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  1. Truly, winter tires are at their best for 1 year. Then they are still performing very well for 2 to 3 more years. I personally change them after 4 years maximum. The compound does change too much after this period of time even if stored in the best way possible in my opinion (wet performance mainly, then snow)
  2. A few GT430 in France also. Don't know how many...
  3. On the 1500cc obviously but what about the SR3 SL @giorgio67mentionned above? Not a bike engine, lower revs, should be quite cheaper on that dpt. But heavier on an other side...
  4. My post was to be read at a second degree of course. Nothing serious in that. There are very good things with Europe and some counterparts or abuse/arrangements with its laws sometimes. So I perfectly understand that people can get annoyed with it. Plus, the people have spoken and democracy has made its way. That's for me by far, the most important thing to defend in any case. Whatever what side of a border you're on. And of course, seasons greetings to everyone
  5. I might hide for a moment, bullets are coming strong over here.
  6. An Evo 5 or 6. RS if you might. The best 4wd I ever drove. Or too keep it japanese... A NSX?? The real one of course from the 90's
  7. Brie is not cheese. Let's talk about St-Nectaire or Salers. With some St Emilion? OK. I have to admit that a lot of French "cépage" and others have been brought to South America and it does wonder over there Never tried an English wine yet. That's definitely a box to check. You already have the best cars and horse breeds. Let us some pride!
  8. PSS and PS4S combo is good if you're looking for a more focus car and was the best option at that time in 18/19. Now if PS4 is now available in the right sizes all around and if you're only looking for a good sporty tire on road use, that might be the best path for you to follow. And switch on 19/20 for track days with some serious rubber
  9. Never had the chance to drive one. But I love the way it looks and they are quite rare around here.
  10. I mainly got to know the Cortina thanks to Goodwood revival and those intense races where some guys send them down the track like hell. It's actually the first one I see in the flesh in many years.
  11. This figures are combined with the 5mm drop in ride height of a GT410 Sport compared to the standard one. This + the extra ducktail makes sense for an increase in downforce
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