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  1. Carfection are the best. Henry Catchpole clearly always wise and precise in its feedbacks. One of the few journalist you can actually trust for steering feel, road feel, balance, etc... 

    In fact, the only video I have watched about the Emira (apart from Lotus official stuff) after the launch because you know you won't learn anything more elsewhere 

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  2. About the i4, maybe just maybe they kept the power down to 360ish for reliability issues? The engine is capable of more but on a front engine car with a lot of cooling. Maybe cooling is not sufficient on the mid engine configuration? 

    For example, the Alpine i4 engine is capable of more than 295hp but they do have cooling issues once it's placed where it is. OK, gearbox torque figure is also a limiter in the Alpine case but still. 

  3. Probably commercial agreements. That's not my part of the business but before working on the Homologation process, Tyre manufacturers are challenged on : Will you be able to reach the targets technicaly and what price per Tyre it's gonna be? Both of this factor are equally important. 

  4. 9 hours ago, Evotion said:

    Yeah, there was a lot of Wheel of Death last night too.

    Great work , appreciated.

    The lime green and first orange look epic. Thankfully, not available as I already have no strong idea on my colour choice..

    Not my work. My wife has been playing with photoshop a bit. I now have like 46 different liveries 😂

    She started making some evija like liveries on it, JPS, BRG, etc... Can't upload easily the things now as I'm away for work but she did quite a lot of specs 

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