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  1. Also have this on my 400. It only appears when weather is warmer. Never any noise during winter season but as soon as sun is out and, let say, about 20°C or more this noise can be heard in similar conditions. That's something you can find with other car makers and in my experience only on RWD cars. So no shaft on front axle. BMW solves this by inserting a very thin layer of steel (less than 0,1mm) between the wheel hub assembly and the brake disk contact surface if my memory gets it right. It seems to help reducing a gap that can appear in some conditions.
  2. I do track the Evora 400 1 or 2 times a year. Tyres can be the issue if you're doing very long stints or do not take care of lowering their pressure when hot. Apart from that, brakes, etc are very effective and long lasting.
  3. Mine often tells me she has a headache, mainly in the evening ... Never thought it was due to the Evora 😁
  4. Do keep in mind that lower thread pattern profile increases top rigidity as well as 1 or 2 years DOT do increase cornering stiffness by about 10%. Just a thought when you compare tyres together 😋 By the way, would be great to have your feedback on the Conti SP6.
  5. That's a question for @C8RKH to answer 😁 Edit : He get it first
  6. Maybe because the car will be testing abroad like IDIADA, Nardo or The NS were a lot of 'spy' photographer tend to hang around.
  7. The mule car was based on an Evora as pictures showed last year. No chance the engine could have been at the front 😉
  8. We do have some nice ones in France at our dealers 😉. Here are 3.
  9. I guess it will come before summer as they said somewhere type 131 will be presented during this period. Would make sense if they show the Evora FE before to boost sales before people turn their interest on T131. And maybe a really hardcore limited edition by the end of the year for a proper goodbye... But that's just me dreaming 😁
  10. I had to take the front wheels off once on my 400 for the same reason. The car being stored in the garage but washed right before. Now, I always move the car back and forth by hand when I park it in and again on the day after when it was parked with a bit of humidity.
  11. I did buy the ones bosshog was selling. They are great seats! Improves the driving experience IMHO
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