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  1. Oh GOD! New geometry !

    This rear toe suggests a pretty dancing rear end usually . Oversteer tendancy is greater when close to zero or, of course, when 'open' rear toe. That's why active steer rear wheels gives 'open' toe at low speed and 'closed' toe at higher speed to stabilize the car. And yes caster can get some little changes impacted by toe and camber modifications. And sometimes, sad to say that's it's only a matter of the geo device that is not really accurate and might not reproduce the exact same mesure at the end...
  2. Oh GOD! New geometry !

    They just have to aim for the "attuale" value And if they know their job, they should not mistake between camber / Cast and toe values it's obvious Anteriore is Front Posteriore is Rear
  3. Oh GOD! New geometry !

    Is it still OK at high speed (Over 160 kph let's say) with that Toe value front and rear ? No wonder it's more agile for sure, but isn't it too oversteery at high speed ? No criticism, real interested question here.
  4. Kia Stinger!

    The best combo is the RWD V6. Car is pretty good as a GT alternative to usual BMW or audi's. The interior is not matching those german competitors but premium enough. With the 'big block' and the RW you got the LSD transforming the car into a happy drifting machine. Then it's just the thing of spending that much money on a Kia that has to make it's way thru people mind and the remaining value of the car in 2 years.
  5. Hahaha I guess yes ?
  6. I knew for the Cup 2 in BMW Spec as it is homologated like this on 1 axle of the 410. But I didn't know they liked the PSS in BMW Spec. Why was it not kept for the final Homologation instead of the RT model... Maybe price or sourcing issues ?
  7. @Bravo73. If the PSS are more than 2 years old in front, you are right, it will lower this difference. But if it's not that old the PSS will keep more stiffness and bite a bit more the dry asphalt than PS4S resulting in OS tendancy
  8. On the dry as Bravo said, if you're below the limit, you wont feel the impact unless you are really sensitive and apart from going from old to a new tire. At the limit, with PS4S at the rear, you will slightly increase the oversteer tendancy. The impact at the limit will be bigger on the wet as contact compound is N°1 for this performance. I didn't test this mix on the wet tho. But balance will be impacted for sure, maybe more or less progressive and/or greater oversteer or understeer tendancy.
  9. Lotus CS Survey

    Received it in France also yesterday. Appreciate that.
  10. TLF GT430 Club

    Haha. Yes, your licence plate must have some success in France and at least, people tried As The Pits said, thanks for buying it Lhd so I can be second hand on it
  11. TLF GT430 Club

    Hello Trevor and welcome to TLF ! Where are you planning to travel across France this WE ?
  12. Best Evora 400 track day upgrades

    Yep, tires for sure and a proper "more agressive" geometry going with it
  13. This Track is called Circuit du Grand Sambuc. It's Near Aix en Provence in the South East
  14. Tires too long overheat Maxi_z And the way it comes off then, is because of the process used to make this tires.
  15. I think mine is less and less noisy with mileage going on.