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  1. Brie is not cheese. Let's talk about St-Nectaire 😜 or Salers. With some St Emilion? 

    OK. I have to admit that a lot of French "cépage" and others have been brought to South America and it does wonder over there 😍

    Never tried an English wine yet. That's definitely a box to check. 

    You already have the best cars and horse breeds. Let us some pride! 😄

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  2. PSS and PS4S combo is good if you're looking for a more focus car and was the best option at that time in 18/19.

    Now if PS4 is now available in the right sizes all around and if you're only looking for a good sporty tire on road use, that might be the best path for you to follow. 

    And switch on 19/20 for track days with some serious rubber 😜

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  3. Have to say that I'm always amazed by this. Here in France, at least 95 % (probably more) of such cars are kept in garages. It's really something going along with owning such cars to protect them and keep them away from the bad weather and 'rude' people. It's just totally culturally related I guess because as I see here it's pretty common in the UK to park it on the driveway and it is totally fine. 

    You guys will always blow me away : You made/make the best and most thrilling cars, often with no roof or not very water proof in a country which is not dry as a desert and drive the hell out of it all year long.

    I Love that!!! Very jealous not being born in a country with such a mindset :)

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