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    Lotus Elise 111r 2005, Exige s V6 2013
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    Nitron NTR 46, Moroso Oil pan, AP Big brake kit, Komotec exhaust, sport cat, OEM supercharger, Forged rims, Oil temp gauge,
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  1. Agree Can someone post a step by step DIY how to install an oil temp sensor, wiring and how to show the oil temp on the aim.
  2. Depends on the order how you shut down the car. If you first open the door and than power off the car: buzzer works If you first power off the car and than open the door: No buzzer anymore. Because you already shut down the power. Yes it is really stupid! Where can I find the strange tall people indicator?
  3. Can someone post the Logo provided on the OEM version screen. I am also looking for a nice Lotus Exige S logo.
  4. Buzzer is present! It is working for the seatbelt. Only it doesn’t work for headlights unfortunately.
  5. I just received my new dash from AIM! Really fast! The first one suddenly died after a few weeks. Question: Also with my second new dash, the lights on warning buzzer doesn't work! The seatbelt warning buzzer works great! Does anyone have a solution? My car is a 2013 Exige s 350. Big thanks.
  6. Question: Doe AIM has a headlight warning sound? Seatbelt warning sound/beep works. But headlight not... Or is it a setting somewhere?
  7. AIM answers: A customer of mine installed the MX2E in his Lotus Exige s 350 from 2013. He wants a rear mirror camera and is wondering how it will be activated. Does the MX2E has the reverse lights as input? So will it be activated when in reverse? It is not in the manual how. Please, look at “par 4.3 Reverse Camera” of the manual: if sequential gear is chosen rear camera appears when reverse is engaged, if manual gear is chosen button on steering column needs to be pressed Also he would like to add oilpressure and oiltemperature on Channel Expansion. How to put in the
  8. How is the reverse camera activated in the display? The camera receives the power from the dash and not from the reverse light!
  9. How is the reverse camera activated in the display? The camera receives the power from the dash and not from the reverse light!
  10. Suedetex = Alcantara 2957
  11. Big thanks also to alias23! Now it works. One last question: Since I installed the dash the backlight of the HVAC unit doesn't work anymore. Normally adjustment of the backlight is possible with the right button on the steering column. How can i get the light back on?
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