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  1. some random thoughts; Wintertime. Powmill only and/or cancel Nov, Dec, Jan meets as most people have plenty of other things on. Summertime. A fixed location most months (Powmill?) + a couple of special occasions i.e. Petit Paris Grassmarket, and Leven Lotus if they will have us . A lot of time the summer meets clash with other events, Jim Clark Duns, classic cars shows, Knockhill etc. Would be a shame to lose Petis Paris, didn't happen 2018 iirc as clashed with some other major event .
  2. I'll also be meeting the Edinburgh convoy at Scotch Corner and doing the Lancaster bomber stopover .
  3. Ian, I had thought of coming through to Leven for the start but wary of M8 from Glasgow in the morning. So I will drive down M74 to Penrith then A66 to Scotch Corner. I will plan to be there by 11.30, for the noon roll out. Cheers, Scott
  4. Well my car pass and 2 x people tickets have arrived. Is there a collection of like minded individuals leaving central belt heading for Norfolk next Friday morning. I understand the word "convoy" may have legal implications but if various Lotus are all leaving Friday morning heading to the same destination .....
  5. Cant make June meet unfortunately as already entered Thirlestane, Club Lotus stand .
  6. Hermiston Gate 9am , is that the retail park ? ( I don't know Edinburgh that well )
  7. 1 & 2 Brian & Jackie 3 & 4 Andrew & Alister 5 & 6 David & Jennifer (hopefully with a Lotus, with a clutch!) 7 & 8 Alan & Gwen 9 Andy (C8RKH) 10 & 11 Mark & Jane 12 - Rick Haynes (not bringing a car this time) ? 13 & 14 Johnny & Audrey 15 16 17 David Shirley Richard Darling 18 Stephen 19 Susan (no car) 20 & 21 - Scott & Minda
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