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  1. Never had the chance to drive one. But I love the way it looks and they are quite rare around here.
  2. I mainly got to know the Cortina thanks to Goodwood revival and those intense races where some guys send them down the track like hell. It's actually the first one I see in the flesh in many years.
  3. This figures are combined with the 5mm drop in ride height of a GT410 Sport compared to the standard one. This + the extra ducktail makes sense for an increase in downforce
  4. Just discovered this topic. I'm a real cat lover since I was a kid and can't help remembering all the wonderful felines I had the chance to share my life with. My wife and I are currently sharing our home with 2 of them. Jhara, 1 yo, a Bengal cat : And Mitsu, 14yo. No Brand Also have 2 horses, but that's an other story.
  5. Only 6' here but feel better since adding the Carbon seats instead of the Sparcos. Sit lower.
  6. @Mysterae for the gold. They talk about it in the Carfection video. Gordon says that during the incoming testing program, if any hot-spots are to be located that can't be fixed with 'more common' materials, then it will be gold as it remains the best heat shield.
  7. My god! Asshole performance +100000! Internet is full of wonders........
  8. Have to say that I'm always amazed by this. Here in France, at least 95 % (probably more) of such cars are kept in garages. It's really something going along with owning such cars to protect them and keep them away from the bad weather and 'rude' people. It's just totally culturally related I guess because as I see here it's pretty common in the UK to park it on the driveway and it is totally fine. You guys will always blow me away : You made/make the best and most thrilling cars, often with no roof or not very water proof in a country which is not dry as a desert and drive the hell out
  9. @dcmp I'm looking to go the other way around. The Sparco to the CF
  10. @Simon Bateman actually I do know the place . Best friend's marriage took place there
  11. @Simon Bateman yes it's where the Michelin headquarter and europeean R&D Center are located Not sure about the castle as, like in the UK, we are lucky enough to have a few around here. The Track is Charade. You're right, it use to held the F1 French GP. It's located in the Volcano area 10km from Clermont-Ferrand and is pretty hilly . We use it also for Tyre testing many times a year. Here are 2 videos where Chris Harrys takes on the BMW M2 competition and the best Macca out there (600 LT) on this roller coaster :
  12. Well, happy to see that our products are ticking all the boxes for most of you. Of course our competitors also do great tyres, often cheaper but lasting performance and wear rate are not always there. And without competition, the technology bounces wouldn't be the same.
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