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  1. Thanks Phil, tried Bibs link, entered email i requested the ticket under, seems to open the correct screen but no ticket says no. I have an order number, that resulted from the requesting of the ticket, thats all.
  2. Log in to your account on lotus70, you can check your order there. If it says it's processing then that's exactly what's happening. Sorry, am i being a tad thick......there is no account to check???
  3. Hi Martyn. Can you add me to the list please. Karen B Elise S1
  4. ShaunM, Kronos1664, Andyclements, Chipp, Garry, ammy-pop, J400GED, Buddsy. OwenGT3, clivef38, i like cocopops, L666, BC007, grandadtrumpo, cumin, john gt400, theelanman, DAV1D, ST S1
  5. Can we add our thanks, not only to Martyn for once again organising the event (first hand experience of that, its a pain at times) but to Choppa also, who having to pull out of the event, let us attend. See you all again next year! Karen and Paul Elise S1 new aluminium.
  6. Yep see you at Thickthorn, hope the weather is good.
  7. Thanks Martyn. Very much appreciated.
  8. Thanks Martyn. I very kindly received correspondence from Choppa who stated that he would no longer be able to attend and, upon seeing my post on the Forum, stated that i could have his slot if that helps Martyn. I know it doesn't work like that but i am hopefull Paul
  9. Don't suppose you can squeeze a little Elise S1 in can you? Don't really want to be in the overflow area.
  10. ST S1

    ST S1

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