing our collaboration with Lotus this year. So great things will come out of that I'm sure 😊
  2. I m pretty sure they don't. It is still Pirelli as OE fitment on the 350 I believe. @FK278004 tyres must be replacement tyres already. On this size, is it PS4 or PS4S that you got supplying problems with ?
  3. See my comment above. You are right, it is first gonna be a Porsche and then other car makers OE exclusive fitment. So no replacement market at first. Anyway, I don't think 17" will ever be a size target for cup2R.
  4. Trofeo R is competitor to Cup2 R 😉 but a feedback vs 'normal' Cup2 will still be interesting on your cars.
  5. I'm on vacation right now but should get the information soon about this tyre size. As Exige 350 does not come with cup2 as a fitment, will have to check. Anyway, cup2 will still exist in a near future and plans are not to reduce is size line up. Concerning Cup2 R as mentionned on this topic, It's going to be launch very soon officialy. It is first going to be an OE fitment only with a limited size line up.
  6. I don't know how hard you drive the car. Tires differences will be more and more obvious as you drive on the limit. But PS4S is still a grippy tire and gives confidence with no doubt. Althought it's not a Cup2, so don't mix front and rear. You'll loose initial biting and reaction but still a very good tire on this car.
  7. rallyesax

    Tyre advice

    Rear AMG, Front Porsche spec, How is it ?
  8. rallyesax

    Evora GT430

    For the gauge thing. It happened to me on a battery change. So maybe just unplug the + for some minutes and give it a go again.
  9. rallyesax

    Tyre advice

    PS4S do replace PSS. It's the new generation. However, PS4S has had some compromises on 'on the edge' aspects because of some OE asking for it. In that aspect, it is for me slightly less responsive/precise on turn in but bit more progressive over the limit. Don't get me wrong, It's still very high standard sport tyre. But for my personal taste I would stick with PSS on my Evora while I can. Cup2 is an other serious step over them and all the pros/cons were already very well summarized on this thread. Then if wanna wait longer, Cup2 R will be launch soon, but not yet in front/rear Evora fitment.
  10. rallyesax

    Peoples’ reaction to your Evora

    1.3 or 1.6 ? 😋
  11. rallyesax

    400 on Cup 2 tyres

    That's it ! 👍
  12. rallyesax

    400 on Cup 2 tyres

    Did you bought replacement market tires or the 410 ones (which are half RT and half BMW if im right) ? Thanks for the feedback anyway. 😊
  13. rallyesax

    The Lotus Evora structure

    Yes they mention it from the very beginning of the ppt.
  14. rallyesax

    Lotus SUV...

    Yep, probably a chassis mule.
  15. rallyesax

    Lotus SUV...

    Time to get out of the cave dude. Even if everything is not pretty out there 😉 😋