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  1. @fjc27 I'm talking about this Tyre : And yes, it's gonna take on pretty much all cup 2 sizes and some more. It's like a face-lift for Car makers. It's an updated cup 2 before the next generation. Exige S3 sizes (except FR 205 for now ) and recent Evora sizes are already available
  2. Try the Cup 2 maintenance Tyre (it's kind of a Cup 2.5). It's the new one called Cup 2 Connect, you can distinguish 'em by the full velvet effect sidewall. This has a new compound and reinforcement for the shoulders to prevent this effect on track use
  3. @Simon Bateman actually I do know the place . Best friend's marriage took place there
  4. @Simon Bateman yes it's where the Michelin headquarter and europeean R&D Center are located Not sure about the castle as, like in the UK, we are lucky enough to have a few around here. The Track is Charade. You're right, it use to held the F1 French GP. It's located in the Volcano area 10km from Clermont-Ferrand and is pretty hilly . We use it also for Tyre testing many times a year. Here are 2 videos where Chris Harrys takes on the BMW M2 competition and the best Macca out there (600 LT) on this roller coaster :
  5. Well, happy to see that our products are ticking all the boxes for most of you. Of course our competitors also do great tyres, often cheaper but lasting performance and wear rate are not always there. And without competition, the technology bounces wouldn't be the same.
  6. If you don't notice a difference in the dry between Cup2 and PS4S even on the road you might as well switch to autonomous cars right away.... OK, I'm teasing you there, but truly the difference is significant. But I agree on cold and wet it's even greater.
  7. @Qykslvr Hi and nice Evora you've got there. The PSS is a very good Tyre on the wet. It doesn't like T° below 7°C if wet/damp conditions. But above that, it's very safe and performs great, even greater than competitors in this segment. The PS4S which is the 'new' PSS keeps excellent wet performance and beats PSS by a little marge on this item.
  8. @Bibs if rolling resistance, Tyre weight for given load/speed, Tyre dimensions and sidewall profiles for aerodynamic issues and of course tyre/vehicle interaction for handling caracteristics were not so much car manufacturer related and platform related for OE , then yes, it would be easier But I would have a lot less work
  9. As long as : the correct tyre size or equivalent circumference ratio is under 2% At least, the minimum load index for the axle The minimum speed index for the tyreline Are in line with Homologation And, for the same axle, the Tyres have the same Brand and Tyre line (winter or summer) you're fine with insurance. Doesn't matter if it's a BMW or Mercedes spec Tyre (this will only affect vehicle handling in a good or a bad way) or if it's 99 instead of 94 in load index or Y instead of V for speed index (as long as the value is always equal or higher than stated by the car manufacturer)
  10. Evora Sport 410 Cup 2 tyres are as follow out of the Factory : Front 235/35ZR19 91Y PSCup 2 XL (RT Tyre) which means replacement market Tyre. Not specific to any car maker Rear 285/30ZR20 99Y PSCup2 * XL (BMW Spec). The star marking is specific to BMW, the Tyre as been developped for the M4 GTS but is the one choosen by Lotus to match the Front RT on the Evora.
  11. OK Thx so that can be useful Where is it fixed exactly? On the chassis on top of the little window to the cabin? Or with the hinge on one/both side(s) ?
  12. @Loquacious Lew Nice ducktail. Get rid of the 3D badges and go for some stickers instead as per 410, 430. Looks even better with the Carbon IMHO. Did this on mine and love the sportier look of the stickers.
  13. As I've received and installed a used OE Lotus Carbon tailgate on my 400, I need to order a few things aside. In fact, everything from 53 to 63. Could someone tell me the purpose and position of part n°63 called 'stop bracket' please? Is it here to prevent from opening the lid to wide, where is it mounted? Pictures could help. Thanks guys.
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