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  1. TLF GT430 Club

    Haha. Yes, your licence plate must have some success in France and at least, people tried As The Pits said, thanks for buying it Lhd so I can be second hand on it
  2. TLF GT430 Club

    Hello Trevor and welcome to TLF ! Where are you planning to travel across France this WE ?
  3. Best Evora 400 track day upgrades

    Yep, tires for sure and a proper "more agressive" geometry going with it
  4. This Track is called Circuit du Grand Sambuc. It's Near Aix en Provence in the South East
  5. Tires too long overheat Maxi_z And the way it comes off then, is because of the process used to make this tires.
  6. I think mine is less and less noisy with mileage going on.
  7. Evora GT430

    Damn it. Just been contacted by my dealer because I got invited to the Evora GT 430 first model delivery to France. And Im away in Asia for 2 weeks right now ! Wanted to see one in the flesh.
  8. 410 Exhaust for road and track?

    Ti/iconel stands for Titanium/inconel. The 'metal' the exhaust will be made of. A nickel charged Titanium
  9. TLF GT430 Club

    Now that's a proper car
  10. Yep. If you look at the empty curve shape in front of the headlights, it's something you get from an exige/311 face. You don't get that from an Evora.
  11. Ok thanks for the heads up
  12. I never drove a 311, do you feel it is underpowered ? Looking at the specs, doesn't seem to me.
  13. I thought 3.11 bad ass spec
  14. Evora GT430

    That's quite an ambitious braking at the final chicane , but no other way when the other one brakes early on the same line
  15. Yep. Below 7°C, any summer tire will see it's performance drop drastically. The summer compounds don't like the cold... Winter tires are not build for snow in Europe, but for 80% cold black (wet/dry) roads with a compound matching those T° below 7°. Every serious tire manufacturer offer a range of Sport Winter Tires for our vehicles