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  1. It was actually a corroded brake pipe that failed near the calliper. Luckily it was quiet road so was able to use the handbrake and engine braking to slow down but not a nice feeling when the brake pedal goes straight to the floor. The SE has ABS and seem to work fine for the age of the car, although I'm not that keen on the pump system. Thanks for the info on brake fluid I'll take a look.
  2. After going through the excitement of complete brake failure I'd like to upgrade my brakes starting at the front. At the moment I'm looking at PNM - Lotus Esprit Front 310mm Kit as I can retain the original alloys. I've heard good things about these but was wondering if anyone has any suggestions ? Thanks
  3. Hi Thanks for the info I'll take a look.
  4. The oil pressure on my SE has always been dead centre at 4 however I suddenly noticed over the weekend it was going up to 6 depending on the speed/acceleration. What Oil pressure should I expect from the Esprit ? It's due a service soon so I've parked it up but wanted to get ahead of the issue, so any advice would be welcome.
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