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  1. It would be nice for safety of the software for the source to go up on github etc
  2. Maybe.... sorry can't recall. I do remember selecting a switch position fitting the arm so it was right and then testing each way. Yes radio out I put my arm through to hold screwdriver. Hard but much easier and more light.
  3. I think I concluded only two positions used by lotus on the stepper and they just let it push continually against the stop. There is a resistor in series with motor inside stepper and that prevents motor burning on lockup. The final part of the solution is a separate vacuum switch and second flap (mine had a split elbow). I seem to recall on rhd it's on passenger side of airbox Between the two valves achieves the necessary air flows Last valve is vacuum mounted on top of airbox to do the recirc flap found under bonnet, and through bonnet is way to access it...cant see under dash
  4. Assuming MOT is ok, wired the 2 x mains together each side anyway... which before it was one on dip and changed to centre for main. Lotus had a wire back to the relay unterminated for second main, it is even on drawing. I read something to do with 55W max is legislation, so I guess it was option for export models if they later decided ?!
  5. Upgrading the V8 Lights to LED The 6" Headlight can easily be replaced with 2 x 5 3/4 unit per side as in the end the holes in the plastic surround are both the same size anyway. My original lights just looked tired, starting to peel inside and the 6" is simply not available. I looked around and no-one really offered a LED kit.... since I did this, 20 min later I seem to find PNM do and posted on facebook.... ah... 1/ To do this I selected 4nos 5 3/4 headlights from Ebay. These are very common now targetted at Harley Bikes 2/ Secondly I carefully removed and cleaned the screws from the Cibie lights. These have a release clip and are 1/4 turn to pop out. They fit directly back into the new headlight stainelss mounting. 3/ Used the two DXF attached to get 2off Each headlight surround ring. Think they cut them from 0.9 as it was best size 4/ Used four plastic headlight surround rings from Shapeways that I designed. They can be bought, or I have attached the STL file if you want to do it direct. This at the end proved really nice, as it finshes off the light within the original surround. 5/ Use the stainless surround to marker the original mount plate. (Photo Attached) The newer lamps are not tapering to the rear so need additional clearance. I used a standard jigsaw once the circle was marked out. 6/ Now I refixed the headlight to the pod, and used it as a guide to cut the fibreglass. 7/ Sandwich the headlight in the plastic surround and stainless bezel. I put two blobs of silicone on when doing so, to properly trap. Rivet together. 8/ On the electrics side one headlight (outside) will plug straight in, the second light will require a plug adding to the harness end (H4 Type) Red - Common Yellow - Side Blue - Main But on my V8 the dip was outside and it switched off and onto inside lights, yet now I had two units capable of both dip and main beam per side. So I did some wiring mods. On main beam I checked the ones I bought at 2A, so wired both main beams together and even then is less than a 55W halogen (4.5A @ 12v) 9/ Fit the lights and setup. Headlight Plates - Headlight In Qty2 1mm SS.DXF Headlight Plates - Headlight Out Qty2 1mm SS.DXF Headlight Surround Ring.STL
  6. I saw a picture on the google machine of an esprit with some round lights, after much hunting down, I found they were Hella per the following part nos. Hella Part Nos (All available from Opie Oils) 2SB 009 362-041 Brake and Tail x 4 9HB 163 085-012 Chrome Ring x 4 2PF 009 001 421 Marker Light (Reverse) x 2 2BA 009 001 411 Indicator Unit x 2 8JD 156 150-807 Light Connector x 1 box Misc Part Nos Plugs for 2SB Amazon Item No B01D10V7IO x 1 bag These do not directly fit the 2 bolt fixing on my panel, so I made up these brackets. Sadly they are a bit plastic heavy and expensive to 3d Print. There still maybe a bit of filing and triming on the rear panel to do.
  7. In the absence of this part, I had to redo the 3D and set it all up on Shapeways They are not as smooth as original parts, as 3d printed. Fits my Esprit and looks ten times an improvement to old, faded and split ones.
  8. Ive seen photos of a new test part James Webb at south west lotus posted some months ago. Steve at sj sportscars also advised last week circa 200quid hopefully available by end of 2017. What material i dont know.... My RRIM one has shrunk too, once off does not go back to bolt holes. If they are alike shrinking recreating one must have been difficult
  9. Mine was horn, battery corroded, destroyed it and was blowing alarm fuses. Same re bypass imob too. Fitted new alarm and imob circuit.
  10. Here are my wiring notes to replace the Cobra with a Toad. Mine would not work and Cobra is very obsolete. Alarm Diagrams.pdf
  11. Yes they were there! Appreciate the effort to post @S2111S
  12. Many thanks, will look tomorrow, though I have just opened up the siren and the battery has rotted and ruined that.... brill
  13. Does anyone know where this fuse and if accessible? I Know its blown, but spent a lot of time trying to find.
  14. Dont know if of use and suitable, but you can get 52mm gauges made by speedhut. Just got some done for a panther solo, custom artwork too
  15. Hi does anyone have info on hvac and particular how it controls the stepper motor? On stepper identified that 1) it moves to 4 positions, but only two matter 2) its position is identified by 4k7 pot which enables it to reach a position (demounted) without a physical stop But when demounted it performs 180deg sweep... Is this right at new? Do lotus really just let it pull constantly against physical stops.... Does not seem right
  16. So far, it is a simple device (Davia), there is a blue and white wire that are the DC to the motor which presumably reverses polarity for direction. The motor appears to have a capacitor in parallel and a 15R resistor in series. Within is a 4k7 pot giving positional feedback to the HVAC Module. (Orange and Green = 4k7, purple wiper arm). Due to bad pot contact mine is "waving". Have discovered a replacement pot and will post that once am confident its a done deal. My issue currently is the amount of travel, it appears to want to travel 180degree in free space, within a bracket that allows 90deg. Freely it appears to operate and know when to stop, so it does not make sense to me it will hard stop against the bracket. Does anyone have info how it "balances" into position.
  17. Hi Anyone know what is best to replace the vent flap stepper motor or a 4k7 pot to fit? This is it... understand its not available On mine the 4k7 pot is playing up and the motor "jiggles", its a lot better now i manually ran it end to end, but still playing up in certain positions. Maybe some electrical spray and more use, but its such a pig to get too, would rather do a proper fix. James
  18. Advised that it was a bad connection on "idle control switch" Many thanks for pointers James
  19. Many thanks. Will let you know whar we find
  20. Thanks Mike, I will do some more digging. Yes I can see they are +ve fed and pulled to earth via ECU, so will check that all out right through to ECU pins and ensure ECU pins are high. The car has had cam belts and brake discs all around. Semi restore project not on road yet. The plenum chamber is to come off again, no spark on 3, but hopeful new HT and coils to sort.... hopefully all not linked via ECU fault! I would be most grateful if you can double confirm the ECU looks at both the TPS and the VSS sensor (Front right wheel) in deciding on the secondary injectors? I can also then check via OBD2 some "normal" values are being seen by the ECU.
  21. Hi and Thanks. I think mechanically they are sealing, as disconnected electrically they stop flooding. So I guess I am trying to say for some reason the ECU has them switched on at all times. So much so, it wont start without electrically disconnecting as its dumping all the fuel pressure into the plenum. .......and it did start ok before the plenum was removed and refitted.
  22. Does anyone have suggestions/pointers on the secondary injectors. We think they were ok, but now its had the plenum chamber off for a paint and new cam belts, we have to unplug the secondary injectors to get a start. The service manual suggests around 130MPH, but later suggests its on "air flow", presumably boost pressure?! Trying to establish what to look for and pretty sure its something not happy with being disturbed on the top end. Has not seen rain or water in 10 years, so electrics are all very dry.
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