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  1. Hi everyone, thought I’d post up a guitar or maybe two, my wife and I are up to almost 40, it’s becoming an obsession. The latest two were a Burns 64 Marvin Re-issue and a Burns double six. The pic is from a couple of years, I tend to keep a few in the lounge at all times.
  2. I’ll meet you there Dan, but whether I stay in convoy is hard to guarantee as my wife is with me. Stopping for coffee and toilets every 10minutes does slow progress somewhat. I think it’s the hard suspension that does it. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone, see you Friday.
  3. I’ve just sent the money for two tickets via PayPal. please add Dunsfolfd Dave and mrs Dunsfold Dave to the list, thanks.
  4. I can’t hide behind my pseudonym anymore.
  5. Thanks Kristof, I'm no mechanic, and everything is stock but I will try what you suggest, disconnecting and reconnecting the throttle body connector. I'll check for any obvious air leaks and clean the MAF and connector? Its so intermittent its difficult, to tell if I've solved the problem.
  6. Sorry if this has been covered here already but Ive fault codes P2104 (which I've already found out is throttle control unit) and P2173 which I cannot find what it is. Does anyone on here know what this fault code is for? keep getting a misfire, well almost an ignition cut when really on it. Its like the ignition is cut just more a millisecond when powering out of a corner. Its sufficient to unsettle the car, but only occurs when you're really pushing on.
  7. Went to the ring (3rd time with this car) last week and experienced these issues: 1. Vibration under braking once brakes were hot. Brand new pads, all properly bedded and heat cycles. Definitely not the type of pedal shimmer you get from ABS, more fierce than that. Track was really hot and slippery. Could it be an ABS sensor failure on one wheel? Difficult to simulate on normal roads due to speed and there is no vibration at all. 2. Following on from the braking issues the car then experienced short term power loss, almost like a get you home safe mode, which then disappeared after
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