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    Boxster 987 S 3.2
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    987 S 3.2, 2006, Distanzen 7/16mm, Bilstein B16, -1,4° / -2,0°, Zentralkühler, Einmassenschwungrad, Quaife TBD, M&M-Exhaust, Stahlflex, Pagid Gelb, K&N, De-Snork, Michelin Supersport ....
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  1. thumb UP! for our friends on the island ... take Anglesey Circuit... should be easy for Lotus to show up there, like e.g. McLaren has done with the P1 and 675,
  2. then.... how do you explain lower top speed on the main straight, worse in gear acceleration etc. compared to the others. Might be a heat problem, that was also shown for the C7 Z06 compressor engines... Could be they tracked the cars and did the figures after tracking, leaving the exige with less power.... and that IS disappointing... someone should put a 380 on a dyno, after being properly worked...
  3. 0-200 16.9 sec very disappointing only 2tenths quicker at Hockenheim than the cruiser 718S.. Lotus, sorry to say, but you´re going to loose enthusiastic folks, being interested in your products. If the 380 would do 1.08 as the "full GT" 991 GTS has shown in Hockenheim, i would gladly buy into a 380CUP... but not like this... sitting in a spartan, lightweight, pocket-race-car and being overtaken by a 991 with venitlated seats and full stereo would be frustrating IMHO
  4. agree on that! but all in all a lot of emotional talk here. Any hard facts? Differences of chassis of 350CUP vs. 380 vs. 380CUP....? Camber in degrees...? i heard of +0.5° more camber on the 350 vs. previous V6... so better turn in bite... but what about the others...
  5. isn´t that sad, that u have to ask the Aftermarket those questions? It should be Lotus Job to inform about those significant topics. I am seriously disappointed about the fact, that a Exige with around 250kg less weight and same power output does worse at Hockenheim than the GT4. IMHO this can only be attributed to insufficient setup of the car.... This is where the Exige has to be optimised significantly ... but NO Info on that regarding 380 and 380CUP.... really disappointing... I do -1,5° camber up front (-2,0 back) and my 987 handles otherwordly.... shouldn´t a 200kg lower weight Exige do the same.......??
  6. absolutely right! Same with me and i would love to hear some information about the mods of the chassis/setup in comparison to the 350 and 380. This is what counts IMHO. What about adjustable Top Mounts LINK , what about adjustable stabilisers etc. Why not go with the Quaife LSD from the EVORA, since the Gearbox is the same or the fixed Diff of the 380RACE How come 285 on the back and no wider sections at front (e.g. 3-11)... all these information are what we want... not any fancy stripes or 500gramm wheight reduction through this and that... Cheers!
  7. Cheers! i am new to this Forum. Interested in the Exige 380, maybe Cup. I live in Switzerland, drive my 987S in the alps predominantly, occasionally on track. Did a lot of upgrades to my car and are very interested in technical topics, quite busy in the PFF Forum. Just last week i had the opportunity to drive the new 380. Really extraordinary piece of kit... more race than street car, IMHO. for those of you proficient in German.... AFAIK the Lotus does not have Brake Steer like the McLarens, so i think getting wider Rubber is the way to go, like we ve seen it with the 991GT3RS vs GT3 or the likes of Corvette C6, C7 etc... The wider the front and rear sections, the higher the speed through the turns.... What i do not get is that with the non legal Race 360 and 380 they deliver an LSD but not with the street legal versions.... I hope for a lighter 380CUP, exclusively from Lotus Motorsport with wider track/sections and the LSD taken from the 380Race... Regards Oliver
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