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  1. Yes it seems that PS4 is now available in this size. That is pretty recent. Could be a decent combo for the most "Touring/Road Oriented users"
  2. It is @MrP_ I believe. In his car's thread, you'll find all the details and references you need.
  3. I know you have to brake there. And as you said, before and/or after. But you should always avoid doing it when over the crest Especially at Planfzgarten 1. The usual stuff here with most cars is to brake before, stabilise the car then brake again when you have landed and are sure to be straight. Then ease off the brakes for the fast double right hander (Speed at mid corner is about 140 kph with average sport hatchback) @alias23 landing here is usually fairly soft. Most dampers do absorb it without any problems. As long as you are not landing sideways + on the brakes.
  4. Being on the brakes as he is here is not the best idea . But cool photo anyway
  5. Future models to come will be equiped with the best offer a tire manufacturer can make, technically and price wise. So it will be Pirelli or Michelin or an other... OK I personaly hope for Michelin
  6. A new element to bring to the String Theory then
  7. I didn't try it myself as im 19/20" but that's what I would go for and test if I was in 18/19". Some people here on the forum went for it and it seems to work quite well.
  8. I did Supplier market is always the same thing... What's the price you're offering and for what. Michelin has not been the best compromise for this project. Congrats Pirelli, I'm jealous But for the future projects, it will still be a 'competition' between the tire manufacturers. So, depending on strategies and offers, we will see what it brings.
  9. Actually, this tire is not a Taylor made project. Only a take or leave . I hope more development project will come in the future.
  10. Totally understand your point @The Pits However, Yes ! They are optimised for track days knowing that most tracks turn clockwise. So that the left hand side tire will see more corners that the other. And if you pay attention, you will see that the angle at the shoulder that you mention is going the opposite way to a PS4S for example (which is not a trackday focus tire). And it was done specificaly for this (it improves the stiffness, lasting performance and the shape of the contact patch while cornering because of the way the groove retain forces while entering the contact area). I know, it doesn't feel intuitive when you look at it, but it actually does when you do the math. And we do have 'feathering' (not sure that's what you meant) on the shoulders with other tirelines also with other Psi angles. The Pirelli Trofeo R you're showing at the end of the video is of course different in terms of tread pattern but you can see that, as a track focus tire, it also uses the same 'reverse' outer shoulder angle than us. In competition, Formula E cars use tires that have almost identical looking tread patterns to PSCup2. Shoulders are done the same way for the same reasons Speaking of trofeos R. I've been testing some of them last month at the Nurburgring against our Cup2. Their performance on the first lap are trumendous ! They are ahead of the cup2 with no doubt but then they drop in performance laps after laps. But hey ! It is state of the art semi slick, and should be compared to our Cup 2R (but we don't have a big size range ) They also act like real slicks when cold ! You really have to put some heat in it to get them to stick or it's real Ice-skating And I aslo have to say... They look cool
  11. Drove a M240i few months ago for testing at work. I was astonished by this car ! It really flies and what a balance ! The M2 isn't really faster or better, or you have to move to the M2 Competition. But perf vs money ratio is really spot on for the 40i
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