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  1. rallyesax

    Peoples’ reaction to your Evora

    1.3 or 1.6 ? 😋
  2. rallyesax

    400 on Cup 2 tyres

    That's it ! 👍
  3. rallyesax

    400 on Cup 2 tyres

    Did you bought replacement market tires or the 410 ones (which are half RT and half BMW if im right) ? Thanks for the feedback anyway. 😊
  4. rallyesax

    The Lotus Evora structure

    Yes they mention it from the very beginning of the ppt.
  5. rallyesax

    Lotus SUV...

    Yep, probably a chassis mule.
  6. rallyesax

    Lotus SUV...

    Time to get out of the cave dude. Even if everything is not pretty out there 😉 😋
  7. rallyesax

    The Lotus Evora structure

    Wow thanks for finding that. Really interessting.
  8. rallyesax

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    I was actually thinking of it for the next move 👽
  9. rallyesax

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Damn, If I knew you were coming, I would have stop by. Your 430 looks amazing in that colour !
  10. rallyesax

    410 questions

    Guys, just keep in mind that, if we are talking about rainy conditions, let say usually 0.5 to 1mm of standing water on the ground, the compound is the only thing that matter for your wet performance. And in this case, yes, cup2 compound work a lot better at T° above 7°C. It does not mean that you will kill yourself below that temperature, but that you have to expect a drop in grip level and adapt your driving to that New state. If we are talking about standing water like puddles or water crossing the road (2mm or more) then it's only up to the thread pattern. In that case, the thread pattern height of a cup 2 is lower than usual tires to keep stiffness and rigidity for greater response. So it means that the longitudinal grooves that you see on the picture are really here to do their job but they can not contain as much water as on a 'normal' tire, just a volume story... So the tire will get hydroplanning sooner no matter the T°
  11. rallyesax

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Seriously looks like my place. You were in Ladoux ???
  12. rallyesax

    Should I..........?

    Hahaha ! That sounds cliché but unfortunatly often, so true 😂
  13. rallyesax

    Should I..........?

    So @Spinney, have you made up your mind ? What will be under june Christmas tree ? 😁
  14. rallyesax

    GT430 Nürburgring VR Video

    Cool stuff guys 😊. No doubt the 430 can run sub 8 there. Having a pretty empty NS is always a blast. Tourist fahren are just good to get a taste of it, but so frustrating sometimes or full of dumb people thinking they drive for their life 🙄.
  15. rallyesax

    Evora Picture & Video Thread