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  1. As long as you don't expect them to last 5k miles, a lot of things are possible
  2. Yes, ideally, you should change the 4 of them to get a balanced car, especially on wet roads. I would have say the same if you were going Pirelli No, there is no such 'rule'. It depends of a lot of datas. Concerning your specific pb. I could not say. It depends of the contact patch shape and the cornering stiffness working points the tire is trying to achieve under a certain amount of load. Without machines and computers, the easiest way is to try different pressure settings by yourself. Being carefull of checking it always in the same conditions (air temp, tyre temp) and not going too low or too high of course. For road use, you should play in between 28 and 35psi cold for this car. And why not, only change one axle at a time and see how you feel.
  3. As @Bravo73 said, you can go for standard PS4S front and rear. Then you'll have no balance issue. On Evora 400, pressure is 2.0/2.2b so probably different from an Evora S but it goes with the wider tyre size.
  4. OK so are Lotus OE wheels the same width on a 350 than a 410 ? Even going from 205 to 215 and 265 to 285 (except the additional spacer at the rear)? If so, that's good to know
  5. The more layers/coats you put, the more rigid it gets and probability for it to crack increases a lot. Even if you do it after tyre is mounted on the rim, every flexions it will have during its lifetime will end with those kind of issues if it is too rigid. On manufacturing aspects, other solutions do exist and do not suffer this problem, or at least not before a pretty long time. But the price is not interesting for a few tyres.
  6. @gvy yes, it does sound like chemical reaction.
  7. The colored rubber tyres have different issues, depending of the color and the technology used. The main one is the simple fact that roads are... dirty. That might sound stupid, but it does transfer dirt onto the tyres and the final result rapidly goes . The second one are oils inside the tyre components that migrate through the different rubber types and 'pollute' the color finish after a short time.
  8. OK so it seems like this one allows you to keep the airbag.
  9. I didn't know a washer trick was possible there. Thanks
  10. I personaly agree with this vision . I'm just collecting feedbacks on my own as I saw this thread. As my wife works on that kind of topics in the Company, I know it will be taken in account with interest
  11. I gave a quick ride to a 410 yesterday. Nothing to say about how it looks and how it handles, of course I love it . It definitly needs the exhaust valve to be open all the time as it is so great on my Evora 400. Easy mod... But I had a big issue with the sitting position . The seat position is good but steering wheel feels desperatly too low !! And no way to adjust it. When my legs are at the right position, It's very close to the plastic cover underneath for heel and toe. I could leave with that but wheel is just too low I search on the forum and a spacer seems to be my only solution. As with the steering column angle it will bring it closer to me and of course slightly higher, but delete the airbag it seems. Any other rational options ? I'm 6 feet tall and roof clearance is OK even with helmet on. I was very excited with this car and now feels frustrated with this experience.
  12. I've got one or two questions if you don't mind, as I work for Michelin. Not only for you, but for anybody reading this topic and willing to answer. - If it was available like this on the market, could any other colors get your interest ? Which ones ? - For how long would you expect it to last ? (tire life, or would it be acceptable for only a year ?) - Would you concieve paying little extra money compared to the 'standard' tire for it ? How much (5, 10 or 15%?) Thanks for your feedbacks Colored sidewalls are nothing new on the market historically as you all know. And some are already available on the market. But all tire makers nowadays can really feel growing interest for this from customers but also car manufacturers. And I'm not speaking only about tire brand in color of course...
  13. All season tires would be a mistake to keep all year long on a car like a Lotus. It really kills the driving experience of a sports car with such a chassis when winter is gone. It's great for a daily car (golf, opel....) but keep them or winter tires for winter time only on an Evora As you mentionned, MI Cross Climate do not exist in this size range. Only Michelin Pilot All Season probably do. It's a product developped for the US market (where they love A/S tires) but homologated worldwide. My 2 cents... Go for Winter tires, what ever premium Brand
  14. Should normaly be back at St Étienne next week. I want to give it a closer look
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