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  1. @C8RKH dundee factory was producing 16" tyres. Wouldn't help on your car šŸ˜ For the current supply issues, yes there is a lack of many materials or it takes way more time to get them (one of them being black carbon powder)
  2. @C8RKH is right. Don't mix anything with your Cup 2. Go for a brand new set of PS4S if available in your size (I believe not). PS5 is a good tire on a golf GTI but not what you are looking for on an Exige especially coming from a Cup2. Or go with another tyre manufacturer. The one above for example or If you find a good semi slick with Bridgestone or Good year. Tyre supply is really complicated currently. I've got Cup2 for my Evora right before the stocks when out and I'm still waiting for PS4S for my other car since February, even though it is the company I'm working for.
  3. I'm not looking for anything. Just saying that this special edition Evora is for sale on this French website. I don't know anything about it or the seller. Just that it is sold only for parts.
  4. OK Thanks, I didn't know. Anyway, if anybody is looking for parts, now you know where to look at.
  5. Does anyone know something about this limited edition ?? Supposed to be 8 cars in total. Never heard of it. NĀ°5 is being sold parts by parts currently in the North of France
  6. Ohhh NA sizes yes. As long as you have no OE markings (*, MO1, A0, N1, N0, etc.... And no DT or DT1) marking, you're on a RT Tyre, so should be good
  7. With the current situation, car parts and tyres might take more time to get back in dealers stocks. So if you find them, yes go ahead. Be carefull not to take the DT1 version for the front (it's the Focus ST one. A modified RT. Does wonder on a focus but not with a fat rear)
  8. RT means replacement market. It describes a Tyre that was not developped for a specific car (opposed to OE or OEM)
  9. True they are both star marked tyres as you mentionned. And the rear 285 is the BMW M3 G80 tyre. But the 245 you are mentioning is the Front axle of another BMW, the G42 M240ix. Both are excellent, but they were not developed to work together on the same car. Maybe it does work very well. Somebody should give it a try šŸ˜‚
  10. Be carefull on what you are buying if going full PS4S. Try to find full RT models. I recently tested on my 400 (in the right sizes of course) a Front RT/OE derivative (Focus ST) with a rear OE (BMW M last M3 G80). It totally ruined the handling šŸ˜‚. Balance is massively understeery. Cornering forces developped by both those tires are way too different to work together properly on a mid-engine car. It's just a reminder as all those tyres can be bought on the internet and fill in the right specs (sizes, speed, load index, etc...)
  11. It's not a complete no go but could result in an unbalanced car. Tread compounds material is NĀ°1 factor for wet performance, and they are not the same on PS4 and 4S (both being really good on wet it's a bit less of a matter but still). As you mentionned, their thermal state performance is not the same. If it's a warm wet day, it should be OK but on a cold wet trackday, you'll figure out šŸ˜. The tread depth is not the same, on standing water it could result in U/S or O/S at steady state or under transient maneuvers. Then, cornering forces will take more time to build up between FR and RR axle as lateral rigidity are different (you could almost not feel it or end up with a sensible delay in steering response) That's for the quick answer šŸ˜…
  12. I know, tyre sizes and rims are different between 350s and 410/430s but as @Exx mentionned, you can definitely run 265 PS4 on your car. You can run a 265 tyre on a 9" up to 10.5" inch (Width) rim and stay in the ETRTO legal definitions. 350s rims are 9.5J18 whereas 430s are 10J18 Same for the Front with the 205 vs 215, both on 7.5J17 rims This, only for wet trackday purpose, as this tyre size is not homologated on your car.
  13. If you aim at wet trackdays go for the Exige 350 sizes in PS4 if you want to stick with Michelin. I don't know in the UK, but for trackday use only, you can go for a different Tyre size than the homologated one.
  14. Mixing PS4 and PS4S on track is not the way to go. It could be OK for road use but not perfect. Either go full PS4 or full PS4S for wet weather trackdays, they both perform really great in this conditions. Cup 2 is a clear dry trackday Tyre, no doubt about that.
  15. Also felt the Sparcos were sitting too high for me. Went for the Carbon 410 Sport seats and driving position is now spot on.
  16. rallyesax

    Lotus Emira

    @LotusLeftLotusRight let see what Evo will have to say about this... Let me guess šŸ˜†
  17. You can of course choose other tyre Brands when it comes to change them. Almost every Car from premium Brands (mainstream brands also in a way) come with 'Taylor Made' tyres. It means that the Tyre as been developped to suite the chassis of the car as best as possible and give the best handling/ride caracteristics following the Brand's DNA. But this Tyre also comply with all the other specifications the Car Manufacturer is asking (Rolling resistance targets, dimension box, Aero, rim protector spec, hydro performance, braking perf, electrical charge dispersion, mileage lasting, countries regulations for different markets, etc...) Rolling resistance being the huge thing as tyres can help massively car makers dropping the CO2 value of their cars. When you buy a replacement Tyre for your car and you don't go for the OE spec, it will not have 100% of the boxes ticked and might as well impact the driving abilities of the car. But you might also get more grip (or other characteristics) because the rolling resistance value will be 9kg/t whereas the Car maker had to have a 7.5kg/t for his OE Tyre to be able to comply with regulations.
  18. @KusaKusa Lotus did already announce in the video about the future projects the 'mid engine' battery configuration for the future sport car platform (Lotus/Alpine)
  19. This car will be. Not 100% like this pictures but close enough. This one is not intended to be the SUV though.
  20. The 400 could already have titanium exhaust as an option
  21. Woww!! All this numbers thrown away and so many people who can't even drive properly and fast 200hp šŸ™„ Sorry but looking at all this 'big hp upgrades' posts makes me feel like I am on a Nissan tuning Forum..
  22. Tyres also, but chassis/damper tuning is different between the Z4 and the Supra
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