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  1. @C8RKH is right. Don't mix anything with your Cup 2. Go for a brand new set of PS4S if available in your size (I believe not). PS5 is a good tire on a golf GTI but not what you are looking for on an Exige especially coming from a Cup2.

    Or go with another tyre manufacturer. The one above for example or If you find a good semi slick with Bridgestone or Good year. 

    Tyre supply is really complicated currently. I've got Cup2 for my Evora right before the stocks when out and I'm still waiting for PS4S for my other car since February, even though it is the company I'm working for. 

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  2. On 12/04/2022 at 22:10, RedViper said:

    For Evora 400 owners I found this video very interesting. You can get the BMW * marked PS4S in lotus sizes…. If you go 245 on front instead of 235 (which lotus does on the 430 wirh same rim dimension)

    seems like dream spec for a tyre to me. Let’s face it if it wasn’t for fast Cup2 arent great in wet everyone would use them. These star marked that take the PS4S closer to Cup2 dry performance but still allow car to be use in poorer conditions (more so than Cup 2 anyway) for fast road / track users seems perfect



    True they are both star marked tyres as you mentionned. And the rear 285 is the BMW M3 G80 tyre. But the 245 you are mentioning is the Front axle of another BMW, the G42 M240ix. Both are excellent, but they were not developed to work together on the same car. Maybe it does work very well. Somebody should give it a try 😂

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  3. I know, tyre sizes and rims are different between 350s and 410/430s but as @Exx mentionned, you can definitely run 265 PS4 on your car. You can run a 265 tyre on a 9" up to 10.5" inch (Width) rim and stay in the ETRTO legal definitions.

    350s rims are 9.5J18 whereas 430s are 10J18

    Same for the Front with the 205 vs 215, both on 7.5J17 rims

    This, only for wet trackday purpose, as this tyre size is not homologated on your car.

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