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  1. Also felt the Sparcos were sitting too high for me. Went for the Carbon 410 Sport seats and driving position is now spot on.
  2. rallyesax

    Lotus Emira

    @LotusLeftLotusRight let see what Evo will have to say about this... Let me guess 😆
  3. You can of course choose other tyre Brands when it comes to change them. Almost every Car from premium Brands (mainstream brands also in a way) come with 'Taylor Made' tyres. It means that the Tyre as been developped to suite the chassis of the car as best as possible and give the best handling/ride caracteristics following the Brand's DNA. But this Tyre also comply with all the other specifications the Car Manufacturer is asking (Rolling resistance targets, dimension box, Aero, rim protector spec, hydro performance, braking perf, electrical charge dispersion, mileage lasting, countries regulations for different markets, etc...) Rolling resistance being the huge thing as tyres can help massively car makers dropping the CO2 value of their cars. When you buy a replacement Tyre for your car and you don't go for the OE spec, it will not have 100% of the boxes ticked and might as well impact the driving abilities of the car. But you might also get more grip (or other characteristics) because the rolling resistance value will be 9kg/t whereas the Car maker had to have a 7.5kg/t for his OE Tyre to be able to comply with regulations.
  4. @KusaKusa Lotus did already announce in the video about the future projects the 'mid engine' battery configuration for the future sport car platform (Lotus/Alpine)
  5. This car will be. Not 100% like this pictures but close enough. This one is not intended to be the SUV though.
  6. The 400 could already have titanium exhaust as an option
  7. Woww!! All this numbers thrown away and so many people who can't even drive properly and fast 200hp 🙄 Sorry but looking at all this 'big hp upgrades' posts makes me feel like I am on a Nissan tuning Forum..
  8. Tyres also, but chassis/damper tuning is different between the Z4 and the Supra
  9. I'm gonna mark my calendar! What did you just say about +2? 😁 Anyway, I also agree with this statements.
  10. 2 or 3 years ago, The Emira mule car was spotted on Goodyear's test center of Mireval in the South of France, so I had a little clue about the competitor 😜
  11. Carfection are the best. Henry Catchpole clearly always wise and precise in its feedbacks. One of the few journalist you can actually trust for steering feel, road feel, balance, etc... In fact, the only video I have watched about the Emira (apart from Lotus official stuff) after the launch because you know you won't learn anything more elsewhere
  12. Just like on the Evora : top of the rear right wing.
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