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  1. Looking for a left hand door latch replacement for a S4s.
  2. Could you provide the contact info for the steering supplier in Finland? Regards
  3. Jacques. I'm late coming in on this CF air intake subject. Is there still any possibility of have one made?
  4. Thanks for the good advice. The lotus mechanic adjusted the hand brake about 3 years ago when I first bought the car. Since then it has started to fade in its holding ability, now I have none. I'll check into the sticky calipers and go from there. Regards
  5. Need assistance in hand brake adjustment for S4s. I've adjusted the cabin cable bolts towards the fire wall without any change to the hand brake holding.
  6. I respect your opinion but not to worry. All parts and pieces will be kept in case one would want to return to the original toyota look again. Cheers
  7. Thanks all for the warm welcome. Happy New Year.
  8. I've been reading and interacting with TLF for the last year or so. Great website to learn more and more about Lotus cars. Having owned an 89 esprit, 05 Elise and now a 95 esprit S4s of which I've enjoyed all of. Have had the 95 esprit for about 3 years. All maintenance stuff is complete. Now I'm doing minor stuff like elbow replacement on the vacuum system and fun stuff like adding new 02 Nova rims and a new rear panel/lights setup like the 02 esprit. Not installed yet. Stay tuned.
  9. I believe the pump I have is a GM 1992 vintage pump. I thought Hella was another manufacturer of the same.
  10. So where can one find a Hella power pump?
  11. Down loaded picture. Hope you can open.
  12. Name: Lotus Esprit Turbo S4 Click to view: Lotus Esprit Turbo S4
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